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The glory days are over; the city council is here.

Once upon a time Stonewill Estate was the place to be for up-and-coming vampires. Belonging to Siobhán’s inner circle used to open just about any door you could imagine. These were simpler times when virgin blood was easy to come by and the vampires were the biggest sharks in the pond.
Now, of course, there are lots of different more or less dangerous supernaturals hanging around Nosferatu Hill and they need a place to stay. Living space is limited on the tiny island, so the city council decided to brick up parts of the mansion to create new apartments to stop the supernaturals from flooding the main island. Nobody wants to raise a family next door to demons, witches and vampires, they say.


Svana moved to Nosferatu Hill when her neighbours got suspicious of the strange nightly howling coming from her apartment and her frequent trips to Ikea to buy new furniture. Though, as she soon found out, keeping a low profile among a bunch of nosy supernaturals is not as easy as she thought. They’ve all got their little cliques, so naturally they’re curious about Svana’s alliance (and why nobody’s ever invited to her ‘parties’. Demons take great offense at that). But Svana belongs to none of their groups and so she’s going to stay a lone wolf until she finds someone who she can trust with her secret.

Healthcare is not a right

This is a thing people don’t seem to get.

Healthcare is not a right. It can not be a right. Because making healthcare a right means saying that *you* as an individual have the right to somebody else’s (in this case a doctor’s) labor, and you do not have that right.

And when you make healthcare a right, the inevitable result is that the government will eventually have to force doctors to work. This has happened in the UK under the NHS, with their Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt saying he will impose a mandatory 7 day work week on doctors, and force medical graduates to work for the NHS for anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to have cheap, affordable, healthcare, you have to deregulate the industry as much as possible. Because regulations increase costs, no matter what. Whether its healthcare, manufacturing, energy, agriculture, whatever it is, regulations increase costs.

Giving control of the healthcare industry over to the government will not achieve that. It will bankrupt the country, as all welfare programs eventually do, and reduce the quality of the care while increasing costs and wait times.

Be My Eyes

Hinata and the rest of team 8 had been assigned to go to the land of waves for a few weeks to track down a gang leader. It didn’t seem like it would be an incredibly difficult mission, it was only a B rank, but something about it felt wrong to Naruto.

She was telling Naruto the details of the mission as she packed her gear. “His name is Tamamoru, apparently he runs this up and coming gang that terrorizes local businesses. No shinobi, just a bunch of thugs. They’re sneaky though, nobody knows where they’re hiding. The plan is to somehow find them and take out the boss, some of the members too if need be.”

Naruto sat silently as she packed. Normally he had questions or at least nodded as she spoke, but he sat totally still. Hinata took notice of his silence but hadn’t noticed his stillness as she continued packing. Suddenly there were strong arms around her waist and a chin on her shoulder.

Naruto let out a saddened sigh “Hinata I don’t want you to go.” He whispered.

“Naruto-kun I’ll only be gone for a week. I’ll miss you too but-”

“No.” Naruto cut her off, which was very out of character. “No Hinata it’s not that, I’ve got a really bad feeling about this mission. I can’t explain it, but it just isn’t sitting right.”

Hinata turned around, placing her hands on his chest and looking deep into his eyes. “Naruto I know you worry, but I’ll be fine. These people in the land of waves need my help.” Naruto still looked unconvinced, so Hinata worked her hands up to his cheeks and smiled at him “I promise that I will come home and I will be fine, and I never go back on my word.”

Naruto just smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead, “you’re right, I guess I just worry too much. You’re so strong, I know you’ll do great.”

The two shared a kiss, which then became a few and quickly turned into full fledged making out. The night became one of passion very quickly. Knowing it would be a while before the two saw each other they indulged in each other.

Hinata quickly fell asleep after the encounter, but Naruto stayed up, thinking hard about this mission. Things still weren’t sitting right with him, there had to be something he could do.

As he ran his fingers along her back and sides he suddenly got an idea. He closed his eyes and poured Kurama’s chakra into her body, so if anything were to happen she had an extra storage of chakra. “I hope this helps keep you safe.” He said before finally drifting off to sleep.

