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In my personal opinion, the recent drama boils down to this: He did something wrong. There is no denying that. His actions were wrong. But he did apologise, and we just need to see where it goes from here. Consequences came of his actions, and if he repeats them, then it is entirely his fault. But as it currently stands, he shouldn't be demonized. Let's just see where it goes from here.

like, yeah, here’s to hoping to finally having his career at risk is enough to shake him into thinking about the words that come out of his mouth, but he’s already made it 5+ years with “it’s just a joke bro” for everything else he’s done and honestly i’m tired.


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Hey Laffy! I just took a nature walk and picked some daisies on my way down the path, would you like one? They're orange.

Oh uh,, ,D-daisies?

Now now. Just hold still and it won’t hurt as much, you vile son of a bitch. Daisy’s got it covered.”

No! No,, , hahahaha h a ha no Eh-…daisies. For me. Sorry haha ha h a,, , not sure why I’m crying and shaking like this! Ha ha ahhh a I’m sorry,, , I m sorry

PREFACE:  this meta is going to contain mentions of religion,  prostitution (both reviewed in a neutral context),  as well as delve deeper into topics such as homophobia,  internalization of this,  fetishization of homosexuality,  and partially also mental illness.   if you feel uncomfortable with any of these topics,  particularly the latter ones,  i do advise you proceed reading at your own discretion.


it’s not that big of a surprise,  but tsu is bisexual as hell.   he leans more towards men and actually has an easier time genuinely connecting with other guys than he does with women.   but ah,  shouldn’t this dusty old man be super conservative ?   the answer is,  well …  no !   PRE - MODERN JAPAN was,  contrary to western cultures,  exceptionally accepting of and even encouraging of male homosexuality and bisexuality.   tsu practically grew up during the golden days of gays.   instead of being the exception to the rule,  mlm relationships were the rule.   this may have been due to how japan’s native religion establishes things.   the shinto creation story explains that sex precedes the birth of a nation,  and the religion’s basic principles were quite sex positive.

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         H E Y                            g u  y s       a n y   o n  e     kn o  w                               w  h y    t h  e   f u c  k     m  y          k e      y   b o   a r d        i  s                d o  i n  g    t h i  s     ?      t h   a nk  s