ngl that was a hot look

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The real question is would Kennith dye his hair with Kool aid?

ngl he’d probably try it, it would look like shit, stephanie would say it looks like shit, and he’d straight-up say “what the FUCK i look like walking hot sex, stephanie, agree with me,”

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Could you please write some fluffy Nishinoya headcanons? I've got to say, you are seriously my favourite blog on this weird app.

Aww!! I’m touched Thank you very much!

If you ask you shall receive~

  • he does that thing where if you’re cold he’ll pull his jumper over you until your head is peeking out the head hole
  • also scarf sharing bc both of you are dorks
  • he worships you ngl — that t-shirt looks awesome!!! you should get those shoes!!! your hair looks amazing!!!
  • when it’s cold he makes you hot chocolate and you make him coffee; on some days he also gets you a danish
  • smothering his face in kisses
  • you pin his hair back when it’s flat with clips and he loves it
  • wearing his jersey is a one way ticket to kiss-ville and cuddle-town and he loves it very, very much
  • hand holding and finger kisses
  • he gets v flustered with PDA in public but seriously loves it
  • dancing late at night to pop music in the kitchen and his pyjamas while making tea
  • cupping your face before he kisses you
  • wrapping your arms around his neck to tangle your hands in his hair
  • cuddling every day
  • adorableness and forehead kisses

There is a pupper at my feet as I write this amazing request, she is adorable. She sleeping now.

Hope you like it!

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what’s good

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I made irresponsible promises and now that young McCree and tiddy Genji are out I have to fulfull my debts and become a Genji/McCree main. I main Lucio and Symmetra and have no idea what to do but at least I'll look hot and sexy while doing so. (I just wanted to vent with someone who would probably sympathize)

holy shit dude i 1000% sympathize i learned how to play hanzo just bc i love him w/ a passion :’’))) gO FORTH AND BE HOT… MAKE ME PROUD

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Kuroo having a crush on a delinquent? Thank you !

You didnt specify on headcanons or scenario soooo i made headcanons of thats alritght. Feel free to request a scenario if you want thooo

Kuroo x Fem! Delinquent

- he’d think youre so hot
- And the first time he sees you he immidiately got a boner ngl
- Your tattoos look really nice to him
- And seeing you speak your mind and hurt people to defend other people he was like ?????
- I think im in love with you????
- He tried to use the usual pick up lines like
- “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
- And you laughed cause that was cheesy af
- So you accuse him of calling you satan
- And he blushes really hard bc he wasnt expecting that
- Then you laugh at him and say you gotta go somewhere so you ride your motorcycle
- One day you were in a fight for this thing and winner gets a prize
- You were beat and bc you lost you had to walk home alone bc everyone was fawning over the winner
- You walk home with bruises and scratches all over your body
- But to go home you had to walk past a library
- And kuroo was there so he rushed out to help
- So he helps you walk bc limping
- And you two walk home with his arm around your waist and yours around his shoulder
- He sees your small apartment filled with guns and idk drugs?? (Dont do drugs kids)
- And he’s like woah
- But even though you were dangerous he still came to you, hung out with you, and even fixed up your bruises
- You were shocked cause daaaamn
- Were you falling in love with a dorky science guy.

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t updated! I’ve been working pretty much full day shifts since I got back from BAP in Chicago~

The concert was amazing! The opening dj, B.Shoo, was awesome and really got us pumped up! BAP threw all their energy into each song and they all looked really happy and healthy (Himchan had a couple of moments where he looked really worn out but that’s mostly because I don’t think his rib fracture has healed, but he was smiling brightly and looked like he’s been eating and resting well!) They are all so tan in person (it’s really hot ngl) it’s actually such a difference from the photos/videos you see online and it makes me really sad because their natural skin tones are so beautiful! Zelo is the most extreme case. He is whitewashed into oblivion and you don’t realize how much until he’s right in front of you!

My friend and I were in the front row (there was a speaker right in front of my face so I got the full blast haha) so we were doing silly dance movements and joking around with each other, which made the guys smile and laugh a couple times, so we were just happy we could make them happy!

My friend really likes Zelo and I really like Youngjae, so during their solos and any time either of them came close, we were trying to make them notice us by goofing around. It was fun xD

Zelo’s solo was super sweet because he sang instead of rapping (his singing voice is very soft and sweet and just nice) and he wrote the words in English completely and they were really sweet and it was just very well done.

