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Best Singing Compilation - Miyano Mamoru: Vocal King (~GENERATING!~ Edition). ♡

AO3 Mature Drarry Fic List

here we go again ~ My Explicit List

(again excluding locked fics and series)

A Dance in Three Parts by Lomonaaeren (2k)

Contagion by sesheta_66 (11k)

Fulfilling Dreams at the Club by happyfangirl289 (3k)

Inexplicably I Find Myself With You by bafflinghaze (6k)

Hearts and Dreams Are Also Fragile Things by valinorean (14k)

Blind Revenge by cami_soul (1k)

The Art of Seduction by playout (2k)

Home for Christmas by Calacious (2k)

Drarry Amortentia by Snakemoony123580 (1k)

Rehearsed Steps by ashiiblack (1k)

Impossible by saraste (100)

Maniac by stuckymarvelbuckycaptain (1k)

Height-Difference by saraste (100)

The Perfect Green by AddictedToRavens (656)

Emergency, Indeed by stargazerlilith (1k)

Something I Don’t Want to Stop by traintracks (16k)

Reigning Champ by LadySlytherin (14k) (100/10 would read again)

The Limits of Kindness by twistedmiracle (501)

Headlights in the Snow by Saras_Girl (72k)

A Fair Chance by moonshoespotterr (6k)

Payback by BlackandGrey (2k)

A Year in Training by Omi_Ohmy (25k)

The Standard You Walk Past by bafflinghaze (46k)

In Those Final Moments by Francisthebee (574)

The Rabbit and the God by who_la_hoop (19k)

Single and Ready to… Teach? by Blue_Eyed_Mardoll (3k)

Waiting for Draco by Rospberry (712)

Second Chances by jaded14yaoi (79k)

Twilight Moonbeams by Kittylin15 (73k)

Storm in a Teacup by faithwood (8k)

Harry Potter and the Steel Mage by megyal (15k)

Painted Bodies, Painted Minds by Lomonaaeren (3k)

The Boxers by kinky_kneazle (454)

Anything by mee4ever (4k)

Harry Potter and the Dragon in the Pond by AsMyWimseyTakesMe (998)

Thou Shalt Not Cheat by roelliej (100)

The Way We Are by lemondrops154 (76k)

Take Your Shots by Sorrowfull (9k)

Members Only by betweentheloins (17k)

(I’m in Love with) Your Body by sempreme (400)

A Thin Line by felixfvlicis (5k)

Kiss the Light Back Into Me by loveglowsinthedark (727)

Trapped in the Ministry Elevator by harrypotteryaoi (1k)

Interruptions! by Sprout2012 (2k)

Étoile des Neiges by BloodyFlammable (33k)

With a Candle to Guide Me by daftfear (29k)

A Trip to the Vet by PenguinObsession (5k)

The Taste Still Lingers On by wentzdigo (6k)

Rejoicing in Their Strength by Lomonaaeren (34k)

Beside Myself (If This Is For Real) by noctiluca (1k)

Like Father, Like Son by teShara (5k)

Marking Time by Elfflame (5k)

On the Last Day of Our World by erin_myecourt (85k)

The Arrangement by create_serenity (16k)

Lift Your Open Hand by firethesound (19k)

Grilled Cheese by digthewriter (1k)

And Goddamn the Love that They Share Between Them by seaworn (3k)

Alive by FleetofShippyShips (3k)

Between the Lines by plumeria47 (3k)

Candy by bixgirl1 (6k)

A Relaxed Harry by digthewriter (400)

It’s You That I’ve Been Waiting to Find by spacepixie (9k)

Actually, It Was by Affectiion (14k)

Turning, Again, to Being by setissma (2k)

A Dented Old Street Sign by orphanghost (27k)

Morsmordre by mikeynovacaine (478)

Touch by Augustus (440)

Understanding by deepsix (2k)

Branded by Augustus (2k)

Oookay that’s it for now sorry it took so long to actually finish this

Stay tuned for the next rating (Teen) which will probably be shorter ngl

The signs and their favorite MM character
  • Aries: 707
  • Taurus: Luciel Choi
  • Gemini: the guy with yellow and black glasses
  • Cancer: Seven
  • Leo: Luciel
  • Virgo: the hacker
  • Libra: 7
  • Scorpio: probably Zen
  • Sagittarius: the red head
  • Capricorn: Seven
  • Aquarius: The sad one(not the V guy, the other sad one. No, not Yoosung. The other other sad one. Yeah. That guy.)
  • Pisces: Mr.Choi

