now, I want to start in Youtube with cover Vids! I hope you like it. 

@ Nathalie

man, ich dich auch :( Wir haben uns heute kaum gesehen! Wie steht’s jetzt eigentlich mit Morgen? :) Ich dich doch auch <3


I am alone and you don’t know.
You will never notice it.
You think everything is alright. No.
There is a other side, a strange side which I don’t understand. A side who is sad, lonely who want that someone notice my feelings. But no. A simply smile and everything is okay.
But hell no, I want you to notice this hole in my soul.
Can you fill it?
I want to feel better again.

nthl,and sorry for my bad english, eww xx

tropicalsoulr asked:

Ich hinterlass dir mal LIEBE, weil du mein Liebchin bis nä? Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove <3

I leave you love because you are my love, right?
lovelovelovelovelovelovelove <3 

Now tell me I don’t have the cutest friends ever! 

I dare you

Nathie, danke, du bist die süßeste <33