[TEASER 2] Underverse 0.3 - Part two [Sounded by Strelok]


Rita Levi-Montalcini (1909-2012) was an Italian neurologist who in 1986 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of nerve growth factor (NGF). She also served as Senator for Life in the Italian Senate from 2001 until her death at 103.

She studied medicine at the University of Turin and remained there as an assistant after graduation, but lost her position when in 1938 Jews were barred from holding academic posts. Nevertheless she set up a laboratory in her bedroom, and the research conducted there set the basis for her groundbreaking discoveries. Over the years her work led to the creation of new anti-inflammatory drugs and a greater understanding of how cancer spreads and evolves.

A-Z book recommendations

inspired by @macrolit​‘s A-Z recommendations, featuring my favorites in YA lit as well as adult lit and classics. (some letters were difficult, but i did my best.)

  • a: artemis fowl, eoin colfer
  • b: the basic eight, daniel handler
  • c: clockwork angel, cassandra clare
  • d: the darkest minds, alexandra bracken
  • e: everything i never told you, celeste ng
  • f: the forever song, julie kagawa
  • g: the giver, lois lowry
  • h: hag-seed, margaret atwood
  • i: i’ll give you the sun, jandy nelson
  • j: the joy luck club, amy tan
  • k: the darkest minds, alexandra bracken
  • l: lair of dreams, libba bray
  • m: mockingjay, suzanne collins
  • n: never let me go, kazuo ishiguro
  • o: the outsiders, s.e. hinton
  • p: prodigy, marie lu
  • q: the star-touched queen, roshani chokshi
  • r: red queen, victoria aveyard
  • s: the sacred lies of minnow bly, stephanie oakes
  • t: the secret history, donna tartt
  • u: uprooted, naomi novak
  • v: vicious, v.e. schwab
  • w: wuthering heights, emily bronte
  • x: night sky with exit wounds, ocean vuong
  • y: the young elites, marie lu
  • z: the maze runner, james dashner

i want to see your guys’ recommendations, so i’m turning this into a tag game and tagging @existential-celestial​ @archistratego @lxcuna @mydarlinginej @therepublicofletters @orsonkraennic @maryamorvena @maelinoe if you’re up to the challenge! and anyone else who sees this: feel free to tag me in a list, if you make one :)

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Hiya~ I had an idea of the chocobros going on a beach trip with there s/o and them just being playful and a huge tease and there chocobro gets fed up with it~ and teaches them a lesson. Hehehe, btw I love your writings they're amazing!!!

Fun in the sun! <3 Thank you so much!



He kept telling himself that he wasn’t the jealous type, but your swimsuit was just too much! You claimed you wanted to get a nice tan, as you laid beside him on the beach towel, head resting lazily on your arms, as you gave a soft breathless moan every so often.

“Mm, Noctis isn’t this perfect instead of being in your stuffy apartment.” You moaned, laying face down on your blanket, leg kicking out to wave behind you.

Noctis groaned, he couldn’t tell how hot it was, because right now he was burning up! Only to watch as you suddenly flipped, giving him the front view of your bikini.

The bottoms, sat rather low on your hips with little slits on directly on your hips, while the top was cut into an off the shoulder thin straps on your shoulders. Yet you had raised the bottom of the suit a little higher so as to get the spot right underneath your boobs. Stating that since he had the beach reserved for just their group, than he shouldn’t mine if you tanned the hard to reach spots.

The Prince was nearly shocked from his spot, as you lowered the straps even further from your arms, than removing them all together as you rolled the top of your suit down, to also do the top of your breast.

“Oh, Noct, thanks again for doing this, it’s so hard to get a good tan when you have to be covered up.” You purred, placing on your sunglasses as you closed your eyes.

Noctis flushed, looking around the beach, all of his friends were off doing whatever, and for once not hounding him. Yet you looked so tasty! His blue eyes widen as you cupped your breasts before pulling them upward, just to make sure that you got the sun directly on the underside.

You frowned as a shadow fell over you, “A cloud?” You inquired, raising your sunglasses only to stare at the huge blue eyes before you. “Noctis.”