Shadow of a Doubt

All Magnus wanted out of tonight was for the Lightwood family - specifically Maryse - to accept that he was a significant part of Alexander’s life. That, of course, is not how smoothly his life works. It took him far too long to put the pieces together and realise what was happening in his home, it made sense how absurd Simon was behaving and the manic anger lacing Clary’s actions.
He was amidst another warlock who was deliberately messing with his friend’s minds. If he had paid more attention earlier he wouldn’t currently be kneeling in front of an unconscious Maryse and enchanting healing spells over her still body.


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hi!!! do u know any good harry potter blogs to follow!!! i'm new to tumblr :3 also i love your blog!!! have a great day <3

sorry this took me such a long time to answer but ngl every blog i follow is a gem. that being said, u should have a look at my BLOGROLL. however, here are some of my absolute faves (both hp & multifandom):

@magicfolk @hpsource @meraudurs @ravnclaws @slyherin @euphemiapottcr @thebloodybaron @tedtonks @petuniaevans @perksofbeingafanboy @primrosie @ginnyeweasley @ginnyv @cruvcio @ronesweasley @paddfoot @owvlery @johnslupin @miones @victorkrvm @lilyevians @scorpiusmlfy @kylloskywalker @malfoynarcissa @malfoys @jilys @fleurrdelacour @alrightpotter @hermionegrangcr @drocomalfoy @sirxusblack @bensolcs @aeryastark @alyciadubnamcarey @puresblood @oberynm @odairannies @thominho @cassiesullivan @confundo @ameliawilliams @jaimelannistre @jamespottver @thaleias @greyjoyvs @dailyprophet


I don’t know what they’re so happy about but here’s them accidentally fusing (for the first time)

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28, 35, 36, and 40 for the OTP prompt!


I went WAY overboard with this one omg. But I drew basically everything I missed drawing in one shot. Glasses, ponytail, FLANNEL Yuugi! Let’s also call this ‘Atem meeting Yuugi at the train station when he comes home for break from college’ :DD


(Here are the next two! I will reblog this again with the next set later, I can only do two at a time, these took me long enoughXD)

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♡ daisuga and/or oidai?

why not have both


  • they move in together after they graduate from university and while suga finds a full time job easy
  • it takes months before daichi even finds an opening 
  • but all through that time suga is very supportive 
  • they try to limit themselves with spending for a very long time 
  • they agree that they’d rather spend less money and take a long holiday together overseas once theyre a bit older
  • they want to get married one day but since japan doesnt allow same-sex marriage they find that just being together is enough for now 


  • they’re on the same university team
  • daichi always kinda admired oikawa’s skills as a setter and oikawa always admired daichi for his ability to stabilise a dysfunctional team like karasuno 
  • suga gets an earful for 2 months before he yells at daichi to be a man and confess to oikawa
  • iwachan hears about 2 weeks of it before he cracks it at oikawa
  • “iwachan hes got the nicest a-” “if hes that damn great then just ask him out already god” 
  • they get together about a week after their best friends yell at them
  • other than that they’re very affectionate and show their love to each other in a variety of ways
  • when it’s needed, daichi will give oikawa tough love and when it’s needed oikawa will be very generous and do everything to hep daichi (it works the opposite way too) 
  • theyre just a sickly sweet couple and their best friends regret enabling them

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Hi! I think on your Twitter a while back you made a small chart for the four SPX books that are going to be released- and you said that Omen is 14 in 2017; but, TDOTL took place in 2014, and the story continues 5 years later, so doesn't that mean that Omen's actually 14 in 2019?

here’s the chart in question, for ref. (note: Landy mentioned on twitter that there’d be a 6 month time skip between books, and said there are a planned total of 5 books so far at a signing. Therefore, chart! (ngl I did this entirely so I know how long i’d have to wait for the next requiem ball))

SPX: winter. Valkyrie is 24, omen is 14. (June 2017)
Sp11: spring/summer. Val is 24/25, omen is 14/15 (September 2018)
Sp12: fall/winter. val is 25, omen is 15 (2019)
Sp13: spring (may) Val is 26, omen is 15/16, REQ BALL TIME BITCHES (2020)
Sp14: winter, val is 27, omen is 17, prophecy/vision! (2021)

First of all, the years in question correspond to the release of the books, not the year they take place! “Winter” is used in place of a year for SPX. Why?

