ngl i like the song a lot

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I love Tangled too and I was wondering why it's your favorite?

I was nearly finished writing this but then accidentally refreshed the page and I had to start all over again, but I need to get this out. It might feel a little rushed but I wrote this down before and I wanted to keep it shorter this time.

- Eugene and Rapunzel are both amazing characters. Eugene is one of my favorite Disney characters ever, with his charm and funny personality, yet his backstory touches me every time. The way he deals with it really played with the ‘what’s good and bad’ question, and his development is amazing. 
It’s difficult for me to love or even accept a female lead in any movie or series because they get portrayed badly most of the time, but I absolutely love Rapunzel. She’s a little clumsy and too excited about everything, but yet badass and cute and gets things done. Bless her. 

- Maximus and Pascal are the best sidekicks. I love the relationship and development between Maximus and Eugene, and Pascal is all the sassy cuteness you need in this movie. 

- One of the most quotable movies ever. I feel like there’s a quote for everything and I use them all the time.

- Onto an important part. Mother Gothel is the best Disney villain because she is so painfully realistic. As someone with a toxic/mentally abusive/narcissistic mom, I recognize a lot of the things she says and the way she acts- how she tries to look good and protecting while in fact all she does is abuse her power to get what she wants. Now I can elaborate on this but it’s pretty simple. Disney shows how mothers can be, and Mother Gothel says many things that are very realistic as to what toxic mothers say in real life. Especially Mother Knows Best Reprise is very good in this (which, by the way, is one of the best villain songs Disney ever made ngl).

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- Another thing, Disney shows that saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t have to mean it’s true. It’s something people with toxic parents struggle a lot with. Mother Gothel seems to take good care of Rapunzel and wanting to protect her, as if Rapunzel should be grateful. Rapunzel actually sings about this.This song means way more than the fact she can’t get out of the tower. It’s pointing at the manipulation again. Mother Gothel has always said she loved Rapunzel and always made it look like she did, like she was the good one It leaves Rapunzel with guilt which is shown at the end when Mother Gothel falls and Rapunzel still tries to save her- despite her knowing that she’s been bad all the time. 

- Next to this, they also quickly discuss the thought of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ during I’ve Got A Dream. Again a masterful work of music and a great thought behind it. Eugene’s part is so good as well- most of the time, ‘wanting money’ is something evil, but it’s not this time. I’m really glad this is included. 

- Most of the times with Disney movies, there’s one or a few songs I don’t like. I love all the songs in Tangled, got nothing else to say about that. They’re just terrific.

- I got to mention, the aesthetics of this movie. Don’t tell me those lanterns aren’t beautiful to you. Everything about this movie, the colors, the scenery, the music, the sounds, the vibes, the animations… it’s all so pleasing and I can’t get enough. 

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Please tell me if there’s something I haven’t covered enough yet. I could talk about this movie for hours but I should really go to sleep now. 

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i need some good queercore bands, i recently found out that one of my favorite bands turned out to be shit and i've been feeling pretty down about it

Shit I’m sorry man. Here are some of my personal favorite queercore bands!
Against Me! - The two most recent albums are about the lead singer being trans and out and I love her. There are also sporadic references to her being trans before those albums and her coming out such as The Ocean and a few others I can’t think of lmao

Pansy Division - These guys are super gay, I think there might be one straight member??? it’s gr8, they’ve been around for 20 years and the new album that came out last year is fucking adorable, I love it. I have it on vinyl and it’s even cuter. Fem in a black leather jacket is probably about me tbh.

Limp Wrist - ok at this point these bands are bands I don’t know much about ngl. They’re rlly good, I like them, but they’re harder than the previous two so if that isn’t your jam you probably won’t like them too much, my favorite song by them is Just like you

The Max Levine Ensemble - Softer than the previous bands, I haven’t listened to a lot of them but I think Aren’t All Songs Political? Aren’t All Songs Vaguely Self Referential? Is a jam

The Spook School - Talks a lot about q*eer issues, lots of nonbinary and trans things, not really punk but I love them anyways. I wanna kiss you is gr8 I love that song

Daddy Issues - Veronica is a super gay song but that’s the only one i know of, I like the rest of their songs tho so whatever.

