Um, okay, this is weird. I know I uploaded this picture before, but I can’t seem to find it. So here it is again.

Damian Wayne aka Robin. Son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Mentor(s): Batman (Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson). Co-founder and current member of the Teen Titans.

Iris II/Irey West aka Kid Flash. Daughter of Wally West and Linda Park-West. Mentor(s): The Flash (Wally West and Bart Allen). Co-founder and current member of the Teen Titans.

Lian Harper aka Red Cap. Daughter of Roy Harper and Jade Nguyen. Mentor(s): Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Red Arrow (Roy Harper). Co-founder and current member of the Teen Titans.

Jai West aka Database. Son of Wally West and Linda Park-West. Mentor(s): Oracle (Barbara Gordon), Proxy (Wendy Kuttler). Current member of the Teen Titans.

Colin Wilkes aka Abuse. Parents unknown. Mentor(s): Red Hood (Jason Todd). Current member of the Teen Titans.

Cerdian aka Aqualad. Son of Garth and Dolphin. Mentor(s): Aquaman (Arthur Curry/Orin), Jackson Hyde, Tempest (Garth). Current member of the Teen Titans.

Milagro Reyes aka Green Lantern. Daughter of Alberto and Bianca Reyes, sister of Jaime Reyes. Mentor: Green Lantern (Guy Gardner). Current member of the Teen Titans.

Sin Lance aka Canary. Adopted daughter of Dinah Lance. Mentor(s): Black Canary (Dinah Lance). Honorary member of the Teen Titans and Birds of Prey.

Robert/Robbie Long aka Darkstar. Son of Donna Troy and Terry Long. Mentor(s): Wonder Woman (Diana of Themyscira), Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark), Donna Troy. Honorary member of the Teen Titans.

Christopher/Chris Kent aka Superwing. Adopted son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane-Kent. Mentor(s): Superman (Clark Kent), Superboy (Conner Kent). Honorary member of the Teen Titans.

Nell Little aka Batgirl. Daughter of Mrs. Little. Mentor(s): Nightwing (Stephanie Brown). Honorary member of the Teen Titans.

Maxine Baker aka Animal Girl. Daughter of Buddy and Ellen Baker. Mentor(s): Animal Man (Buddy Baker). Honorary member of the Teen Titans.

Wildebeest aka Wildebeest. Adopted son of Rosabelle Mendez (Pantha) and Leonid Kovar (Red Star). Mentor(s): Pantha. Honorary member of the Teen Titans.

Helena Kyle-Wayne aka Spoiler. Daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Mentor(s): Black Bat (Cassandra Cain). Honorary member (and mascot) of the Teen Titans.

Anyway, that’s really weird. So I’m off to possibly draw more. Hopefully I’ll have costumed versions up soon. Not that I’ve been saying that since I drew this five month ago or anything. 

obsessivefannumber1-blog  asked:

For that character ask thingy, Cerdian and Jai :)

Haha, to be honest, I forgot about this. But anything for you darling (hope this was the right ask)!

OTP: Haha, think you know that I adore CerdianxLian! Sea weapons forever!
BrOTP: Though I believe Damian, Colin, and Jai are best bros, I think Cerdian’s bro would be Jai. ^w^
OT3: Um, I don’t really have OT3s with the NGTT, but my brOT3 would be Cerdian and the West Twins.
NOTP: Can’t ship CerdianxIrey. Not that I’ve seen it, but I hope I never do.

OTP: It’s so hard to decide because I like Jai with a lot of people (even though I see Cerdian having the most relationships. That’s only because I like to make him too pretty for his own good and it takes a while for Lian to come around), but I’d have to say JaixNell. SpeedstersxBats forever!
BrOTP: As I mentioned, I see Colin, Jai, and Damian like Tim, Bart, and Kon. But I think he may be a little close to Damian (because in my headcanon he had a crush on him)
OT3: Well, again, I don’t really have many OT3s, but I guess see above?
NOTP: I don’t really ship JaixLian. I think it’s cute, and I read/see a lot of stuff where they’re paired together (especially if it contains DamixIrey) but I  personally don’t like pairing them up together.