Hinata woke up before dawn the next morning and gathered her things for the mission. She kissed her boyfriend on the forehead before leaving to meet her team mates at the Konoha gates. She was actually pretty excited, it had been a long time since she and her old team had gone on a mission together.

As she walked to the gate her heart felt heavy. She had felt guilt before, but not like this. She hadn’t exactly lied to Naruto, but she didn’t tell him everything, which felt the same to her. Telling herself it was for the best and she could explain later she did her best to ignore her guilt and focus on the mission.

Hinata was greeted by her old teammates and the group set off quickly. As they ran through the trees they talked over their plan once more. “So this Tamamoru guy has a weakness for beautiful women. What we’re going to do is lay low for a few days, act like tourists, and Hinata,”

“I’ll wait for him to approach me at the tavern he likes to visit, get on his good side, and once he and I are alone, I kill him and we make a run for it.” She finished

“Precisely,” added Shino. “Which is why you will all have a female beetle on you at all times, so I can keep track of you. I also think it would be wise for Akamaru to stay transformed throughout this mission, it would be quite obvious that he is a ninja hound.”

The ninja agreed and picked up their pace so they would make it to the land of waves before the sun sat. Just outside the village they all stopped to change into civilian clothes while Akamaru transformed, Kiba even made sure to scrub off his face paint. Shino finished placing female beetles on everyone when he spoke up once more, “Everybody ready?”

The gang nodded and proceeded to walk the last kilometer of their journey, appearing to anybody passing by that they were just tourists. Cold grey eyes watched them as they walked by. No matter what they did, he could not be fooled.

The group walked to the nearest hotel where they booked two conjoined rooms for the next week. They thanked the clerk and proceeded up the stairs and to the end of the hall. As soon as the doors closed the team threw their bags down and formulated their plan for the night.

“I know it’s getting late, but chances are our target will be at that bar about now. There’s so time to waste so we need to go ahead and begin.” Shino said

Hinata knew what she had to do. She retrieved her tight black dress and the pair of flats she had packed and excused herself to change. She felt bad as she slipped the dress over her head. She didn’t tell Naruto that this was going to be part of the mission. Of course they would track Tamamoru down, but it would be easier to lure him out.

She examined herself in the mirror, the dress made her body look amazing, but she felt horrible. Her butt looked perfectly shaped and the low cut of the dress exposed much more cleavage and leg then she would have liked, but this was for the mission. “I’m sorry Naruto” she sighed as she left the bathroom.

Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru were sitting patiently when their female team member came out of the bathroom. They made sure to keep eye contact when they spoke to her to avoid making her more uncomfortable. “Okay Hinata here’s what we’re going to do. We’re all going to wait outside and watch closely from a safe distance while you sit at the bar. Order a few virgin drinks and just kind of hang out, read your book or something. If he doesn’t approach you no big deal, he will eventually.”

Hinata let out a breath she forgot she was holding in. She’d done undercover work before, but for some reason she had a sick feeling in her stomach. She did her best to ignore it and attribute it to the revealing outfit she was wearing. Grabbing her purse she put on a brave smile and nodded.

“Are we all ready?” Shino asked. All four nodded and began to leave the room. Hinata told herself she could do this and that her friends were there to back her up.

The group walked through town making sure to keep a good distance from each other. They did their best to appear lost and confused to avoid any suspicion. All of the group members even saw gang members bothering business owners, but had to stay away to avoid blowing their cover.

After about twenty minutes of deceitful wandering Hinata decided to finally approach the bar. The shutters were falling off, the roof appeared to be in shambles, and the paint was peeling off. She had seen local dive bars before but nothing like this. Seemed like the kind of place criminals would hang out though, so she continued forward, entering the establishment as if nothing were wrong.

Hinata entered the tavern and was immediately surprised. The outside was a clear cover for the beauty within. The walls were elegant colors of reds and yellows, the bar and tables were made of a rich mahogany wood, and the ceiling bore vibrant chandeliers. This looked more like a five star restaurant than a bar, which was concerning. If this is where gang leaders hung out it appeared the team was not properly informed on just how much power this gang had. She made a mental note to keep very alert.

A server approached her as she began to walk further into the building. “Hello ma'am, would you like to be seated?” He asked very politely

Hinata nodded and followed the young man to a table adjacent from the bar. She sat and he presented her with the menu. “I haven’t seen you around here before.” He started “what brings you to town?”