The Prince quickly covered your mouth with his own, as he pressed his erection into your leg. Pulling back as both his hands found their way to your chest, “You’re not playing fair.”

“Playing fair, what?” You called, only to gasp as that cloth erection rubbed against you again, this time against your swimsuit bottom. “Oh…does the Prince have a Royal boner?”

Noctis chuckled, “Come with me to the changing tent and we’ll see.”

You allowed the man to help you up, before being dragged to the changing tent, one hand keeping up your swimsuit, yet that wouldn’t be held up for long.



“Stop moving.” You giggled. “I can’t believe you’re this ticklish.”

Prompto shifted again, what started as him being ticklish quickly turned to something more X-rated.  The freckled youth, turned the color of a lobster if he was not drenched in the strongest sun screen on the market. Yet the more your hands rubbed over his body, the more excited his “pistol” became. The blonde wondered when did it stop from being playfully cute to something that should be kept in the bedroom or in the few chances in an alleyway, in the park, in the training room, coat closet, bathroom, living room…

You had mounted his, sitting directly on his butt, as the blonde laid on his stomach, your hands rubbing in his second coating of sunscreen as he was already starting to redden. “Almost done, maybe next time we should get that spray.”

“Doesn’t work on me.” Prompto whined, trying to adjust his hip again to stop his erection from digging into the sand and towel beneath him.

“My poor, Chocoboo.” You cooed leaning over pressing a kiss to his cheek, before sitting back swatting him on the butt. “All done! Now you do my back.”

Prompto gave another whine, uncertain if it was due to you climbing off of him and releasing the pressure on his crotch, or from the fact you got him this hard in public, but the poor blonde just wanted release.  Moving to his knees Prompto attempted to hide his erection, only to have it return tenfold, as he saw the back of your swimsuit.

From the front it looked like a single piece outfit with a keyhole to the left with four little belts just underneath your ribcage to your hips, but the back hung super low, and all the belts connected just at the lower back.

“Chocoboo, I’m going to burn.” You called playfully.

Prompto gulped, as he thought of all the disgusting things his mind could ponder, including stinky tofu. Just covered in the gunk, but the moment he looked down his little friend came back with a vengeance.

Mounting you like you had just done himself, the blonde made sure to keep his crotch well above your hips, so that you didn’t feel the awkward boner. His hands going to your shoulders, only to gasp as you let out a pleasing moan.

“That’s feels wonderful, harder.” You ordered.

Prompto swallowed again, digging the palms of his hands against your back, his erection only getting harder as he heard you moan again. Leaning forward the blonde lost his balance as his boner brushed against your ass, he hoped that you wouldn’t notice. Yet your ass backning against his crotch seemed to tell him other.

“Ngf, sweetie.” Prompto whined, his crotch pressed against your ass as he begun to dry hump you.

“Trying to tell me something?”

“I’ve got the hardest boner for you right now.” Prompto moaned, his hand going to your hip to raise you higher.

You turned your gaze to Noctis and the others, they seemed to be attempting to flirt with some girls. Well Gladiolus was, Noctis and Ignis just seemed to be dragged along. Looking back over your shoulder you smirked, “The others will be busy for a while, want to have some fun?”

Prompto didn’t even wait for the end of your sentence, before pulling the bottom of your swimsuit aside, and pulling his swim trunks down.



Gladiolus physically felt his teeth clenched all day, you had stated that you bought a special outfit just for him. Yet when you took of your cover up revealing the one piece swimsuit, a tube top with a lace closure down the front to just above your navel. The strength of which you tied it made you rather lovely chest seem to grow even further, and he could tell that all eyes were on you. Men and women alike!

Yet when you teamed up with Iris, the two of you playing in the water, tossing your volleyball around. The King’s shield found himself constantly jumping between jealous but proud boyfriend and protective older brother.

“Those two seem to be having fun.” Ignis chuckled, watching as you and Iris got into a playful yet competitive volleyball match with some guys on the beach that were talking big stuff, yet weren’t prepared for the destructive force that was the two of you.

“Big Sis!” Iris called, as she dashed forward to set the ball.

