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Please tell us more stories about the corn!!

brief preface: i live in iowa, one of the united states’ largest producers of corn (as in maize for those overseas), and worked at a corn breeding research facility. these guys are in charge of creating new lines of seed for farmers to grow; i took the job because it was the only plant science-related job i could, and it sucked but it wasn’t the worst job ive ever had and i made bank because it sucked and no one wanted to do it. there were two parts to this job: data collection and pollination. i wrote out a huge thing on the details of these and then decided it was too long and rambly so imma just gonna skip that stuff and get to the Weird Liminal Space Corn Stories:

-for data collection, our job was to take plant an ear hights in fields all around iowa, meaning that we would get to work in the morning and they would load us up into transit vans and drive us out to a random small town with a test field for testing. once we got there, we had 16-foot-tall wooden measuring sticks we would unfold and bring into the field with us, and the instructions from there were simple: 2 people on each side of the breeder. you measure the line of corn behind you by sticking ur stick next to an average looking plant and reading off first how far up on the plant the first ear of corn was, then reading off how far the base of the flag leaf was. then, you turn around to face the line of corn behind you, and while youre turning around and sticking your measuring stick into the ground on that side your partner reads there numbers, you read your second line of numbers, your partner reads their second line, and then you walk into the nearest alley and march up two lines of corn while the people on the other side of the breeder go. you read the two data points on one side. your partner reads and u turn around. you read the data points behind you. your partner does. while you are going, your breeder is walking up the field typing in the numbers on a data logger and the other team is walking up two rows. once you reach the end of the field, your breeder stops you, you walk two plots down and turn the other direction. you read off your data points, ect, you do that all the way down the field. you do this for hours until your set is done. all told, once your team of 5 people gets oriented and going, it should sound like this to you:

stick. 65, 102. turn. stick. 68, 104. pick up stick. walk down two rows. stick. 85, 102. turn. stick. 84, 103. pick up stick. walk down two rows. ect. you have to annunciate yourself and not talk to your teamates so the breeder can hear you through the corn. on windy days, you have to shout. you dont have time to stop and talk; you actually barely have time to do anything but focus on the manual task of number, turn, number, walk, number, turn, number, walk. when we were done, we would come out covered in sweat and dirt with our sticks, pile in the transit van, and drive like, the 2-3 hours back. work days were about 9 hours with 5 in the field, meaning that you worked 40 hours a week and could do overtime on weekends doing pollination (which was actually really fun). 

-no headphones. at first i thought that rule was stupid, but like, once you enter a cornfield you realize that this is because 1. if someone is screaming your name you need to be able to hear and 2. corn touches everything; when you’re in the corn, there is always something touching you. we wore special hats with veils, long pants, long shirts, eye protection, and closed toed shoes because the corn leaves are sharp and will cut you up; i have scars from this. your headphones would get ripped out within like, .3 seconds, because like corn just snags and slices up everything. 

-one time, on the hottest day of the summer, we were doing the number-turn-number-walk routine and heard someone yelling for our breeder guy. he stopped us short and called back, and like, this is the scary part about cornfields: like i said in the tags of that one post, corn swallows up sound more than anything. it’s impossible to tell where you are and impossible to hear anything, even if you scream, so its best to stay close to your team unless your doing solo work, and if you’re doing solo work like, for the love of god, keep walking in the direction youre supposed to be walking until you’re finished. trust that theres something on the other side, even if you cant see it. but anyway; hes yelling, and shes yelling, and suddenly she bursts through the corn after searching for us and says that this one kid is having a seizure. queue both of them running out of the corn and we’re just standing there. eventually we hear one of the other breeders yelling “___’s group, where are you?!” and we’re like “over here! we’re over here!” and put our sticks up, and the other breeder comes into the alley and we keep doing data points. we had like, 6 kids go home that day because of how hot it was (over 100 degrees) and we ended up not finishing the field because they decided it wasnt safe for us to work anymore. (also, kid was predisposed to seizures and they took him home, he was fine and came back to work a couple days later)