“I heard the hot springs here are wonderful, and I wanted to get some shopping done.” She lied with ease. “I also heard this restaurant has a fantastic green tea, could I have one of those to start?”

The waiter gave her a charming smile and was off to get her a tea. She examined the menu quickly and decided on an order of anko dumplings and examined the people around her. Everybody was in high end clothing and appeared to be very rich. She felt very out of place, but did he best to just blend in.

The waiter came back with Hinata’s green tea and took the rest of her order. As she waited she sipped her tea and read her book, making sure to look up every 30 seconds or so to examine her surroundings. After about 15 minutes her anko dumplings arrived as well as another cup of tea. She thanked the waiter and continued to read.

Suddenly Hinata felt a harsh chill take over her body, she placed her book down and saw a man sitting across from her. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” He said with an apologetic face. “I just wanted to make your acquaintance.”

She took a moment to observe this man. He was probably in his mid thirties, shoulder length brown hair, suit and tie, handsome face, and eyes so grey they appeared to be made of steel. He fit the description given in the mission file to a tee. There was no doubt in Hinata’s mind, this was Tamamoru.

“Oh no I’m sorry, where are my manners,” Hinata stuck her hound out to shake his “I’m Tsubaki.”

He shook her hand and placed his lips to it slightly. “What a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman. It is such a pleasure to meet you, I am Tamamoru.”

Bingo. It was definitely him. Hinata hid her disgust with a radiant smile “it is a pleasure to meet you as well.”

The two went on talking for hours, it was essential that Hinata get him as comfortable as possible with her. Much to her surprise he was also very interested in gardening, though he had others do the actual planting for him he designed how everything was arranged. “I bet your garden is gorgeous.” Hinata said after he described it in vivid detail.

“Ah yes it is beautiful.” He blushed, “but it is missing Tsubaki’s however. I would be honored if you would bless my garden with your presence.”

At that moment Hinata noticed the beetle sitting on the back of her neck was very still, which alarmed her. Against her better judgement she agreed and began to reach for her bag when he stopped her. “No my dear, I own this bar, and for you? Your meal is free.” She thanked him profusely and followed him out the door.

The two walked in silence for a while until Tamamoru spoke up. “I must say, it is rare to see lavender eyes, let alone ones that look so breathtaking in the moonlight.”

“Ah thank you.” Hinata began “you’re so charming.”

Both smiled and continued to walk in an awkward silence amongst the late night crowds of the city. It had to be nearly one in the morning, yet this city didn’t stop.

Suddenly the two were in front of two large gates in the middle of the city. “My estate is beyond these gates,” he said as he dug into his pockets to retrieve his key. The house was visible through the gates, it was awfully small to be a gang hideout so Hinata concluded this must just be his home.

The gates opened and the pair began walking once again. They followed the path to the back of the house and they reached the infamous garden. It truly was gorgeous, plants and trees of all kinds were arranged in a perfect fashion while a fountain stood in the center of it all.

Hinata kept her guard up, but Tamamoru was suddenly in front of her, looking her over with hunger in his eyes. “Tsubaki tell me, do you work out? Because with a body like this there’s no way you don’t.”

A spark of anger hit her. How dare he! She wanted to go ahead and attack him now, but she still wasn’t sure if they were alone or not. She decided not to blow her cover yet. “That’s an odd question to ask.”

“Ah yes it is.” He smirked deviously, “but you are also an odd girl Tsubaki.”

Hinata felt cold, had he caught onto her?

He turned his back to her to observe a patch of flowers “See you have a figure that suits a very active lifestyle, that tells me you work out a lot. You also have lavender eyes which tells me you have a birth defect, or,” he suddenly spun around and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to look at him. “You’re a shinobi.”

Hinata winced in pain and attempted to free herself from his grip. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh I think you do. My eyes see all Tsubaki, and I saw when you and your little friends entered this land, I know you’re a shinobi, and I intend to find out who sent you here.”

Hinata knew she was busted. She activated her byakugan as fast as she could and attempted to strike at Tamamoru’s chakra points. Just inches away from striking his right arm he threw her to the ground.

