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Check out my closet buds *cOUGHS* they are losers and I love them *ccOughs*

Check out Crumpets - @crumpets-is-not-emo

Check out big sis Clari - @confusedprince

Check out this gay - @sarcasticoutcast

Check out tHIS NEW BUT HELLA RAD FRIEND - @applejuicechronicles

Who is this loser (iM KIDDING ILY GURL) @pr1nc3-of

The people I admire from afar because I’m too nervous to talk to them because you look like a piece of lint to them - @asktheheiress @asktheneets @asktwofishandacrab @kyodumbass

That one person that just brings you gigantic levels of anxiety cause you wanna be their friend but you know thar they’re so much cooler than you - @kouhaiharuhi