I hope you found something to help you get started!
-Mod Cha

Dating One (Jaewon) would include

•  ngl overall he’d be such a dork despite his looks
•  like him getting your attention would involve lots of staring and hoping that you’d realize he liked you
•  which ofc didn’t go past you lmao he was so obvious
•  you’d compliment him on his songs and he’d basically melt, barely being able to ask you to hang out some time
•  bc he’s all *.*  *.*  *.*  SHOOK “wow y/n and I actually had a conversation and I didn’t feel my knees buckling”
•  it’d be that typical romantic movie kinda love w/ him like……..
•  talking really late at night
•  your friends will become his friends and vice versa
•  getting into trouble together sometimes bc yolo
•  never being able to think about anything else when you’re not with him
•  him finally confessing over some cheesy pizza and beer
•  it all happened out of nowhere bc it hasn’t hit him that he’s become so attached to you and grown so fond of every little thing that you do
•  jaewon would never be afraid of talking about his feelings w/ you, esp if yall are having a petty fight
•  and they’re useless tbh bc they always end up in heavy makeout sessions but hey I wouldn’t mind
•  yall would literally makeout anywhere tho tbh
•  there’s just something about his lips that’s so intoxicating and you find yourself daydreaming about them often
•  not even being ashamed to tell him bc he lives for that shit
•  also the little sounds he makes against your mouth when he can’t control himself anymore HOly
•  taking you out on rides around the city bc he loves your amused expressions every time you find something interesting and point it out
•  also he gets inspired just by watching you being in love w/ anything and everything
•  he’d be really gentle w/ you
•  but not in a ‘treating you like a piece of glass’ kind of gentle
•  he just never gets mad
•  and always sees your point when you’re trying to make one
•  and also just being gentle physically
•  ahhhh it hurts my head just thinking about this but his touches are literally feather-like
•  tracing his thumbs over your skin ever so softly, esp during early morning when he’s halfway between sleep and consciousness
•  and hugs would consist of lots of back rubbing and neck nuzzling
•  also him just playing with the strands of your hair and sighing every couple seconds bc this feels so good
•  trips to museums would happen often
•  also lots of dates to his private studio where he shows you some things no one’s seen before
•  pun may be intended wink wonk
•  playing with his long hair and hearing him hum in satisfaction “mmmmm you’re gonna make me fall asleep when I wanna keep talking to you ;(((”
•  having long talks about his music and just music in general
•  plenty of inside jokes that no one else would understand
•  him just being really cheesy and cute sometimes when on a date
•  esp if it’s raining and he’s like trying to act out every single Korean drama “oh my gosh, water is falling from the sky??? well good thing I have my umbrella, so my y/n wouldn’t get wet ://///” oh my GOD
•  like I know he’d probably blush if you asked him to sing for you, but you don’t even gotta ask twice
•  bc he’ll totally do it and be extra af about it if he made you flustered
•  “damn lmao if my voice could do that then……………;);;;;););”
•  jaewon just literally grabbing your face and kissing you in front of your friends if they’d tease you
•  somehow still always getting in trouble w/ him bc yall can never seem to control each other jfc
•  but he’s a complete dork and will love you forever 🌷

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I definitely agree, harry is going to be culturally relevant for years I think, he is building a career with the potential for major longevity. What he's releasing doesn't fit perfectly in the pop landscape, but the exciting thing is that he has the kind of broad appeal and generates so much interest that he's still carving out some legitimate mainstream success. Sott isn't really radio friendly but is still doing so well and that says a lot about Harry's reach as an artist

I love this message, you’ve put it into words better than me.

Like ngl but I myself wondered at first why he wouldn’t release a more radio-friendly song, something that’ll stay longer on charts? but when I saw the critic reviews and the increased interest from the general public, I understood that his motive is more than just being #1 on charts.

Which is so important, because you won’t find many artists in their 20s like that, and I’m truly glad he’s giving what he’s giving to the industry. We’re lucky Harry styles decided to share his art with the world.

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Ngl I'm genuinely surprised that you're into the Grime scene -- you seem very invested in American hiphop already and in my experience people tend to like either or rather than both if they're from the States. Do you have a favourite grime artist? Or is it just whatever song interests you?

I’ll be honest I used to dislike grime a lot. Because for me? It kinda seemed corny. It felt like Hip-Hop stuck in the early 2000′s. But my boy Siddhu was visiting us from London and he put me onto some bangers that genuinely blew me away. Skepta I fucks with, I like 67, Krept & Konan too. I’m not gonna say I’m into the scene but I can respect it. 

Here’s a few of the songs that’s been on repeat for me.