She felt her head smack against the sidewalk, and did her best to get up quickly. Before she could try to strike again men came from the gate carrying her unconscious team members. “We found them boss.” Said the one with Kiba flung over his shoulder.

“You monster!” She practically growled. She balled her fists, allowing her twin lions to cover them. She ran forward but found herself suddenly stuck. She looked to the ground and saw her flats had become solid steel.

“Oh no my dear, you see, you are not the only shinobi here. I’m guessing your eyes are a kekkei genkai? Well so are mine. I am able to turn things to steel by simply looking at them, and use steel at my will. This is going to spell trouble for you and your friends.” He lifted his hand and shackles bound Hinata’s hands together tight.

He approached her and punched her on the side of the head, knocking her out cold. He let her limp body hit the ground, “Take them all to the interrogation room.” He ordered his men, and they complied, dragging all four of them inside.

Several hours later Hinata woke up to strong hands shaking her awake. She gasped and saw her arms were being strung from the ceiling while her feet still bore the steel shoes that kept her firmly on the ground. Shino, Kiba and Akamaru were in the exact same position while Akamaru had a metal muzzle over his mouth.

“Glad to see you’re all awake!” Tamamoru yelled. The men from before were standing at different corners of the room, waiting patiently. “Now here’s what we’re going to do, you will all give me your full names and affiliations. If you do I will make sure you die painlessly, if not, the torture will eventually kill you.” He smiled a sick sadistic smile and got into everybody’s faces.

Kiba was too feisty for his own good, he spat it Tamamoru’s face as he approached him. Before Kiba could blink Tamamoru used the heel of his foot to break Kiba’s right leg. “God dammit!” Kiba howled out.

Akamaru began barking loudly, and trying to wriggle free to help his master. Tamamoru didn’t hold back, he kicked both of Akamaru’s legs, causing a god awful crunching noise to fill the room.

Hinata couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How could a person be this horrendous? She shut her eyes tight but the tears continued to seep through. Suddenly her eye lids were forced open and were taped so she was unable to close them. “I told you you would all talk,” Tamamoru spat “now start!”

“Don’t tell him anything Hinata!” Shino whispered. Tamamoru’s ears perked up and he walked over to Shino, snapping his left arm.

He turned back to Hinata and walked to her. “So it’s Hinata huh? I didn’t believe you when you said it was Tsubaki.” She stayed silent. Apparently he didn’t like that, so he punched her in the face, causing he right cheek to immediately swell. “Talk!” He demanded.

Hinata looked to Shino with painful desperation in her eyes. “Bugs?” She mouthed silently. Shino gestured to the chains bounding him, something was keeping his bugs at bay, no matter how bad he needed them.

Though in a clear jam she stayed silent, she knew she couldn’t reveal themselves. After a few more moments of silence he snapped his fingers and the three men went to her teammates sides with knives in their hands. All of team 8 just glared, nothing would break them.

With another snap of the fingers everyone had received long, deep cuts on various parts of their bodies. There were more demands for them to talk and to give up their information, but they all did their best to stay as silent as possible.

After hours of various torture methods using fire, water and multiple weapons, the gang was very bloody and bruised, but alive and silent. Both Kiba and Akamaru’s legs were useless, while Shino’s left arm was badly damaged and he was passed out from a blow to the head. Hinata had no broken bones or deep wounds, which concerned her. It had appeared Tamamoru had hit his breaking point so she knew he would come after her full force.

Tamamoru began to come undone. As a gang leader he was used to getting his way, and now that he wasn’t he was throwing a tantrum. “Tell me what I need to know! Now!” He screamed as he beat Hinata. She bit her lip to the point of drawing blood, she would not talk.

He stepped away, Hinata’s entire body was varying shades of black, blue and purple. “Fine. Maybe you’ll talk after this.” He said forming his fist into steel. She watched carefully, she wasn’t sure what he was up to. Slowly, he walked over to Kiba and punched him in the ribs until there was a crack loud enough to break the silence.

Kiba had a look of agonizing pain all over his face until he coughed up a large amount of blood and passed out. “No!” Hinata cried out. There was no way those ribs weren’t broken, and based on where he was punched and the blood coughed up there was a sure chance a rib had punctured his lung. There wasn’t much time until his lungs filled with blood.