-i kind of talked about this in the tags of that other post, but i think the scariest day was the day we were in a test field a little ways away from the research center. it was kind of stormy but we were like ok whatever, we’ve gotten rained on before with no problem, queue us starting the data collection for the day. its…..really windy. like. i wish i could recreate that feel in art or something or even film it someday, because 1. when the wind blew, the whole field-which, remember, this is our whole world when we’re in there because you can’t see anything but corn in every direction- moved. like, bended, which is typical of corn because like yeah duh it does that, but its like if you were standing in a hallway and suddenly all the walls bent with the wind and so did the cieling. it was that disorienting; i actually stumbled a few times because the only steady thing was the ground and 2. it was loud, like a weird roar in the background. everything is rustling all around you at once. we had to scream our numbers for the breeder to hear us, and when i moved my measuring stick would catch the wind and drag me back a little. then, we heard thunder in the distance. our breeder was like “okay guys we’re gonna finish this field because we’re only like 4 ranges away from the road” and we’re like ok yeah, 40 plots, we can do this. the wind picked up, we kept moving at like twice the pace to get out of there, and when we reached the end it was really close and our breeder was like “come on we have to go now” and we like, picked up our sticks and ran through the corn bending around us with the thunder and everything, can i say midwestern gothic because ive never experienced midwestern gothic more than 4 teenagers with corn sticks and a dude with a data logger running through a discombobulating corn haze at 11am with thunder rolling in. we get to the edge of the field, scramble over the barbed wire fence because we are not running through the rest of the field. in a hot second more teams emerge from the field at various speeds just as it starts storming. we pack up our sticks. our team of four gets in our breeder’s pickup truck and we drive back in the rain. it was a look guys ngl

-throwback to when i just finished doing solo tagging of the ranges in the corn in a field three hours away from the research center. our breeder said to meet him back at the truck when we were done, so when i reach the end of the field having stapled on tags for around 100 ranges (about ten minutes of walking and stapling alone in a single line; these tags will help orient harvesting in the fall), i turn around and start heading straight back, because like again, when you’re in the corn alone its best to know exactly where you are and the way out is always a straight line. i start following my tagging trail back. about five minutes into walking i hear rustling near me. y’all, i was not ready, started jogging and checking behind me and after a little bit i slow down because i feel like i lost whatever it was. rustling continues like its following me. hellno.jpg, not today, i run out of the corn into the alley on the other side, decide i must have imagined it, and start walking towards the truck. as it turns out it was another one of the guys who didn’t know where to go, saw me from his row, and was following me to find his way out of the corn. almost died that day y’all

-occasionally we would visit fields to do brittle snap count, which is lining up, walking a plot, stopping, and yelling out how many broken stalks of corn we counted in the plot we just walked through, then continuing. the whole thing is that farmers understandably hate it when all their corn breaks and dies. we went to this one field that had been hit by a wind storm; it was a really hot day and we were all like dying. this is where my aforementioned scarring comes in. in cornfields, there exists a thingy called corn rash. this is where the corn hits your skin so much that it makes tiny cuts all over you, and then pollen from said corn gets in the cuts along with sweat. it is the worst time i have ever experienced in my life like literally nope would not recommend. eventually we realized that half this field of test crop was broken. like, we stopped counting the amount of plants with broken stems and instead started counting the amount of plants still standing. i was wearing all the protection i needed/that was required (so was everyone else), but it was so hot that literally all of us had corn rash and i was bleeding, big yikes. eventually our super nice breeder for the day realized that we were Struggling™ and was like ok listen we’re going back this isn’t worth it and all the corn is literally dead inexplicably anyway and then took us to get gas station ice cream after bc she felt bad for us lmao, a blessing

-talked to the breeders a lot and asked a ton of questions. learned that sunflower breeding is a thing that happens and that they’re bred to be larger to bear more seed for like, those bags of sunflower seeds you see at gas stations. the more u know

-zoo corn

-the corn in the pollination fields (the corn being bred into pure, genetically identical lines for testing….*insert Corn Discourse Concerning Loss Of Genetic Diversity Here But Not Gonna Talk About It In This Post Bc Its Already Super Long*) gets really weird mutations that i’ve talked about before

-this post got so long im sorry

tl;dr: corn is a terrifying liminal space


junkrat counting their cash while roadhog orders seconds at a bar 

jamie usually handles the money 

plus a better look at my unmasked roadhog

edit; updated The Boys a bit

hog has no idea how junkrat puts up with his ugly mug, which jr maintains is the hottest mug around 


I drew Komaeda on stage singing! <3 This was difficult but I love the way it turned out in the end!~~ Makoto and Hajime are coming soon as well so watch out for them!!!

