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ninoir week day 2: studying


→ From collaborating with seniors in the industry, to having his hair bleached for the first time ever (and slaying us all). Kim Jongdae, you have never failed to surprise us and you didn’t disappoint when you said that you’ll show us better performances and an improved image of yourself. You deserve nothing but the best, because you gave us your best. Thank you and Happy 26th Birthday, you are so loved ♡


He isn’t gonna make the same mistake twice


a beautiful jongdae singing best luck. [x]



Betrayal brings out the most brutal weapon in Killian Jones’ arsenal - his words. He has a way of saying just the right thing that will cut right to the heart of a person, deeper and more insidious than his sword or hook ever could. A man as perceptive as Killian will find a way to turn a person’s deepest troubles against them with one softly uttered remark. For as much as his anger feeds his flair for the dramatic, nothing quite matches his wicked words when he’s hurting. The harsher the hurt, the harsher Hook’s words become (and the fact that Emma gets the brunt of his most damaging jabs shows just how deeply the betrayal and hurt runs).


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 385]

“I know you, you’re a special one!” -Songbird Serenade


Brian McCook just made it to the age of 35 and Brian thought he wouldn’t live to see the age of 30. Brian is constantly surrounded by friends, family, and fans who adore and love him. He’s reminded every day on social media and every time he steps on a stage how talented and wonderful he is. Brian McCook is happy. Genuinely and honestly happy and that’s something he never saw coming just a few years ago. Brian McCook is a light for all of us and he embraces it. Happy Birthday you kind, beautiful, generous, and humble soul. You have so many more beautiful years ahead of you and we can’t wait to spend them with you.

interstellar, a zodiac series: 12/13
kwon soonyoung

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