Tamamoru now walked to Hinata holding a strange bottle in his hands. “Last chance, who are you all, and who sent you?” She felt she was at the end of the line, this is where she would die and there was no doubt about that. Though these were most likely her final moments, she smiled and looked him dead in the eye, “I told you I wouldn’t tell you anything, and I never go back on my word. That’s my nindo, my ninja way.”

Rage filled Tamamoru and he took the top off the little bottle and splashed the liquid over Hinata’s eyes. The pain was excruciating, she felt as if there were millions of tiny razors moving around her eye balls. Her eyes began to bleed and her vision became very blurry and filmy. As she was about to pass out from pain she whispered “I’m sorry Naruto.”

Suddenly red chakra exploded from Hinata, covering her entire body like a cloak and removing the substance from her eyes. Her arms and legs were immediately freed from their iron prisons, allowing her to free her teammates as well. Shino awoke as he hit the ground and used his unbroken arm to send chakra eating bugs to the henchmen. Though her vision was bad Hinata could see Tamamoru’s outline and that was all she needed.

Tamamoru was clearly afraid now. He tried to run but Shino’s bugs had jammed the door lock, leaving him trapped. He ran at Hinata, his whole body made of steel. “This ends now!” They both screamed.

His iron fist was only an inch from her face when the tail of the cloak wrapped around his fist and slammed him to the ground. He hit the ground hard enough to make the entire room shake, and he was stuck inside the floor. Not wasting another moment Hinata slammed the chakra point nearest his heart, killing him instantly.

Now that all the enemies in the room had died, Hinata made her way to her teammates. She placed a hand on each of them, allowing the nine tails chakra to cover and heal them. “Shino,” she panted, “Tell Naruto that I’m sorry.” Her vision then went completely black.

Naruto was in an uneasy sleep when he found himself face to face with Kurama inside his head. “Kurama? What’s going on.”

“Naruto, where is that Hyuga girl you’ve grown fond of?” He asked with urgency

“Hinata? She’s in the land of waves, why?!”

“Get there, now. My chakra that you infused in her is barely keeping her and her teammates alive.”

“What?! How did that happen?!” Naruto was fully panicked now.

“I don’t know, but you need to get there now. We can track her while she still has my chakra.”

Naruto woke up already in tailed beast mode. He ran as fast as he could to reach the outside of the village where he could let Kurama take over. “Kurama! Get me there fast!” Naruto stood inside the giant beast as he ran, his heart and mind racing. Did that Tamamoru guy attack them? He was so dead if Naruto got a hold of him.

Kurama moved at an unbelievable speed, getting Naruto the the village in under ten minutes. Upon reaching the village Naruto sent a thousand shadow clones in sage mode in various directions. “Come on Hinata where are you.” He kept saying to himself

A clone finally saw many chakras guarding a small building, he thought that was odd considering this was mainly a civilian village. All the clones ran that way, ready to fight.

Upon arriving at the home the guards began to attack Naruto and his clones. The clones stayed behind to deal with them and Naruto searched the home.

His heart was pounding. Hinata on the brink of death? It didn’t seem real, it couldn’t be real. His sage mode wore off quickly, forcing him to examine each room himself. As he kicked down doors and checked rooms he prayed she still had time and would be okay.

Finally Naruto reached the basement and was met with a large steel door. “I don’t have time for this!” He screamed and ripped the door off of its hinges. Once the door hit the floor, his jaw almost did due to the sight before him.

Blood, there was so much blood. It was all over the floor, it splattered the walls and even reached parts of the ceiling. Upon examining the room he saw four unfamiliar men dead on the floor, as well as all four members of team 8 unconscious.

“Hinata!” He screamed running to her side. Her pulse was weak and her breathing was shallow, just as Kurama said she was barely alive.

He instantly went into tailed beast mode, destroying the home they were inside and keeping the members of team 8 safely inside of Kurama. Without having to say a word the beast ran on all fours as fast as he possibly could, allowing them to arrive at Konoha hospital in just under 5 minutes.