“Right behind you!” You cheered, as you jumped up spiking the ball on the opposite side of the net, which the men couldn’t return. “Good game, what was that 5 to zero?” You called playfully, as you high fived Iris.

“No one messes with the Amicita siblings.” Iris giggled.

“Oh you’re sisters? How about me and my friend take you two lovely ladies out?”

You giggled before pointing toward the large man sitting with your stuff, “My boyfriend wouldn’t take kindly to that, but thanks anyway.”

Gladiolus stared as he watched you ‘flirt’ with the two men before you, he knew that you could easily take them if they got too handsy, but still he was that age once and there was only one thing on a man that young mind. Well it was also on his mind, but that was his thighs and ass and boobs! He could touch and think about them all he wanted!

So when you and Iris returned with popsicles and no annoying boys, Gladiolus couldn’t help but reach out a jealous arm pulling you onto the chair he was sitting on.

“Told you we’d get free ice cream.” You giggled to Iris.

“They didn’t know what hit them.” Iris agreed. “Did you see Gladdy, Sissy and I are an amazing team.”

Gladiolus nodded in agreement, his eyes trained on you as the multi-colored fruit stick, disappeared within your mouth, leaving only the stick that you were holding. Before pulling it from your mouth, delivering a long lick from your fingers, where the juices had melted, up to the tip, before doing it again hollowing out your cheeks.

“Hm?” You muttered around the popsicle, popping it from your mouth before holding it toward the man. “Want some?”

Gladiolus opened his mouth, allowing you to place it within his mouth, only for him to take a huge bite of it.

“Gladdy!” You pouted.

Gladiolus chuckled, “Sorry, Babe, hey Iris, go grabbed Noctis and grab another one.”

Iris, always one to be within Noctis’s company, quickly bounced from her chair, Ignis following after her, just to see what troubles the others had gotten into.

Gladiolus turned back to you, his large hands going to your hips, as he dragged you pouting at your ruined popsicle, closer to his crotch. He was never one to shy away from telling you when he got a hard on for you.

“Heh, you know this is for you right?”

You blinked muttering playfully, “Hm?”

“Fuck yeah, you out their flirting with those little punks and than doing that with that popsicle, I got something for you to suck.” He chuckled rolling his erection into your ass. “Let’s see if we can sneak away for a quickie.”

You rose your eyebrows, licking your lips, “Lead the way.”



“Are you certain you’re fine?” Ignis inquired.

You stood nervously beside Ignis, your knee length cover up still on your body, your sunhat in place to avoid the direct sunlight,  “Just a little nervous, I was convinced to get a new style of swimsuit by the sales girl. She said it’s all the rage, but I’m not so certain.”

Ignis place a rather reassuring kiss against your cheek, “I’m certain you’ll look lovely.”

Smiling, you unzipped the front of your cover up, revealing the bikini bottoms, paired with a flared top. It fell to rest just below your breast, and tied around the back of your neck, off the shoulder and extending to your elbows. It appeared more a runway attire than an afternoon at the beach.

“Do I look okay?” You called, a blush lining your cheeks. It was typically a one piece suit for you with a cover up on the entire time, but since you had Ignis beside you, maybe it was okay to wear something that showed off your body.

“Beautiful.” Ignis praised, only for that blush to brighten, yet also a warm smile. “Shall we?”

As the two of you tried finding a place to set up your camp on the beach away from the other families and friends, yet still within sight of Noctis and the others. It was private beach for the elite, yet it seemed everyone had the same idea today, making it a little crowded.

“She’s so pretty.” A little girl called, as she walked by with her mother.

Ignis even saw a few men staring at you, from all ages. One was so blant about it, that he tripped over a cooler. Another immediately getting into a fight with his significant other, who had smacked him before proceeding to yell at him for staring.

“This should be fine.” Ignis stated rounding a small bend which was empty and surrounded by a privacy wall of rocks, only to turn as he noticed that you weren’t with him anymore. “Darling?”

“So which way to the Candy Hut?” The young man asked.

“Oh, you’ll just want to go down this way,” You smiled pointing the direction you had just came. “You can’t miss it, it has a cute crab on it.”