Wow, look, a drawing. OAO!

Haha, anyway, sorry for the inactivity. Work has been super stressful lately… Just drew a quick sketch of plumcity’s headcanon of Jai wearing everyone’s clothes because he’s the tiniest flash. I didn’t really draw him tiny, but his frame is lean enough to fit into Irey’s tighter clothing (and I do believe she is the taller twin). Anyway, enjoy!

NGTT Headcanon - Godparents

Okay, so this only concerns the original 5 TT’s children. When you’re child is born, you need to assign Godparents right? Woot!

Lian - So, we’re going for the obvious choices here. Naturally, Donna would be the Godmother and Dick would be the Godfather. I thought about having someone else as the Godmother, since I could see Donna being like a step-mother for Lian, but eh. Could be both. No harm in that.

Robbie - Well, Donna and Dick are besties, so Dick is obviously the Godfather. I couldn’t decide who’d be the Godmother, but it was either Diana or Cassie… Input? Edit: Okay, Kor'i is also in the running for Robbie’s Godmother (thanks for giving me the idea herestoyoumsholly!). So who should it be?

Cerdian - Well, Donna is going to be the Godmother because let’s face it, who didn’t love Donna in their group? And I made Wally the Godfather because I don’t know, okay? But it evens it out. Probably due to seeing them hang out a lot in Teen Titans Year One.

Irey - So, we can all guess who that Godmother is. Yes? No? Yeah, it’s going to be Donna again. lol. So many kids for this one. And Roy is the Godfather because Wally was drunk or something.

Jai - I loved coming up with this one. So Garth is the Godfather. And well, Donna can’t be the Godmother because she’s Irey’s Godmother and Wally and Linda didn’t want to make their Godparents the same, so who would it be? Dick of course! Yes, Dick is Jai’s Godmother because Wally is a terrible person, and bestowed that role on his BFF. But, really, Dick took it in stride. Wore a dress when he took a picture with Garth and Jai commemorating the event and he was damn stunning in it. I may just draw a picture of that because reasons.

Damian: Jai, I appreciate you’re working hard, but next time, I expect to see you in training.
Jai: U-uh…Yeah. S-sorry… Just may have a break in the case…
Damian: Good. But you still need to practice your defenses. I can’t afford to have you easily captured.
Jai: Yeah. I know how much it worries you… Though not in the way I wish it would…

Dafudge is anatomy? So time for another NGTT Headcanon.

So in my mind palace, Jai is pansexual so he’s fallen in love a lot. Not saying that he likes everyone he sees or that he’s easy, but he just sees the person as the person and doesn’t really care about anything else. That being said, being a member of the Teen Titans could be seen as a problem.

Considering he’s on a team with a bunch of attractive and awesome people, among the members, Jai has had the most crushes/relationships with people on the team. Not necessarily at the same time or near the same time; he’s not the type to just move from one person to another instantaneously, but just once in a while. And no, he hasn’t dated/liked the whole team (because Irey is also on the team, and I’m not really a fan of incest), but all the other members date/like only one or two other members, if any at all. It’s mainly because he’s observant, likes little details, and is good at finding things (he is the team hacker after all), and all this goes into how he bonds with the other members, resulting in him liking some of them as more than friends.

All that does kind of tie into this picture. At one point, before Irey and Damian got together, Jai liked Damian. Problem was, he knew Irey liked him too, and Damian her (but at this point in time, the two didn’t know it themselves). So instead of pursuing a relationship with the young Wayne himself, he sets the two up. But afterwards, Irey does find out that he liked him and feels pretty bad about it, because she didn’t even know she liked Damian, and she thinks that he should’ve just gone for it himself because then she might never realize her feelings for him.

And Jai knew that, but he also knew Damian was better for her, and it was probably just a crush on his end anyway, and her happiness was more important because he can she how happy she is when she’s with him.

Besides, he at least got to kiss Damian before she did.