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Wonder Boy-Auston Matthews

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All right y’all, I got way way way more carried away with this than originally intended. Like this is borderline but totally not smut, ngl. There’s a lot of animosity between the reader and our boy Auston, so maybe prepare yourselves. Also, there isn’t really a happy ending, think 500 Days of Summer. But imo, this gets pretty hot, so sit back, relax, and I hope y’all enjoy my first official Auston Matthews imagine!

Anonymous said:  Can you do a steamy William Nylander or Auston Matthews one?

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“So are we gonna do this or not?” Auston Matthews stomped over and sat on my bed. I guessed that I had been stalling too long. The look in his eyes was menacing, and impatient. And he was very turned on, I could see that much. I guess it was the anticipation.

It was the first time Auston had been over to my apartment since we had agreed to a mutually beneficial friendship. It was puzzling that he was the one who proposed the arrangement; he could get laid anytime he wanted by anyone he desired. He was Auston Matthews, after all. But he had chosen me.

Maybe it was wrong of me to wonder why he was so resistant to any of my hesitant statements regarding the matter, to wonder why he didn’t want any commitment, to wonder if he had a similar relationship with anyone else. Maybe I was being paranoid that he deflected my questions about going out in public together-not as dates, I would always preface, but just to get to know each other-with confusion and harsh words. Maybe I was being irrational.

“Hold on, just… let me get a drink of something,” I said, rushing away from his fiery touch. I wasn’t in the right mindset to deal with him and his games; I needed a shot of something strong to shake me of my nerves.

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junkrat counting their cash while roadhog orders seconds at a bar 

jamie usually handles the money 

plus a better look at my unmasked roadhog

edit; updated The Boys a bit

hog has no idea how junkrat puts up with his ugly mug, which jr maintains is the hottest mug around 


Apparently I missed dark skin appreciation day and the fact that it was Pride month, which is… par for the course. Here’s a twofer. Pics have comments because I can never shut up.

[she/they because English is trash and there aren’t any other options]

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Could you please write some fluffy Nishinoya headcanons? I've got to say, you are seriously my favourite blog on this weird app.

Aww!! I’m touched Thank you very much!

If you ask you shall receive~

  • he does that thing where if you’re cold he’ll pull his jumper over you until your head is peeking out the head hole
  • also scarf sharing bc both of you are dorks
  • he worships you ngl — that t-shirt looks awesome!!! you should get those shoes!!! your hair looks amazing!!!
  • when it’s cold he makes you hot chocolate and you make him coffee; on some days he also gets you a danish
  • smothering his face in kisses
  • you pin his hair back when it’s flat with clips and he loves it
  • wearing his jersey is a one way ticket to kiss-ville and cuddle-town and he loves it very, very much
  • hand holding and finger kisses
  • he gets v flustered with PDA in public but seriously loves it
  • dancing late at night to pop music in the kitchen and his pyjamas while making tea
  • cupping your face before he kisses you
  • wrapping your arms around his neck to tangle your hands in his hair
  • cuddling every day
  • adorableness and forehead kisses

There is a pupper at my feet as I write this amazing request, she is adorable. She sleeping now.

Hope you like it!

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what’s good

I have decided that these are my favourite photos from the released photographs of Thomas Brodie-Sangster from his cover shoot for the Boys By Girl Magazine and here are my reasons that I am not at all sorry for:

Because yes, what a darling in blue. He looks so stunning like a beautiful sculpture - a sweet masterpiece. A nymph in human clothing that I want to protect from all the horrors of the human world.

Because all I want to do is snuggle him up and hold him and make sure the world is safe for him. I want to sit close, lounging in a cool morning with the sun on our skin and I want to look at every spot on his speckled skin and just snuggle and be so darn cute.

But then there’s this hot shot with the long hair + leather jacket on a slender bod combination that will forever be the death of me. All I want to do is him, ngl. On those stairs? Yeah, sure! I’m down just please go down on me gosh dang.

big mood after watching the two first episodes of tvn circle trying to connect the stuff from 2017 and the stuff from 2037 and like wtf is that alien a homie or a dipshit and like the suicides and the twins went missing but lowkey hinted them in the end and gikwang looks hot and also who tf goes into the forest at night my guys this is some batshit crazy thing only white people do

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Odette has a BEAUTIFUL family and her daughter is the cutest lil thing you did ever see! And daves rocking the silver fox hair! (He's not old he just has the early gray hair) Her insta is a wonderful thing to see! They goods y'all!

dave is hot ngl so like it’s hilarious anyone would think she would check out chris wood like lmao he looks ugly af in a good day

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I made irresponsible promises and now that young McCree and tiddy Genji are out I have to fulfull my debts and become a Genji/McCree main. I main Lucio and Symmetra and have no idea what to do but at least I'll look hot and sexy while doing so. (I just wanted to vent with someone who would probably sympathize)

holy shit dude i 1000% sympathize i learned how to play hanzo just bc i love him w/ a passion :’’))) gO FORTH AND BE HOT… MAKE ME PROUD

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I was almost ready to let this Dom discourse go but he really proved that he doesn't give a damn about Malec and wants Jalec to happen. During his Milan meet and greet, he asked Matt who is his favorite or loves more, Magnus or Jace. Matt didn't want to answer but Dom made a sad face so Matt answered Jace. Dom wearing the Malec shirt and answering Malec are all handled by PR, when the boy is set loose on his own, his true colors come out. You can verify @fuzzyton on twitter & she tweeted the m&g

that person has me blocked on twitter but i believe you anon, i do! but :/// wow king of doing way too much all the time to try and win people over but instead looking like a hot mess ngl