The young man chuckled as he flexed what little muscles he had, “That’s awesome, how about I buy you something sweet?”

You nearly jumped from your skin as you felt a hand on your bare waist, turning to see the tall form of your boyfriend standing beside you, arm wrapped protectively around your waist.

“I’m certain that she’s fine.” Ignis stated, rather roughly.

The young man seemed to get the hint, muttering a quick thanks before rushing off.

You smiled softly, “You know this swimsuit it starting to grow on me.”

Ignis leaned forward pressing his lips against your own, as his sage green eyes roamed the crowd around the both of you. Showing his mark to any of those that dared to even look in your direction with lust filled minds.

“Ignis.” You panted, as the man led you over to where everyone’s stuff had been set up, “What has gotten into you?”

Ignis chuckled, hidden by the rock walls of the beach, “Simply expressing my feelings. I’d like to show you a little more”

a-z book recs

tagged by @mydarlinginej to do an a-z of book recs let’s see if i can actually stick to 26

a: aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz / the astrologer’s daughter by rebecca lim
b: black wolves by kate elliott / burial rites by hannah kent
c: coffee boy by austin chant / a crown of wishes by roshani chokshi / chaos walking by patrick ness
d: the dark days club by alison goodman
e: everything i never told you by celeste ng
f: far from you by tess sharpe / fearsome dreamer by laure eve
g: the gods of gotham by lyndsay faye
h: the hating game by sally thorne
i: i am the messenger by markus zusak / into the blue by pene henson / iron cast by destiny soria
j: joyride by jackson lanzing
k: know not why by hannah johnson
l: looking for alibrandi by melina marchetta / the lumatere chronicles by melina marchetta / last night i sang to the monster by benjamin alire sáenz / letters to the lost by brigid kemmerer
m: midnight city by j barton mitchell / a monster calls by patrick ness
n: the naturals by jennifer lynn barnes / ninefox gambit by yoon ha lee
o: on the jellicoe road by melina marchetta
p: the piper’s son by melina marchetta / peter darling by austin chant
q: the queen’s thief by megan whalen turner
r: release by patrick ness / rivers of london by ben aaronovitch
s: saving francesca by melina marchetta / spiritwalker trilogy by kate elliott / see you in the cosmos by jack cheng
t: tell the truth, shame the devil by melina marchetta
u: unwind by neal shusterman
v: vicious by ve schwab
w: wolfe brothers by markus zusak / we are okay by nina lacour / whatever by sj goslee / the winner’s trilogy by marie rutkoski / wonders of the invisible world by christopher barzak / the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh
x: ???
y: yohancé by paul louise-julie / you know me well by david levithan and nina lacour
z: i will never recommend that one z book i’ve read

i’m tagging @rykemedows @prouveaire @parrysh @anabelsbrother @aliciasalarcon @annabethchaes & whoever else wants to

... Out of the Dark


But I just got so inspired and wanted to finish it- so here it is. The end of the end. Orrrrr is it? Blegh I don’t like the ending…

People who want to be tagged: @x-x-owrooh-x-x

Part 1: “The Start of Something…

Part 2: “… Dark

Part 3: “But Even When You’re Boxed In…

Part 4: “… There’s Always A Way…

… Out of the Dark

“Ohhh… I know how to get Mark back~“ 

Dark would’ve slapped the cocky bastard, if he currently wasn’t trembling in contained laughter. Don’t move, don’t move-

Jack let himself grin, eyeing the little bump shifting under Dark’s shirt, knowing Anti must be putting that tail to good use. Cautiously, Jack lifted his arm and started prodding the alter’s other underarm, the one exposed as he kept his arm out and against the wall next to him. 

The creature shuttered, face turning red as he squeezed his eyes tight, fighting to keep still. If he didn’t move, it wouldn’t tickl-


He immediately collapsed, slamming his arms down in booming laughter as Jack shoved his fingers into his pit, wiggling like mad. The irishman followed him down, hurrying to grab his wrists and wrestle his arms above his head, hoping Anti wasn’t squished. Yeah, he had taken over his body, but he also saved his life… plus he reminded him too much of Sam.