The first one is the original transparent one without any editing and the second one is full concert mode lol! I worked hard on this so please reblog!! :)

Wonder Boy-Auston Matthews

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All right y’all, I got way way way more carried away with this than originally intended. Like this is borderline but totally not smut, ngl. There’s a lot of animosity between the reader and our boy Auston, so maybe prepare yourselves. Also, there isn’t really a happy ending, think 500 Days of Summer. But imo, this gets pretty hot, so sit back, relax, and I hope y’all enjoy my first official Auston Matthews imagine!

Anonymous said:  Can you do a steamy William Nylander or Auston Matthews one?

Check out my series Torn Up!

“So are we gonna do this or not?” Auston Matthews stomped over and sat on my bed. I guessed that I had been stalling too long. The look in his eyes was menacing, and impatient. And he was very turned on, I could see that much. I guess it was the anticipation.

It was the first time Auston had been over to my apartment since we had agreed to a mutually beneficial friendship. It was puzzling that he was the one who proposed the arrangement; he could get laid anytime he wanted by anyone he desired. He was Auston Matthews, after all. But he had chosen me.

Maybe it was wrong of me to wonder why he was so resistant to any of my hesitant statements regarding the matter, to wonder why he didn’t want any commitment, to wonder if he had a similar relationship with anyone else. Maybe I was being paranoid that he deflected my questions about going out in public together-not as dates, I would always preface, but just to get to know each other-with confusion and harsh words. Maybe I was being irrational.

“Hold on, just… let me get a drink of something,” I said, rushing away from his fiery touch. I wasn’t in the right mindset to deal with him and his games; I needed a shot of something strong to shake me of my nerves.

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RFA + V and Saeran at the beach with MC

- so incredibly flustered by MC in a bathing suit
- tries not to stare too long
- sand castles are now his number 1 priority
- he shall become king of the sand people and MC shall be his queen
- almost cries when the tide comes up and ruins it
- straight up jumps into her arms when he sees a crab
- “It’s basically a sea spider!”
- his favorite part of the day is sitting with MC on their towel as the sun goes down
- completely sunburnt the next day

- at first he’s thrilled to see MC in a cute bathing suit
- realizes other people can see her too
- constant glares at any male to look her way
- wants to rub lotion on MC’s back
- refuses to go in the water for fear of messing up his hair 
- teases MC for staring at his perfectly chiseled body
- they weren’t even facing him
- lots and lots of selfies
- tries to take an aesthetic picture of the sea
- ends up dropping his phone into the water
- not the biggest fan of the beach

- so happy to have a day like this to relax
- stresses over MC wearing sunscreen
- sunbathing with the beautiful Baehee
- reads on the blanket
- floats around with MC in the water
- packed a large nice lunch
- walks down the boardwalk
- the day isn’t super eventful
- just very relaxing and happy

- has never been to the beach before
- why go to the beach when you can go to a well maintained clean pool
- MC has to show him all beach activities
- complains about how the water is dirty
- doesn’t understand how sand just gets everywhere
- when he starts to eat his lunch seagulls won’t leave him alone
- threatens the seagull
- now there is bird poop in his hair
- he wants to go home, immediately 
- refuses to go back, saying he will take MC to a country club pool instead

- he is one of those people who dig the giant hole people accidentally fall in
- has MC bury him in it and make him look like a mermaid
- throws MC into the water which initiates a water fight
- refuses to wear sunscreen because he doesn’t want to wait to go in the water
- people around you complaining about how loud he is
- catches a bunch of crabs
- probably plays with other kids on the beach tbh
- water tag
- very kissy and touchy with MC, lowkey to tell others to back off
- wants to stay until sundown 
- lies in the sand with MC staring at the stars

