ngl crying about it

i’d like everyone to know that in the chinese version of harry potter

they did not transliterate sirius’ name into chinese characters

instead they just made sirius’ name the actual chinese name for the star, sirius

which is sky-wolf star (天狼星)


1x01 || 6x13.

ngl im gonna be crying about the fucking cinematic beauty of that fucking scene where moana is walking towards te ka and she’s moving so softly that she’s not even disturbing the ground while te ka is clambering and clawing her way across the ground and violently thrashing and screaming and disrupting the earth beneath her and then moana stands before her and stands her down and you can see te ka is getting ready to go in for the kill and then you can VISUALLY SEE SETTLE DOWN AS SHE LOOKS AT MOANA AND REALIZES THAT MOANA ISN’T GOING TO HURT HER until im on my fucking death bed

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Hey there, u just made a post about Shouta worrying you. I just want to ask what happened?


first of all:

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So you see 8 hours ago he tweeted this:

and in this he said: “I am tired …(´・_・`) I am scared…”
I am still not that good in japanese so please feel free to correct me if I am translating something wrong okay? Okay.
I was sitting in class at that time and nearly started to cry ngl
About one hour later he tweeted these:

And here is where I kinda struggle with my shitty japanese skills but what I got is that he is fine and he apologized for making us worry. Three times.
There is something about a taxi and his manager but I am not 100% sure about the rest. I don’t want you all to get wrong information from me. Thus it’s better to let someone translate it who is better in japanese than I am ;;

Everyone was so glad to hear that he is fine (me included!!) \(*T▽T*)/

i don’t really have any expectations for e3 (as i’m pretty bad at predicting anyway) but i hope to see bloodborne 2, more info on the ff7 remake and the new fire emblem, maybe a new dragon age? and i’m looking forward to whatever blizzard has in store. 

also: it won’t happen but if there’s even a hint of a warcraft 4 somewhere, i will instantly die of heart failure


Regina/Robin {feel me}
Watch in HD + headphones :)

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how would jhope,jimin and v react if they were teasing you about something you felt insecure about and they make you cry, ngl this happened to me at school during class and it was so embarassing!!

J - Hope - J - Hope would immediately start his line of apologies- he would explain how he didn’t know that what he said was related to a sensitive topic, would try to explain how he was just teasing and how he didn’t mean any of it, and would end up just kind of hugging you and apologizing non-stop.

Jimin - Jimin would just kind of stand there for a second like “oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no” before beginning to apologize in every way that he could. He would offer food, a hug, all between his string of apologies.

V - Taehyung would immediately hop on the “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry” train along with J - Hope, just spilling out every apology he could try tory to make things better- he would apologize for things he had ever done wrong, ever, even if you had forgiven him– otl.

- Darby

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