"AHAHAHAANTI- J-JAHAHAACK FAHAHAHCK!!” he cried, shaking as he snarled like a caged dog, snapping his eyes open to glare at Jack, starting to push back against him.

Damn he was strong… “Ngh- s-shit!!” Jack groaned, trying to fight to keep his arms down… those red eyes burning into him. Just as he thought he’d lose control, Anti came shooting out, a little dizzy and grossed out, but he noticed the struggle. He eyed Dark, then Jack, then Dark… 

“A-Anti, y-yh… you need t…o… h-help me…” Jack whimpered, looking at the trapped alter, now struggling a lot more since Dark wasn’t being tickled.

The little eye chirped, then glared at Dark. He didn’t even say thank you before…

Zipping back down, the creature slid his tail against Dark’s ears, starting to tickle. 

The alter went berserk. “N-NGHAHAHHA- FAHAHAC-” was all he managed to scream before he went silent, head thrown back in silent laughter, shaking and beet red.

The irishman grinned, breathing out, “T-Thank you Anti…” he grunted as he pinned Dark once more, gaping as the alter began sparking. Red bits of electricity came shooting out him, making the male wince and jump away a little.

“FUHUHUCKING EYE-” came a growl, and suddenly, Dark glowed beet red. His skin was burning and Anti flew away, hissing and sputtering. Jack couldn’t hold on much either, soon yelping and jumping off, rubbing his burning hands.
Dark took a second to pant before crawling up, eyes and body beaming red as he snarled, like a wild dog, clawing towards the dizzy and pained Anti in the corner. 

The little eye chittered in terror as Dark snatched his tail, raising his other arm to beat the eye to a pulp, his body dripping in anxious tears.

“B̺̘͖̘̟ͦ͊ͬ̌ͬ́a̹̙̍ͭ͐ͯc͎̳̝͖̥̱͕͓̒͒̒ͮ̆͋k̰̩͙̠̼̟̗̪͓̉̈́s͓̯̩̮͙̩̭̩̭͊̀ͪt̜͓̝̎̍̏͆̋̎̾ͬͤa̺̰̲̱͎͎͈̍ͤ͆̾ͩ̈b͓̹͍͙̬͆̇͛ͫ̂̐̏ͣͧͅḃ̤̰̩̩̈̄ͧi͚̻̘͎̰̹̞̬ͯͤ̉̔̀n̗͖̎̽̒̂ğ̹̜͍̟͔̒̋͆̂͆̓͂ ͚̙̗͈̹̘͋l͙̜̈͒͛̂̋͗̚i̭̳͌ͦt̤̞͖̣̍̂͛ͅt̯̖̎̉ͨͨͯ̿̌̉l̯̩̒̇̽͌̂͛̾̐ͪẹ̲͌ͭͧ ̞̩͆͊̈́s͓̬̼̈̅ͬͯh̖̳͎̟̪͕̭͎͔ͦͤͧͮ̓ỉ͓͕̯͓̫̘͈̠̒ͅt̜͖̲ͥ-” he hissed, and swung his arm down, slamming the eyeball into the wall. 

Anti spiraled and shrieked, only to hit the wall with a smack and fall unconscious, dripping some green ooze…

No sooner than he had, Jack was back onto Dark, snarling in anger, “HOW DARE YOU-” and he latched onto his back, heaving him against the wall, slamming him with his arm twisted behind his back. 

The alter snapped and growled, his hands clawing for the irishman. 