- takes a bunch of pictures
- both of the scenery and of him and MC
- will help MC make sand castles
- the beautiful day and the energy of the beach makes him happy
- swimming around with MC
- freaks out when a fish brushes by his leg
- naps under the umbrella
- feed the seagulls breadcrumbs from his sandwich
- writes and draws in the sand
- probably picks up any litter he comes across
- just really pleasant and wholesome day

- doesn’t really want to go in the water
- walks along the shoreline with MC, picking up shells
- saves the prettiest one he could find, wanting to make it into a necklace for MC
- ice cream is the biggest reason he wanted to come
- ngl, find it really hot when MC licks the melting ice cream of thier hands
- gets a bit frisky, if ya know what i mean ; )
- likes how pretty the sky looks from the beach
- stays under the umbrella a lot
- he burns easy
- accidentally scares kids off with his resting bitch face
- MC has to cheer him up a bit after that
- an overall success

~Admin Char

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Do you do ko-fi, patreon, or commissions?

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For Patreon

there are a lot of amazing content creators on patreon! and i highly recommend taking a look around to find people to support…here’s some suggestions!

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@smiling-grouch is a genius and master of traditional art, she murdered me with her style and it blew my mind when i realized that it wasnt digital art! LOOK AT THIS! (link to grouch’s commision page

and there’s so many more creators that im so sure im missing >O< !!! you just gotta keep your eyes peeled and on the look out! 👀 


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❧ | assassin!au

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pairing; seventeen mingyu x reader