There was a point where a piece of confetti was floating down in front of Jongup and he just smiled and watched it fall (it was very cute) and it fell close to me and my friend. So we grabbed it and played around with it. During Fermata, Jongup was standing right in front of us, and I was using the confetti as a mic and singing dramatically into it and he was trying not to laugh cause they had to look serious during that song xD

Daehyun chose a fan to come up on stage. The theatre was called Rosemont so it makes sense the guy with the rose theme got to choose. The girl he chose had a rose dress and a rose flower crown on. She told him she dressed especially for him and that made him happy. He told her “you’re as pretty as a rose” and “Chicago girls are always so beautiful”. He’s a total gentleman. They had the stage set up with a cocktail bar. Youngjae decided to be the bartender. He mixed up a chocolate milk “cocktail” for the fan. Daehyun asked for one. Big mistake. Youngjae said “I want to make a special drink just for you” Dae hyun said “no, no that’s ok, just give me what you gave her” but Youngjae kept insisting “I really want to!!!”. So he mixed up Daehyun some vodka, red bull, and carbonated water. Daehyun sipped it and was nooooot impressed xD

The hi-touch event was super fun! Zelo was first, and I decided to embarass my friend (as bffs do) and told Zelo in Korean “she is your girlfriend” at which point Zelo and my friend looked at each other shyly and it was adorable. Yongguk was right next to Zelo and he was laughing, I hope he teased Zelo about it. There was a table between BAP and the fans, and while most of the members were standing behind the table greeting fans, Himchan was sitting on it leaning far over, so when I got to him he was so close I froze up and just got super red like ahhhh he was so close haha

The photo-op was fun, except for the fact that one of our friends got separated from the rest of the group and was in a different photo than us :(
My bff and I stood by Zelo, so I being the wing-woman, mischievous bestie I am told him again in Korean “she is your girlfriend!” and this time he just grinned and shook her hand going “oh yeah!” (I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP) Then when we turned around to do the picture, we felt Zelo putting his arms around our shoulders, so my friend asked him “can I hug you?” and he said “of course!” so we both hugged him for like 10 seconds (he is so tall, my head was on his shoulder ashdhdskdhkd)

The American fanclubs are going above and beyond for this tour. They were passing out green ribbons, asking everyone to wear them, especially if you have the hi-touch and/or photo. Green ribbons are for mental health awareness, and they were doing this mostly in support of Yongguk and his anxiety disorder. They’re going to present BAP with a booklet at the LA show tonight explaining the green ribbon meaning. They also had a banner for Himchan’s birthday, and we all signed the back and wrote messages on it. Everyone had positive messages about living happily and being healthy. They presented it to him after the show. I know Dallas did the same! I hope he reads all the messages and can feel our love and support!

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Currently in a massive reading slump, but I’m trying to get through: The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks.

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For the fandom thing,BBC Sherlock?

  • the character i least understand

Eurus: not her fault though. she is a poorly written female character created by 2 misogynists at the 11th hour of their series i understood exactly 0% of her actions  because none of them were necessary or clever, just like every disposable fkn bond villain 

  • interactions i enjoyed the most

mrs hudson + everyone cos they were The Most Wholesome

  • the character who scares me the most

moriarty used to scare me heaps ngl but actual sociopathic “imma cheat on my wife and not give a fkn damn about it and blame my bff and beat the shit out of him when he’s suicidal and then i’ll cry” john watson is fkn evil get that asshole far away from me thanks 

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Mean Hoe-mo Minho™, Hipster Dude Newt™, and Fuck Boy Tommy™: The Love Triangle

Ho-ho-ho-homos! Alright alright alright. Y’all are on my naughty list for not being able to quit yapping about one of these three getting in between your fucking OTP. I don’t give a flying fuck who your OTP is, and I just want to write a fucking love triangle alright? Yoooookayy. College AU as always, and if you don’t know who the fuck this Fuck Boy Tommy™ is, educate yourself here, and here.

