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Name: Senbonzakura ( 千本桜)
Meaning: A Thousand Cherry Blossoms
Release Command:  “Scatter” (散れ, chire)

Race: Zanpakuto Spirit
Height:  180 cm (5'11")
Gender: Male
Preferred Pronouns: He/Them
Master: Kuchiki Byakuya

Senbonzakura’s physical manifestation takes the form of a tall, light-skinned man with blue eyes and long, dark brown hair. The hair frames his face, with two chest-length bangs, and is tied up at the back with a white ribbon in a long ponytail which reaches his lower back.
His face is covered by an ornate mask featuring golden teeth, black lips and fangs, a golden protrusion on either side, and a golden headpiece shaped like three cherry blossoms.
He wears a long, light purple kimono with white stripes running down the centre and sleeves, which is tied at his waist with a long piece of white fabric that hangs down in two long loops in the front.
He wears a red-gold pauldron on each shoulder, which are connected by a golden band with strips of red fabric hanging from it and two interwoven strips of red fabric above it.
He wears red, elbow-length gauntlets and red greaves.

Senbonzakura can be somewhat rude as well as being very to-the-point and abrupt.  He can be very cruel, both in battle and out.
He always keeps his mask on, even when bathing. He even carries a spare mask with him, should his current one break.
In battle, Senbonzakura is calm and level-headed, though he usually taunts and belittles his opponents while fighting them. However, he will acknowledge their strength if they impress him enough. He is quite confident in his own power. However, he cannot stand being humiliated by his opponent, and will lose his calm should such an event occur.  Senbonzakura cannot usually comprehend the idea of someone being able to repel the power of his Bankai.
Senbonzakura is very respectful toward and somewhat subservient to Byakuya, only ever defying his master if he think it will be of benefit to Byakuya. Senbonzakura refuses to follow anyone other than Byakuya. He firmly believes in Shinigami and their Zanpakutō spirits working together in order to display their true power. 
He is usually polite toward others at first and will usually refer to people Byakuya respects with respect too. However, he can be somewhat unthinking of the consequences of his actions.  
Though he appears calm and collected to others, Senbonzakura acts in a rather childish and hypocritical manner. He has a habit of shifting blame onto others for his actions. Additionally, he often thinks of solutions without considering what affects it may have on others. He is very impatient, his usual go to is counting to 10 before he loses his patience. He has a habit of underplaying the severity of his actions, referring to serious situations as "spilled milk“.
He is easily angered by the mistakes of others. Senbonzakura can sometimes have trouble correctly interpreting the intentions behind people’s actions, which can often lead him to anger and/or attack.
Senbonzakura’s temperament actually mirrors Byakuya’s in his youth.