Because there is literally no way to calculate the year the books take place anymore.

The timeline got utterly fucked around Mortal Coil. In the first release, it was December, and Valkyrie was 16, and then Landy later realized that didn’t actually match up with the timeline of the earlier books, and that there’s no way her birthday took have took place then. Which is fine. However. Valkyrie turns 16 by the time Death Bringer takes place, 5 months later, in May. And it can’t be a year and five months, because Melissa has just given birth to Alice. And this is the point of no return, lmao.

SP: June 2007* (*the start year is, tbh, kinda arbitrary, but we’ll go with 2007 bc it was the release year.). Valkyrie is 2 months shy of her 13th birthday.
PWF: May 2008. Val is 13.
TFO: October 2008. Val is freshly fourteen (mentioned in the text)
DD: September 2009. Eleven months after TFO. Val is fifteen.
MC: December 2009. Val is still fifteen.
DB: May 2010. Val has magically turned sixteen, 3 months before her birthday.
KOTW: May 2011. One year later, Val is seventeen. I guess.
LSODM: August 2011. Valkyrie celebrates her eighteenth birthday… some….how….
TDOTL: Winter 2011. Val is still 18, pre time skip. There’s a reference to Frozen, which came out in November 2013. Moonie has given up.
SPX: Winter 2016? 2017? 2018? 2019? 2020?  COULD BE ANY OF EM, depending on when she left and if “winter” is before or after the New Year! Val is 24. Maybe she has clones, I don’t fucking know.

Here’s the link to the blogspot derek wrote about her age:

I’m sorry about the huge wall of text, I’m just forever baffled/annoyed about this, lmao

The Science of Sleep

This is some fluff for the long winter nights. No relation to the film Phil likes btw, I just liked the title. There’s some description of insomnia, but nothing too extreme. 

Wordcount: 2658

It is four thirty five on a Tuesday morning. As it’s midwinter, it won’t be light outside for a while. The room is dark, only lit by the dim glow of his laptop on the duvet. 

But Dan’s mind flares white-hot.

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i always headcannoned chase as demisexual. that’s why he’s so hung up on stacy even tho she left him. bc it took a long time for him to trust her and eventually develop really strong feelings for her, and now he can’t let them go even tho she has. i’m probably just self-projecting tho sorry

i like that omg !!! its super nice !!! i support it 100% 💕💕

ngl i hc’d him as bi but he never really thought about it until stacy left him n he was able to experiment w that kinda stuff :-)

AN ~ @memorizingthedigitsofpi graphic for a platonic DaisyKara fic reminded me that I hadn’t actually ended up posting this romantic DaisyKara yet! The original prompter was Anon so if you’re out there, I hope you find and enjoy this. Also tagging @buckysbears bc… idk, traumatised sapphics going hiking feels like your aesthetic. KINDA wish I’d given them a husky to take with them ngl. and that I’d had wayyyy more time to write. but ANYWAY

Read on AO3.


Daisy shut the boot of the car with a satisfying slam, and drew a deep breath of the fresh forest air. Somehow, she’d come to believe that pine trees didn’t really have a smell; that it had been invented to sell cleaning products and air freshener, and those little things that dangled off people’s steering wheels. Now as she took her first breath of truly fresh air in – days, months, perhaps even years? – she knew why people had spent so long trying to capture its essence.

“Are you sure about this?”

Kara was frowning up at the mountains, her backpack slumped in the gravel at her feet. Daisy frowned back.

“What’s there not to be sure about?”

“Well, have you ever hiked? What if we get eaten by a bear? What if one of us falls down a ravine? I’m just being practical, that’s all.”

“This is a popular National Park, babe, not the Amazon. We have a phone and a satellite phone and a first aid kit, I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Daisy rolled her eyes as good-naturedly as she could in the face of Kara’s fretting. While it was frustrating, especially after such a long trip, Daisy had to remind herself that Kara had good reason to worry. The same reason that woke Kara in the middle of the night or set her screaming when she trapped herself in the shower. Daisy had to remind herself that she knew some of the darkness behind Kara’s hesitation and that she sometimes let it run wild with her. In times like those, she needed Kara to hold her back. In times like these, she hoped, it was Kara who needed her to nudge her forward. Baby steps.

