nh 90

I regret following this NH blog bc 90% of the stuff they reblog is from The Last. bc the ship apparently has no other moments it seems…

I will never understand how most NH blindly accept a movie that has a bunch of blatant retcons FROM THE MANGA and an extremely shitty excuse for NS that makes Naruto look like a scumbag (as the majority of the JP fandom calls him thanks to this movie) instead of going for a peaceful solution that doesn’t make him look like a piece of shit who played with his friends’ emotions for his own gain, causing Sakura to have a fucking breakdown over ~apparently~ fake feelings. but who cares about sakura lol that dumb friendzoning bitch doesnt deserve naruto unlike our perfect goddess hinata right

Oh right, so you can shove the “NH moments” into other ppl’s faces if they refuse to accept this garbage that’s suppose to make them ship it instead. Sooooo proud to ship such as ~wonderful~ ship now!