  • Meet Mean Hoe-mo Minho™, the meanest, most badass homosexual senior in Glade Uni. He might have dimples and walk around in a rainbow tank, but if you have the balls to call him “Faggot!” like this wrestler Gally once did, he’s going to shove your balls so far up they might end up in your throat. (Gally’s are just fine, thanks for not asking. He turned out to be bi.)
  • Mean Hoe-mo Minho™ is the President of Alpha Alpha Alpha fraternity. That being said, he fucks around, a lot. He’s so fucking good looking, and the best in bed according to 50% of the guy population in Glade Uni. We don’t even know who actually slept with him and who made shit up. The fact remains: Mean Hoe-mo is Hot with a capital H.
  • Then the most cliched thing happened: some pretentious stuck up lit student nerd who doesn’t wanna do shit with any frat and prefers herbal tea over pumpkin spice latte came into Minho’s life and he fell in love just like that. This is obviously Hipster Dude Newt™. They met in English.
  • Long story short, they dated. Mean Hoe-mo isn’t who he is if he can’t get into the pants of literally anyone he laid his eyes on. Hipster Dude Newt™ obviously doesn’t wanna be mainstream, so when everyone avoids getting attached to Minho, he got attached to him. Apparently Hipster Dude Newt™ has a thing for dominating boys like Mean Hoe-mo Minho™. They have BDSM af sex all the time.
  • Then came this idiot of a freshman, Fuck Boy Tommy™. Seriously, how can you have 4.0 GPA AND this crap you call a love life? PLS.
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ idolizes Mean Hoe-mo Minho™ like a fucking God. He wants to BE him. What better way to be him other than TRYING TO HIT IT OFF WITH HIS VERY OWN BOYFRIEND? Aim high, hit low, RIGHT? Holy shit.
  • Okay, alright, he didn’t know Hipster Dude Newt™ is Mean Hoe-mo Minho™’s boyfriend. BUT EVEN AFTER the snapchat incident, he still tries to get in his pants. Jesus Christ. “Where are you going, Newt?” “Can we hang out, Newt?” Every time, after French. “Tommy, sod off.”
  • Minho isn’t happy with this, obviously. He comes up to him after one of his classes, confronting him, “Thomas, are you fucking high? I don’t know what kind of drug you’re on, but you’ve been hitting on my boyfriend. Unless you’re no longer rushing for Alpha Alpha Alpha, get your veiny hands off him.” (Ngl Tommy is kinda hot, but he’s a fuckboy.) Fuck Boy Tommy™ replies, “BUT HE CALLS ME TOMMY!” Pshhh Tommy. “Yeah? Well, he calls me ‘daddy’.” Apply cold water to burned area.
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ doesn’t give up. “Well, can I call you ‘daddy’ too?” Mean Hoe had never been so conflicted in his life. Two boys calling him daddy in one bed sounds extremely tempting. Do NOT look at those veiny hands, Minho. Ah. YOLO. “Maybe, if you lose the stache and the beard. You’re so much hotter without them” they really are ugly and Minho had never even seen Thomas without them.
  • “Oh my God. I thought you were different. You did not just say that. For someone who wears gay rainbow tank around, that’s very judgmental.” Fuck Boy Tommy™ never felt so offended in his life. The stache and the beard is everything, it’s part of his identity, it’s who he is as a person. Fuck that Mean Hoe and Hipster Dude. Fuck trying to be Mean Hoe-mo Minho™, fuck the Alpha Alpha Alpha house. He’s off to find someone who appreciate his scruff AND can call daddy.
  • Fuck Boy Tommy™ complains again to Chuck. He groans and says “Told ya the beard is ugly.” Fuck Boy Tommy™ looks at the mirror and sees nothing wrong. “You’re ugly, you nerd.” he says to Chuck, considering to switch roommates next year.
  • (TBH? Who wants to be your roommate, Thomas?)

Mean Hoe-Mo Minho™, Hipster Dude Newt™, and Fuck Boy Tommy™, brought to you by K.

Things I liked about 1x10

• Flustered Magnus
• book!Luke (yknow the bookstore thing)
• The little “flourish dance” Clary did
• Java Jace
• nerd!Izzy
• Tbh the lack of Lydia (she’s kind of annoying nlg)
• Izzy freaking out and not knowing how to put on her makeup
• Her horrible dancing (so cute)
• The Dracula face thing w/ Simon and Clary
• The smile Clary makes after the Dracula face thing
• AU!Jace and Clary have probably … done the do
• They were probably planning to do it after the party tbh
• AU!Jace’s reaction to seeing a demon
• How out AU!Alec is (◡‿◡✿)
• The commercial w/ AU!Luke and AU!Hodge haha
• Magnus’s cardigan
• Church’s pillow tbh
• When Jace “accidentally” called Valentine dad I like these hints haha
• biscuit
• Izzy’s dress it was rlly cute
• AU!Simon wanting to ask Izzy to move in w/ him awwe
• Dark Simon
• Meliorn’s pretty hot ngl
• How “Disney” Meliorn’s magic sparkles looked
• When Simon opens the body bag and is like “Hey”
• and his hair is so fLUFFY
• Simon was rlly cute in this episode tbh
• That part where Alec’s like “I’ll be responsible for this one”
• AU!Jace and Simon being best friends
• The cliffhanger at the end wOW