8: PTSD; you flash back to when you got kidnapped and can’t sleep.

Sometimes, Bambi’s sleep was plagued with horrible flashbacks of the nght her parents were killed.

She woke with a start. Her heart was racing, and she felt her head was going to explode. She put her head into her hands, and cried for her lost parents. 

New Australian act GRRL PAL continues to intrigue and mesmerize me with their brand of unique and stand out future pop music. While previously featured song NGHT was an immediate Purity Ring evoker, new song Dare is a bouncy art pop number carrying hints of M.I.A., DENA, Elliphant, Sleigh Bells, Yelle, and Grimes.  Yes, it’s a very wide net, isn’t it? Sugary and dark, upbeat and enchanting, Dare is quite the genre defying glitchy treat. The track was co-produced by Parker Ighile (Rihanna, G-Eazy, Nicki Minaj) during the duo’s adventures in the states. Revisit NGHT with me, below.