Let’s Lurk- 67

Last Night In LA- Konan

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glub ! do u have some music u could recommend?? i really need to listen to new music

I GOT YOU!! here are some personal favs

puberty 2 // mistki - this album made me? die?? it’s SUPER emotional and starts with a BANGER,, if you like deep lyrics, emotional rollercoasters, and lawless screeching, ur gonna love this
[here’s a link to her bandcamp, i’d really suggest u check her out!]

who will cut our hair when we’re gone? // the unicorns - another album i listen to a lot!! a word to describe the unicorns is. surreal? i feel like i would hear one of their songs if i was driving at 2 AM and turned on the radio

bones // crumb // not an album, but i really like crumb’s style!! it’s really soft and it feels like a creek song ngl

 night signs // the ophelias - ANOTHER CREEK SONG ADMITTEDLY, okay but it’s another really soft and gentle song that’s just kinda? talking to you. it feels like you’re having a conversation w/ some deep undertones

orchids // the shacks - god this song is. so smooth. when i’m feeling stressed i can chill to this song and calm down! 

when i was done dying // dan deacon - okay this is a song i associate with stan/tweek so i’m biased but!! i’m mentally ill and can relate to this song a lot,, it has trippy background noises that really set this song apart from others and i just!! love it

i hope i helped a little!!

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I'm sure they'll be at least one or two more finger picky--relatable and sweet songs like this town. I've seen some people trying to decipher you and me and it seems in that vain. And obviously I don't know the musical production but I'm hoping for some darker stuff ngl... I know he has some emo in him!!!

omg me too though. i love that darker stuff. like even lyrically wise, otl was pretty gritty ya know? the melody and tone made it a lot more light feeling but shit, gimme all that angst niall horan! 

!!!!!! it’s six am and i haven’t slept yet but apparently the lovely @jerkrogers tagged me in one of those meme things idk how long ago but i’m gonna do it now haha

Last movie I watched: annabelle (in my grandparents haunted house lmao i’m so dumb)

Last song I listened to: congratulations by post malone i’m p sure, it was on the radio in the car whatever it was

Last book I read: uhhhhh it’s been a long time since i read a book ngl? i read a lot of fic tho i’m reading this is my last breath rn (it’s so good i totally rec it)

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: disney world i always wanna be in disney

Where would you time travel to?: idk like every time period before now has not been great tbh? now sucks too and i’m afraid that the future would be awful???? maybe just like 10-20 years ahead in my own life just to see if i’m successful haha idk

Fictional character you would want to hang out with for a day: sam wilson we’d have fun

and i’m just gonna tag anyone that comes to mind rn soooo @gaybuchanan @buckbaby @stevenrogrs @samwilsonn @sweetheartbarnes and of course y'all don’t feel obligated or anything and ik this isn’t 10 ppl but shut up idc

Take a moment to think of just, 

Flexibility, love, and trust, 

Take a moment to think of just, 

Flexibility, love, and trust.”

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1.) Favorite food?

Hmmm I guess korean fried chicken? I have a lot of favorite food but that’s the most recent one I’ve had. I like peach ice cream too!

2.) Favorite song?

Love is Our Weapon by Nevershoutnever 

I’ll Be Waiting by Walk Off the Earth

House of Gold by 21 pilots

Or basically any song from les mis, hamilton or by owl city

3.) Ice cream or yogurt?

Depends on my mood and how much I’m feeling like having sweets tbh. I have ice cream a lot though ngl but I also love yogurt (froyo or just plain yogurt)

4.)Have you ever dreamed of something weird? What is it?

I have weird dreams every single night and I wish I was lying to you. I forget most of them but the most recent one I remember is that I was this little boy and then suddenly I was his mother and I’m pretty sure the boy (my son) was my brother as a child? Anyways the point is that my son ended up being possessed or something and wouldn’t stop killing these lagoon rats and laying them at my feet as he smiled and also ended up attacking a neighborhood kid. Good times.

5.)Hogwarts or Camp Half-blood?


6.)Thoughts on Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared?

I haven’t seen that in forever! I liked it though

7.)Any Vocaloid songs you like to listen?

I don’t know any vocaloid

8.)How about Vocaloid Producers?

Again, don’t really know any. Sorry :(

9.)The character that you have fallen in love?

Well this is my hetalia blog so I’ll do the hetalia characters I fell in love with. Of the top of my head there’s italy, spain, denmark, norway, prussia, france, finland, america, poland, canada, lithuania, hungary, china, switzerland

10.)Your OTP?

I am a dirty multishipper. I’ll ship anything within reason as long as I like the characters.

11.) HetaOni? (I ran out of questions to ask lmao)

I have seen the youtube playthrough of the remade version by cookies! It was good! Ngl the hand part creeped me the fuck out but that’s probably because I’m a giant baby


  1. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  2. Top 5 favorite hetalia characters?
  3. Hogwarts house?
  4. Do you play an instrument/which one?
  5. Favorite color?
  6. Can you dance?
  7. Favorite scented thing you own (like candles or lotion or soap etc)?
  8. What languages do you speak?
  9. Can you drive?
  10. Favorite childhood movie?
  11. How many push ups can you do before collapsing?


