Confession:  This probably sounds dumb since they’re fictional characters but Sera’s romance actually helped me get over a girl who had led me on (side note: I’m a lesbian). I’ve never had any luck with relationships, somewhat due to living in a small conservative town. But I just found Sera charming and funny and it helped me forget about the pain.

She’s also helped me be a bit more open about being a lesbian.

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Age of Adaline Full Movie 2015

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Cate Richardson :

she inexplicably stops growing older. As the years stretch on and on, Adaline keeps her secret to herself – till she meets a man who changes her life.

Duration : 112 minutes runtime


Blue Sky’s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs was first released on July 1st, 2009, and has since taken place in the top ten highest-grossing animated films of all time.

During the playground-scene in which the mother dino first appears, Manny shouts, “Nobody move a muscle!” The same line is spoken by Alan Grant in Jurassic Park III (2001) when the group stumble upon a feeding T-Rex. (x)


Some of the re-used armors in Inquisition annoyed me. Why were the sellswords and Imshael wearing Anders armor? Why were there bandits in the Western Approach wearing different colored versions of Isabela’s armor? It kind of felt like those were there just for the people who wanted to kill Isabela or Anders repeatedly. Also the fact that the Fugitive’s Mantle that belonged to Malcolm Hawke is now an armor for the Templars in DAI is ridiculous.