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did I ever tell anyone of the time when I took a flight with Delta airlines and the video they played before the flight that talks about safety and whatever was literally just memes

I mean

look at this

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For the 10 Questions ask: 1, 3 [Dean (and Cas') Top 13 Zepp Traxx], and 6 [Framed in a Stranger's Speech]



1. Of the fics you’ve written, which is your favorite and why?

I really like a couple of my smaller ones, like Downstream and my 13x02 coda, but I think Zepp Traxx could be my favourite, because it is just the purest, most self-indulgent kind of wish fulfillment. I was writing every single thing I wanted to see for those two. I just want them to be happy. And I had so much fun writing it.

(Also ngl I… I really really like my Pinefest fic. It might actually take the top spot. I need it to be March already so y’all can read it.)

3. Which part of Dean (and Cas’) Top 13 Zepp Traxx was hardest to write?

It took a long time for me to write the ending. I’d never written anything that long before and I wanted to give it that feeling not that “They lived happily ever after” but that “They lived” and that took me a long while to work out, and I’m still not fully satisfied I succeeded. Endings are hard!

Also, the really action-heavy parts of Achilles Last Stand took me AAAGGGEES. It was a challenge to try and match the constant, driving pace of the song, and keep that energy throughout.

6. Which scenes did you cut, and which were added in Framed in a Stranger’s Speech?

I’m the kind of writer who adheres really really strictly to my outlines, so usually I don’t make any kind of major cuts or additions. The only thing that changed for me was *SPOILER ALERT SRY* the scene with Charlie. Originally Avishag was just going to appear to Dean in the store as herself. But then I wanted to collectively kick us all in the balls.

Thanks so much for playing, friend!! You have an amazing day, okay?

Come ask me questions about my fics!

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idk about sehun joining exo m... i feel like korean fans would get angry so i doubt sm would do that

I’m sorry, this got long and took time, but I need you guys to hear me out at my most well-supported.

Korean fans will get mad if Sehun wears the wrong color on a spring day, let alone if any K member left for M. K fans will be livid no matter WHO leaves but they can’t cut Baeksoo not by a long shot they are literally shouldering K XD

Suho and Sehun are most reasonable. Suho as a leader is too important to K though and Lay can just lead M. Replacing Krishan w/ Suho is also 9000+ level of shade not even SM would do this. 

Sehun on the other hand…let me try to recall all my points from my post (there were 7):

1) Sehun is most popular K member in China 

2) Sehun is the only K member with Weibo

 3) Luhan used to be Yixing ‘s dance counterpart and Sehun can take his place perfectly (remember the Sexing teaser from mama era? It was the next to last one and they danced to Angel)

4) Sehun is Luhan’s visual twin

5) Sehun didn’t have very many lines anyway and probably still wouldn’t in M however his presence would allow for Xiuxing to have more focused roles inthe group

6) Taohun. Taohun is literally its own reason. Ships play a huge role in getting a group popularity / attracting attention/ maintaining popularity / doing fan service. Xiuhan, Taoris, fanxing, and Krishan are all dead. They need a new mega-ship and people eat Taohun up with a spoon

7) Sehun has always been clinging to China line since some time last year and he’a proven he matches them well visually especially in advertisements.

8) Bonus: Kai keeps overshadowing him (dancing etc etc) but in M he’d be able to shine more.

Additionally, Sehun’s move to M does the least harm to K yet the most good to M. K netizens will get mad and say bad things but they will no matter who leaves K. Taohun also acts like a consolation prize; like I said people are eating that ship up with a spoon. 

If you doubt the power of ships just know Eunhae helped drag me down into SJ, Kaisoo into EXO, Zikwon into Block B and Jongkey and 2min into SHINee. I am extremely far up all their asses ngl. And Eunhae was so heavily talked about openly in media and Heechul made out with half his group members and all that quite frankly kept fan girls screaming and people watching to see what so-and-so would do next.

So I think reviving that concept in M would do them much good, and making power ship Taohun something that occurs all the time instead of just SNS and when they appear as 10 is even better. If they want to add kick to M they should make Taohun an EXO M thing instead of an OT10 thing.

Sorry this took so long. ^^;