ngl i adore him in this song

"I can't help falling in love with you"

pairing: reader x ashton

sorry i love this song its just so damn adorable

Ashton rarely ever played the guitar around you, mainly because he thought he sucked at it. He was a drummer, it was as simple as that. You would catch him at times in the studio–alone–softly strumming nonsense while humming a tune or working on a song he was formulating, but he’d always notice you watching and immediately stop, nervously laughing and acting as if he was doing nothing. 

But you absolutely loved those moments when for a second, you saw how gentle he was with a guitar and his voice would be as soft and quiet as ever. When Ashton was in that state of mind where he felt most at peace with himself, you couldn’t help but fall in love with him a little more. 

But you wouldn’t tell him that to his face. 

Sure, the two of your were dating and were very serious, but over the past 4 odd months you’ve been together, not one of you uttered the simple phrase “I love you.” You certainly didn’t want to be that clingy girlfriend that didn’t hesitate to claim your love for the curly-headed Aussie, so you’ve kept your feelings to yourself. Though you wish you could tell him every morning you woke up beside him how much you loved him, and again before the two of you fell asleep in each others arms. 

It was when you had fallen asleep in the middle of a Netflix marathon that things changed. 

You groggily opened your eyes from the little cat-nap you took, feeling the opposite side of the bed for your boyfriend, but it was empty. You sat up abruptly from the realization, scanning the empty room for any sign of Ash. Nothing. 

Just then you heard the soft tune being strummed on a guitar coming from the balcony off your bedroom, and looking outside you saw Ashton, a guitar in his hands and his eyes gazing at the sun setting before him. He was strumming a familiar song, one of your favorites: “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis. 

You didn’t want Ashton to realize you had awoken from your spontaneous slumber, so ever so slightly you pushed yourself out of bed and stood behind the wall, listening to Ashton’s sweet voice singing the lyrics to himself “…but I can’t help falling in love with you…” He finished off the song, growing bored of the instrument and turning to get out of the chair, when he spotted you standing and listening to him. “How much did you hear?” He asked, setting the guitar against the wall. 

You shrugged, biting back a smile. “All of it." 

He pulled you into a hug quickly, pressing a soft kiss against your neck. "I love you so much, Y/N.” Hugging him as if you’d never let go, you replied “I love you too, Ashton.”

troye was so good on stage he literally took his water bottle n splashed me but he’s so sweet he was like “im gonna splash u guys put away ur phones i don’t wanna ruin them” and halfway thru he stepped off the stage to take off his lil floral adidas jacket and i was screaming “COME BACK U SMOL BEAN” and literally everyone started screaming n chanting smol bean and when he sang love yourself by jb he messed up at that one part and literally everyone went like absgjajajt last night was so fucking iconic and im so proud of my lil lost bot troye he is so talented and everything and the cost/wait was totally worth it and i go another concert for sure ngl and literally i was in tears when he sang heaven, I really connect to that song and everything and he just interacted w the crowd and did two fucking encores oh god i can’t stop smiling and his voice is so cute and if u think he’s adorable in photos then just wait till u see him irl he’s like 101618261782839939292 times cuter it’s so fucking unbelievable and im so happy for him and his music really gets me through whatever and he makes me happy and i remember watching his cover of ‘don’t wanna be ur boy’ and his old troyler videos and when he always talked about how he was gonna make it someday and tour the world and have a record deal and everything he’s made it so far and i know he’ll accomplish so much more. idek how to put it in words without writing a fucking 500 page essay about how much im proud of him and everything that he’s done for us but really, he has this special place in his heart for Seattle so idk maybe he should move here w Connor bc ik he wants to live here too ;,-))))