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A/n: Okay, I miss One Direction a lot. Here’s a Niall blurb. -L

Prompt: “I can see you’re holding back those tears” -Save You Tonight

You were hanging out with Niall, when you got the news. You were trying to get this really tough position as a magazine editor and they just called you back for a follow up interview.
“Oh, my god!” You slid the phone back in you pocket, then gripped Niall’s arms. “Niall! Oh, my god!”
“What? What happened?” He asked, but put himself at your excitement level. “Do I need to buy you a congratulatory present for something?”
You chuckled, then watched as Liam and Harry walk out of a shop. When they saw Niall and you jumping, they shared a confused look then walked up to you. Harry asked, “What’s going on?”
“Oh, good. You’re here. Where’s Louis? I want to tell you all at the same time.” You explain to your friends, looking past Harry’s tall body for your shorter friend.
“I think he went to the bathroom.” Liam answered.
Not being able to contain yourself, the news slipped out of your mouth. “—and, they only ever call back the people they’re going to hire!”
The guys all took turns congratulating you, then decided that they’d take you out for dinner.

Niall offered to pick you up from your apartment. You agreed, claiming that you were going to need a DD after a night out with Louis.
“So, I called Louis this afternoon and he said that he was so proud of you, but I’m sure he’ll remind you once we get there.” Niall smiled over at you as you fluffed your hair. “We’re all proud of you.”
“I wouldn’t have gotten this job without your reference.” At your words, he shook his head. “No, really. Working with One Direction has opened so many doors for me and I wouldn’t have had any of these amazing experiences without you guys.”
You pulled up to the restaurant, seeing the rest of the band waiting outside, signing a few autographs and taking pictures to kill time. When they saw you and Niall walking towards them, they politely told their fans that they were out of time.
Harry was the first to give you a hug, careful not to rip your dress, of course. Liam brushed your hair over your shoulder so he could rest his chin against it and whisper in your ear that he was so proud of you. Louis held onto you so tight, then let go and said that he knew you’d have great opportunities thrown at you.
“Shall we eat, boys?” You asked. Niall kept his hand on your lower back as Liam held the door open for everyone.

In the middle of dinner, you felt your phone vibrate. Seeing that it came from your future employer, you wiped your mouth on your napkin and excused yourself from the table. The guys all looked at you weird, but you said that you’d be back in a minute. The phone call was not a good one. When you plopped back down at the table, the guys all noticed your drastic mood change.
“What’s wrong, Y/n?” Niall asked, leaning towards you.
You saw Harry lean towards Liam, “She is acting different, right? I’m not the only one seeing this.”
Niall took your hand, “Come on. Let’s go.” He turned towards the guys, “You got this, right? I’m going to take care of her.”
Harry nodded, then said that Niall better take care of you.
Once you were in Niall’s car, he looked over at you. “What’s wrong?” When you didn’t answer, he sighed. “I can see you’re holding back those tears. Let them out. Don’t be afraid.”
His words allowed the tears to roll down your face. “They told me that the callback was a mistake. They had the wrong number listed. They don’t want me to work for them.”