There was a loud crash outside the hospital and suddenly Naruto and three of his shadow clones ran into the hospital, each carrying a wounded member of team 8. “I need doctors now!” He screamed.

Sakura came running down the hall at the sound of his voice. “Naruto? What’s wrong?” She saw team 8 bloody and battered and immediately called for back up. “I need backup now!”

Other doctors came running down the hall, lady Tsunade and Shizune along with them. Each member of team 8 was placed in a stretcher and given a quick evaluation. Doctors whisked Kiba away moments after sitting him down and Shino and Akamaru weren’t far behind.

Though she was surrounded by three medical ninja Naruto stayed by Hinata’s side while her teammates were taken away to varying parts of the hospital. “It’s okay Hinata, lady Tsunade, Shizune, and Sakura are going to take care of you.” He whispered to her. He stared down at her battered body and began to weep, “You’re going to be okay Hinata. I can’t lose you, I won’t lose you.”

The medical ninja were focusing on Hinata’s eyes when suddenly they all gasped. Without a word they ran down the hall to god knows where. Naruto began to run along side them when Tsunade’s words stopped him dead in his tracks. “Naruto you can’t help her! Go to the waiting room!”

“You can’t help her.” Hit him like a truck. She was right, he couldn’t help her, and that killed him inside.

Naruto did as he was told and sat in the waiting room shaking. How could he let this happen? If only he had gotten there sooner he wouldn’t be sitting in the waiting room making himself sick with worry.

So many feelings ran through him. He felt enraged, he felt guilty, he felt depressed, but most of all he felt scared. She was in god knows what condition and he could do nothing to help her. He had almost lost her once already, he couldn’t lose her this time.

A nurse came out to tell him surgery had begun and they would keep him updated. That didn’t make him feel better. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Naruto sat in the waiting room for nearly two days until a nurse came to speak with him, “Sir her teammates are awake if you’d like to speak with them.”

Naruto got up and asked the nurse to take him to them. He was glad to know that they were okay, but at the same time he knew they were not nearly as critical.

The nurse lead him to the room and excused herself to examine other patients. Naruto hesitated, but knew he needed to know what happened. He slowly opened the door and made his way inside the room.

Kiba lay in bed with his right leg elevated, his left side was covered with bandages and an oxygen tube inserted into his nostrils. Akamaru lay by his side on a small stretcher with casts on his back legs and bandages on his paws. Shino’s head was wrapped in bandages and his left arm lay in a sling. The group looked bad, but they were alive.

The men looked up to the sound of the closing door. “Naruto.” Kiba said slurred with a cough.

He walked over to the beds and took a seat between them. “What did they do to you guys?” He asked, rage hidden in his concerned voice.

Kiba stifled a laugh. “I’ve got the usual cuts, bruises and burns, three busted ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken leg, just got out of surgery last night actually. Akamaru broke both of his back legs and has third degree burns on his paws.”

“I’ve got a concussion, few deeps cuts some burns and had all the bones in my left arm broken.” Shino said

Naruto clenched his fists, tight. How could somebody do this? They weren’t trying to kill them, at least not yet, they were torturing them.

“Hey man, we made it out alive thanks to you.” Kiba said sincerely.

Naruto nodded silently. He knew that, but he didn’t feel like a hero, especially since he had no idea of Hinata’s condition other than it was critical.

“Guys.” He paused, “I need you to tell me exactly what happened. What lead to everything that happened in that hideout.”

Shino decided to come clean. “We were trying to track down Tamamoru, but we already had an idea of where he was, so we wanted to lure him out of we could. We were told he had a weakness for beautiful women, so Hinata played decoy.”

Naruto stood up faster than lighting “What? This guy was a dangerous criminal, and you decided to use Hinata as bait?!” He balled his fist so hard he thought he would break his fingers. Why? Why would they decide to do that?

“Naruto calm down!” Kiba yelled, but then immediately began coughing up blood. Naruto decided to calm down a bit, this wasn’t the time to freak out, but he was livid. Once Kiba caught his breath he took over. “We decided to do this as a team.”

Naruto felt a pain in his heart, “You mean, Hinata agreed to this and didn’t tell me?”

“We told her not to. We didn’t think the mission would go south like this, and we all know how you worry about her.” Kiba laughed a bit.