genre; bulletpointed, assassin!mingyu, fluff, swearing

collab with; @kpop–fics

notes; starting a new series weee !! 💫 back at collabing with ilse xx

  • okay so he is prettayyy well known in the business 
  • not for good aim ,,
  • not for accomplishing the most tasks ,,,
  • definitely nOt for being the most adaptable person on the job either ,,,,
  • but for always having to borrow something 
  • like 
  • “hey hey do you know mingyu”
  • “who?”
  • “the one who lost his shotgun yesterday—”
  • “oH HIM”
  • like okay we acknowledge mingyu’s good looks
  • but surprise surprise !!1!1!!
  • he has a memory span of dory : ))))))
  • he can literally be on the most important mission of the entire millennium and realize he doesn’t even have his needed sniper with him 
  • so mingyu is literally all dressed in black in the middle of the night
  • looking badass as hell
  • with dramatic music playing in the background
  • and then starts feeling around his bomber jacket and realize he’s literally empty-handed
  • he gets teased by the others a lot about this 
  • and i mean A LOT 
  • he’s never going to stop hearing it 
  • “ looks like you’re gonna have to kill the ten of them with your hands and feet, mingyu !!! ”
  • “ and maybe your fingers and toes too !!! ”
  • but that doesn’t happen, of course
  • they can’t risk mingyu dying lmao
  • he’s a great use for luring bc of his godly features
  • like mingyu ??? an assassin ??? what nonsense ???
  • more like prince eric
  • he’s a gr8 bomb setter too soo
  • nope this man gotta stay alive !!!
  • && luckily for him his team always brings extra stuff for him 
  • one time he forgot his gun and almost had to go back to the headquarters to get it
  • but turns out junhui already had it with him lolol
  • “ just in case, bro. ” 
  • his boss was so pissed like what the fuck kim mingyu 
  • anyways 
  • today he’s trying to take down a mafia boss 
  • like whew
  • big day man, big day !!!!
  • and you were just,,, in the wrong place at the wrong time 
  • it was like ,,, 1 am in the morning,,,
  • and you just ended your part-time night shift and was walking home
  • and mingyu saw you turn the corner in the alleyway
  • so cue mingyu grabbing you and almost suffocating you to death and almost snapping your neck oh g oD have mercy
  • you literally started thrashing in his arms like leT GO OF ME YOU PIECE OF TRASH
  • you manage to somehow muffle that out although his hand was clamped over your mouth
  • honestly it just came out like “mpmmPHh oOMpH ThMkhs”
  • and mingyu just
  • “just shut up already, you’re a girl you can’t fight me lol”
  • and he just presses the ear piece in his ear and pRoUdLy aNnOunCes
  • “hey i got the mafia boss”
  • and you just ??? did i hear him right ???? 
  • and his other teammates were like “wdym?? she’s in our sight rn across the road???”
  • and mingyu knew he :)) fucked :))) up :)))))
  • his other team members on the channel of the call was just aSDFGHJKL MINGYU YOU GOT THE WRONG PERSON
  • and he just ,,,, drops you 
  • like literally you’re on the ground now,,,
  • thanks so much 
  • but okay no you were honestly just catching your breath and coughing bc your lungs were practically empty
  • and after you gain your bearings you just
  • “what the hell was that?”
  • he just stared at you omg he was so shocked and confused this poor kid
  • “i-i’m so sorry ,,,”
  • and you just try to stand up but yOu cOulDn’T feEL yOuR leGS
  • mingyu just bends down and to help you up and you let him bc he seemed innocent now ?¿
  • he had pulled down the mask covering his face and had peeled off his black biker gloves
  • and obviously ,,, he had trusted you soo
  • besides, you rlly needed to stand up bc you had fallen into a very ,,,, uncomfortable ,,,, position ,,,,
  • you managed to stand up with his hands around you and you quickly shook the numbness in your legs out
  • and then immediately just distanced yourself from him
  • that’s when you looked at up at him properly and hOLy mOthER of gOd who is this ethereal being??
  • he looked hot as hell ngl 
  • his features were so defined and just
  • askdhfsjd
  • but you were still confused at what happened like he almost killed you so
  • guard’s still up!!
  • “i m-mistook you for someone else, i’m so sorry”
  • “…i could tell.”
  • you weren’t really scared any more bc he seemed genuinely guilty
  • like it was written all over his face omg
  • and meanwhile,,, he receives the info that the real mafia boss got caught by the others
  • and he just sighs in relief internally before pulling out his earpiece
  • “i’m mingyu,” he introduces himself and you just eye him a little more bc you were still a teeeeny bit apprehensive
  • “look i’m really sorry, i didn’t mean to attack you”
  • he literally then turns all his jeans and jacket pockets inside out to prove that he has nothing on him
  • yes, he was barehanded
  • you pressed your lips together and hesitantly told him your name, too
  • “i’m y/n.”
  • and you instinctively brushed your fingers over your neck which was still sore and burning bc of how tight his arm was around it
  • and he just winces after seeing the red mark and he got 932847 times more apologetic
  • mingyu pulls off the black scarf that was around his own neck that was pulled up to cover half his face
  • and then reached forward to wrap it around you
  • and you flinched lol
  • mingyu frowns and shakes his head, before reaching forward again and wrapping it loosely around your neck to hide the marks
  • he got so close to you oml
  • you could practically feel his breath on your face
  • and your heart was !11!!1!!!@#$%^&*
  • “t-thanks.”
  • your face was bURNING
  • snap out of it y/n
  • and mingyu smiled bc you were so red and your eye level was to the ground and you were just adorable
  • mingyu then tapped your arm lightly and
  • “i’ll walk you home.”
  • and you just snapped your head up like
  • “you don’t need to-”
  • then you realized
  • he needed to
  • bc you were still shook from whatever happened
  • and you probably wouldn’t dare to walk home alone
  • mingyu raised an eyebrow and you just sheepishly nod
  • “alright.”
  • “but are you sure you aren’t gonna attack me again”
  • and mingyu just chuckles
  • “of course not.”
  • !!!! his laughter
  • it’s cute ,,, 
  • he’s cute,,, 
  • “hey, do you perhaps have your phone with you?” 
  • you looked at him in confusion like what, you gonna rob me now?
  • he rolls his eyes like smh y/n what does it look like what i’m doing 
  • so you pull your phone out of your pocket and pass it to him and you were lowkey preparing to stick your leg out so if he ran off with your phone ;;;;
  • yOu wErE goNNa trIP hIs ASS
  • but to your surprise, he didn’t
  • and to your (second) surprise, he had keyed in his number ??
  • of course 
  • he wasn’t gonna leave it here like this
  • he wanted to meet you again some other time apologize to you properly 
  • and perhaps explain what exactly happened
  • even though you probably already got the gist of it
  • but hey, you two actually do meet a few days after that incident 
  • and he had even gotten some sort of medication?? cream?? thingy?? to help with the marks he made eheh
  • and you two got really close so yay