ngl i'm a bit teary eyed

Happy birthday to us!

Ladies and gentelmen, this blog is one year old today. Yes, yes. It was created 365 days ago - and I must say that the weather was much better than. But, oh well. That’s not important, is it? 

Let’s have some facts now, shall we?

  • there are 574 posts in general (575 with this one),
  • there are 500 posts with things Discworld taught us,
  • which means that 75 posts were used for more or less mindless chat, oops,
  • we have 1890 followers,
  • and there are 13 posts we like,
  • the book that taught us the most is ’Hogfather’ (okay, mostly because we had the ‘Hogfather’ themed thingy back in December, but hush),
  • The colour of magic’ is the least used/quoted book,
  • and that would be it, I think,
  • oh, it’s still not settled if you like or dislike pineapple on your pizza ;),
  • now we’re done.

I wanted to thank you all for sticking with us, for following us, for liking & reblogging our posts. It means a lot. Without you, this blog would not exist. Hope you’ll stay with us & that you’ll enjoy this blog and all the Discworld things it brings to your dashes.