Naruto hung his head, Hinata had never kept something like this from him before. He was hurt yes, but he could worry about her too much sometimes so he understood.

“Anyways,” Shino said, “Tamamoru took the bait and he took her back to his hideout, but he somehow saw us before we entered the village and figured out we were shinobi. We were misinformed when they said there were no shinobi in his gang, they found us hiding near by, caught us off guard and took us back to the hideout. Turns out he has a kekkei genkai that allows him to turn himself and other objects to steel, which he used to knock us around to try and get us to talk.”

“None of us said a word, caused that Tamamoru guy to get really pissed. He made his fists steel and gave Shino a bad blow to the back of his head, thought he killed him honestly. Then he busted my ribs and I don’t remember anything after that.”

“I woke up and Hinata was covered in that red chakra of yours,” Shino recalled. “She killed Tamamoru, then made sure we all got some of that chakra so we would stay alive.” He looked down for a minute, thinking of how to phrase what he was thinking. “I remember there was a lot of blood coming from her eyes, she told me to tell you she was sorry and she was out cold. I passed out again right after she did.”

Naruto sat there dumb founded. None of this seemed real to him. “So you don’t know what he did to Hinata?” The men shook their heads, they wished they could ease Naruto’s racing mind.

Naruto began to exit the room, “I’m glad you’re both okay, I’m gonna go check on Hinata’s condition and come visit again okay?” He didn’t even wait for an answer before leaving the room and returning to the waiting room.

Nurses walked by, but never stopped to let him know what was going on. Another few hours passed with no news and Naruto began to grow scared. What if Hinata wasn’t going to make it? He shook his head violently, he couldn’t think like that.

Naruto sat in his chair, legs bouncing and hands shaking when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked over and felt some relief “Sakura.”

She gave him a weak smile and got straight to business. “We got out of surgery with Hinata a few hours ago. She was in pretty bad shape, she had some internal bleeding, ligature wounds, lacerations, but we got those fixed pretty easily.”

Naruto took a huge sigh of relief, he was so glad she was alive. “Oh Sakura thank god.”

Sakura took a deep breath. “Naruto there’s more. The real problem is her eyes. There was a liquid that was out in them that acted as a sort of acid. Her eyes are damaged all the way down to the lense. That’s why her eyes were so bloody and that’s why we had to have her in surgery for so long.”

This was bad news and he could feel it “So what does that mean?”

“She may be blind for the rest of her life.”

Blind? It didn’t seem real, it didn’t seem possible. This couldn’t happen, not to Hinata.

“Can I see her?” He asked desperately after a few moments of silence

Sakura stood and led him to Hinata’s room. The hallways seemed to go on a forever and it felt as if time was moving at minimal speed. Naruto’s head was in such a daze, he just needed to see her.

After what seemed like an eternity they arrived at the room. “It may be a while before she wakes up, her body’s gone through a lot of trauma and she’s on a lot of medication that-”

Naruto raised his hand to stop her “I understand Sakura, I just want some time with her.”

Sakura shook her head in understanding and walked away, she wanted to respect their privacy. Now it was Naruto’s turn to face Hinata.

He turned the door handle and entered the room. Hinata laid there on the stiff white bed, and Naruto could barely believe his eyes. Her normally porcelain skin was covered in bandages and harsh bruises. An oxygen tube sat inside of her nostrils while fluids and medication pumped into her body through tubes in her arm. Gauze wrapped around the the back of her head and covered her eyes. She was hurt, but she was alive.

Naruto took a seat next to her, softly holding her hand in his. “Hinata.” He whispered softly. Hot tears of fear and relief began pouring out of his eyes. He kissed her hand gently “I need you to wake up Hinata. I want to hear your voice again. I want to make sure you’re okay.”

There was no response. The only sound in the room came from the heart monitor which showed her activity was normal. “That’s okay.” He thought “I’ll wait.”

Half a day passed and Naruto hadn’t left her side for even a moment. Many nurses came to administer more medicine or change bandages, but he remained right there. He knew how much Hinata loved to read, so he had one of the nurses bring a gardening magazine to the room. He continued to hold her hand as he read a loud to her.