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I love music tags! Yay! Thank you @cactii-studies for tagging me!  I ran my Spotify on shuffle and I have a whole mess and a half on there so buckle up. 

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13 Beaches- Lana Del Rey

ないものねだり- KANA-BOON (this was my v. first Japanese rock song :’) )

Burnin’ Up - the Jonas Brothers (A BOP)

The Beach, 6 AM - scntfc (from Oxenfree)

Softer Still - Atlas Bound

Pushin’ Me Away - The Jonas Brothers

Sweet Refrain - Perfume

Cherry Bomb - the Runaways

We Got the Power - Gorillaz ft. Jenny Beth

Hold Your Hand - Perfume

Man this has me listening to a whole lot of Perfume now.  Also ngl I cheated a lil bit.  I have some stuff in my Spotify that like I’ve never listened to because I just add whole albums sometimes so I skipped those???

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Sleep overs are nice. What are your top five happy songs that you go "YES, THIS!' ?


5. 19-2000 by Gorillaz. It was one of my favorite songs as a child and I still love it lmao

4. Bright Lights, Big City by Karen Aoki I think. She’s a really good singer and it made me so happy to hear her in Great Days:’)

3. Luvoratorrrrry, but not the cover of Reol feat. nqrse. I still like a lot of songs in Japanese, lol

2. Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars. I’m not really a fan of his but this song makes me dance every single time it plays. 

1. Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses. I remember I went to see them last year and the closed up with this one. one of the most glorious moments of my life ngl

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Yesterday I heard Time in a Bottle on the radio & I know that is objectively a pretty cheesy song, but I've always liked the kind of haunting quality of it. And this time it made me think of Yuuri & Viktor in ODAT. Especially "If words could make wishes come true" and "If I had a box just for wishes and dreams that had never come true." But of course the song is much happier than ODAT & I kind of imagined an "in a better world" scenario for them. So I just thought I would tell you that. *nods*

Ngl, yeah, I get a lot of our doubts feels from the most random of sources, so I totally get it! :P One of the lines that’s really stayed with me for this arc is from Dan Hill’s Sometimes When We Touch (I know, it’s the ultimate love song, what even): “I’m just another writer / trapped within my truth / a hesitant prize fighter / still trapped within my youth”.

Thank you so much!!! :)

kieth knows all the words to every single song on blink-182’s California Deluxe album, he knew all the lyrics to the deluxe version within a week of release. he knows the lyrics to misery within an hour. he knows some lyrics better than his own name. try him.

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srry i saw ur post about how blackbear is a bad person!! i was just wondering how he is a bad person.. not trying to argue with you i'm just uneducated on the subject!!

hi!! it’s fine i’m ngl i’m not 100% educated on this either, but a lot of ppl i follow on instagram talk abt how he’s disrespectful to women and he’s also creepily obsessed w halsey? like they used to be friends or smth and now he’s just obsessed w her? like he’s convinced the entirety of hfk is abt him or smth like that??? and honestly the whole song “i miss the old u” or whatever (which ppl think is abt h) is just gross and i haven’t looked at any of his other songs but i’m assuming they’re probably along the same gross lines,, i just think fob could’ve chosen someone a lot better to tour w

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🏆 💔 for the book questions!!

🏆 the best book you’ve read: ugh this is hard and there’s like no way I can actually list only one, but the ultimate prize goes to the PJO series

💔 scene that broke your heart: ngl books rarely make me cry (movies do) but I think it’s because I read a lot of memoirs and like non-fiction, but the the song of achilles had my heart aching for weeks 

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relationship status: @ girls im single hmu ;0 ;0

favorite color: i like all colors… i guess if i had to pick i like blue

lipstick or chapstick: neither but id wear black lipstick if i werent a Coward ngl

last song I listened to: creature comfort by arcade fire

last movie i watched: probably the birdcage or 10 cloverfield lane?

top three shows: i dont watch a lot of tv right now, but i like adventure time, 

top three characters: vriska homestuck, alphys undertale, and pinkie pie mlp

top three ships: cryptidwatch ot5 from @ghoulsmashers d&d campaign, vrisrezi, and izzy @vriskalesbian/winona ryder

tagging: casey @weedjewish, robbie @kidgecko, and there isnt anyone else i know well enough to tag that wade didnt already tag So

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have you heard No Control by One Direction? It's like not slow and peaceful or like raving music but like it's actually really good. It's got a good pop rock vibe and it's so fun... Lol... I didn't know my life would ever come to pressing people into mainstream boyband songs ...

NGL i was like “1D? NO” but i decided to check out the song and i’m so in agreement with you, it’s fun and everything i love so thank you a lot, anon! great choice :D