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                                        Niall Horan Imagine

Some may say this was going way to quickly, almost rushed, but the truth is, you feel you have known Niall forever.  It has been ten months exactly since you and Niall started dating, and here you were Dublin’s Airport, arrived in Ireland for the first time to meet Niall’s family. It was your turn now, since five months ago he had taken the decision to meet your parents when they were in India. You remembered the conversation like it was yesterday, for Niall it was vital and very important to meet your parents and understand more about your culture. Despite your nervousness he kept reminding you he was aware of India’s conservative and different traditions    about how to eat, manners and the family in general and was very excited and open to learn and have this new experience with you, his loving girlfriend. Niall’s beautiful, charming and joyful personality turn out wonderful to your relief, your mother absolutely loved him and your father was starting to like and accept him as a good lover for his little girl quicker than anyone expected. The memory of him laughing hysterically with your surrounded with your family back in India crossed your mind while you were picking up your bag, the memory making a huge smile appear on your face and decreasing the nervousness you were feeling. Your thoughts were interrupted by a thick Irish accent you recognised as Niall saying Yea, Y/N should be already here, her plane just landed he said to someone on the other line of his phone. The huge smile appeared again on your face and it was surely not leaving any time soon, as you made your way through the people towards Niall, waiting for you anxiously and full of excitement.  

A/N: Requested byanon. Hope you like itt! :)

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