“When winter approaches, we’ve found a way to keep your seasonal plants from freezing. Simply take a fertilizer of your choosing, and place these plants in large house pots. That way you can still care for them, and not have to plant brand new ones in the following season.” Naruto continued to read as Tsunade and Sakura stood in the doorway watching.

“Should we do something?” Sakura whispered. She began to grow concerned for her life long friend.

Tsunade walked forward “I’ve got this.” she said. She went up to Naruto and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Naruto it’ll do you some good to get out of this hospital. You can shower, have a real meal, maybe get some sleep.”

Naruto looked at her and shoved her hand off. “What if she wakes up and I’m not here? I have to be here.” He then turned back to the magazine and continued to read for Hinata.

Tsunade and Sakura shared a look of understanding and left the room. Naruto was coping the best way he could, and they couldn’t interfere with that.

Hours later he was still holding her hand and stroking it gently. “Do you remember that time after we first became a couple, that we went out to dinner at that new restaurant? I got ramen of course and you got sushi. There was that drunk guy who kept coming over and hitting on you, you were so polite and told him to please leave you alone and that you were with your boyfriend. He didn’t stop though, and remember how mad I got?” He laughed, “I got so mad that I beat him up right there and the owner had to ask us to leave. You were so embarrassed, I remember how mad you were at me but it was okay.” His laughing now turned to silent crying. “At least I could protect you back then.”

The crying didn’t stop. He sobbed and blew his nose until his face was an ungodly red color. “Hinata wake up. Please Hinata just wake up.” No answer.

He buried his head in the bed next to her and cried even more. His body began to shake again when she suddenly felt her hand squeeze his. He shot up instantly and looked at her “Hinata?”

She stirred a bit and looked to where his voice was coming from “Naruto?” She asked in a weak voice.

“Oh my god Hinata.” He kissed her hand profusely and held it securely “I’m so glad you’re awake.”

Her free hand lightly felt the gauze covering her eyes. “Naruto, what happened?”

He took a deep breath and took both of her hand in his. “That monster that attacked you used some sort of acid on your eyes. Sakura, lady Tsunade and Shizune did a surgery on them though, which is why you’ve been asleep for a few days.”

Hinata smiled, “and I’m guessing you haven’t left even once?”

He kissed her hand again, “of course not.”

She chuckled a bit, “Naruto it’s okay, I’ll be just fine.” He froze and she could sense it. “What’s wrong?”

He bit his lip. How could he tell her? He still couldn’t believe it himself. “Naruto? You’re scaring me.” She whimpered

He took both hands once again and squeezed her fingers. “I talked to Sakura earlier, she said there was a lot of damage done to your eyes. So much in fact that,” he paused for a moment, trying to form the words. “You may be blind forever.”

She was silent. Apparently the word had hit her hard too. “This is all my fault.” Naruto whispered. “If I had gotten to you sooner this wouldn’t have happened.”

Hinata did her best to reach for his face, eventually putting both hands on his wet cheeks. “This is not your fault. I was caught by Tamamoru, he’s the one that did this, not you.”

Naruto felt a bit better to hear her say that, but he loved her and therefore he always wanted to protect her. She meant everything to him, and he hated that all of this was happening to her. “You’re right, he did, but this is all going to be okay Hinata.”

She let out an almost silent sigh and whispered “I hope so.”

“Hey no.” Naruto said. “It is going to be okay.”

“It’s very difficult to live a life without vision. It’s not impossible, but it’s certainly a rough transition.” She said sadly.

Naruto got up and sat next to her on the bed. “Do you remember when I lost my arm? It was really hard to do anything, but you helped me, remember?” Hinata nodded, not really sure of where he was going with this. “You were my arm Hinata. You loved me enough to do everything you could for me in my time of need. So now that your time of need has come, I will be your eyes.”

Hinata choked up, and her voice broke slightly, “do you mean that?”

He smiled confidently “Of course I do! I never go back on my word.”

She hugged him tight, and he held her close, stroking her hair. “I love you so much.” He whispered to her over and over again.

“I love you too.” She kept saying to him. She then used her hands to feel his face, making a mental note of where all of his features were. She found his lips and gave him a much needed and deserved kiss. She was so great full for her new eyes.

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