“P̳͐̓͗̓́ͮͅA͓͈̮͓ͪ̀̔ͣ̃T͓̩̲̩͇̓͆͗ͪ͑̿ͨͤͅH͙͈͚̞̗̲̝̅ͬ́ͯ̄̄Ȇ͉͖̻̐͛͒͋̎T͍̬̝̬͈͚̩̈̈́̓ͫ̎͂̚Ḯ͓̤̘͇̯̠͓ͯͥ̂ͯ̎ͮ̈Ć̣̣͚̯͈̥̯̼ͩ̾ ͚͕̹̰̘̬̙̽ͭ͊́ͭͅH̤̣̰̑ͩͫ̿ͬͩͮͅȖ̖͓̩̜͈̰͊̀̔M̺̰̜̓̀ͮͨͬ́̽A̼͙̰͉͈̲͒ͫͩͭ̑̊Ṇ͔͍̖͇͓̒̄S̹̋̈́̒̆ ̮̣̺̩̣͚͉̽̐ͭ̄͂̈́Ä̼̰̺̩̝̻̩͒Ṉ͖͕ͪ̅͊̍̋̔D̬̟̭̰̥͇̳ͭ͌͛͊̈́ ̘͕̜̰͇̀ͫ̑̊ͭ̌P̙̟͖͖͊Ȧͫ̍̉̏͒̐̚ͅͅT̳͖̫͚͉͎̻̅͐̌̉Ḫ̬̾̂͋̓ͬ̓ͤE̩̱̲̗ͨ̓͆͊͗ͣ̽͑T̹̣͕̻̅ͯ͆̑ͥ̑͌͆ͣỊ̭̦̦̘̥̟͕̆̋̄ͯC̮̺̤̪̓̓ͭͩ̽ͨ̊ ̹̻͖̮͔̣̈́͂F͇̥͙͚̼̼̄͒͐ͣ͂U̟̮͇ͭ̉́͐ͭͮͭ͐C̲̥̲̥̉͊̊K̙̺̰̭͇̘̖̱ͩͯ̀̿ͥͤ̃I͖̗̟͇̒ͤ͋ͦN̰̺͔̣͎͇̆ͦͧG̤̬̲̗̬͉ͨ̉ ̱̜̮̬̪̼̟̿ͮE̪̤̐ͤ̓̈ͤ͑M͇̠͇̣̩̩̭̯̄ͮ͌ͤ̅̀̆ͧO̖̺̭ͥ͋̽T̜͉̻̥̦̣̱̪̄̎ͨ͌Ī̥͓̪̲̹̪̠̟͗ͤ̂̔̎O̞̲̗͒̑̽͐N͙͉̺͕̲̻̯͔͊ͪͤ̽ͧ̌̇̍ͧS̯̜̭̪̍̅ͪͫͦ̈ͥ͒̊!͈̯̫̮̗̮́ͤ” his horrid voice rang through the house.

Jack winced, fighting to pin him, his eyes building with tears, “I can’t fight you! I can’t fight Mark… PLEASE GIVE ME HIM BACK!!” he pleaded, feeling himself start to sob, his grip weak.

The monster took the opportunity, throwing him over his shoulder so he plowed into the wall, yelling in pain as he fell next to the stirring septiceye.

Anti chirred, slowly waking as he saw Jack covering him, in protection against the enraged Dark.

Why was he being so nice to him? He… he was crying…?

“I just want my boyfriend back…” Jack croaked, his voice catching as tears slipped from his eyes, which were soon shut as Dark rose to finish them off.
Anti looked up at Dark, weak and shaky as he rose to float up, staring death in the eyes.

Practically exploding with heat and sparks, his eyes throbbing and twitching, the alter standing before them snapped, “Y̸o͘u̕ t̀ẃo̡ hav̨e҉ n͞o̵ p͝uŕp̧os͜e, ҉you'r̶e bot̕h͘ PAT͢HE͜T̷I͞C ̴AŃḐ U͜ŚĘL̸ES̡Ś T͞O͠ TH̸IS͢ ̕W͠ORL̀D!! YOU'L̀L̷ ͏N͠EV̸E̸R ͡HA̴V̵E̵ ͘MA͝RK͟ ͠BA̢CK͟ ͝A͢GA҉I̡N!!”

Jack was curled in on himself, face pressed to his knees as he cried, babbling apologizes and pleading for his friend back…

Anti just stared at him.

Dark finally turned his attention to the eye, “And what do you want, you disgusting creature!?" 

It was suddenly very silent. Even Dark hesitated as the eye began to glow. His pupil buzzed, and he began dripping green once more. Then, out of it’s pupil came a hoarse, "An… ͜e..͘ye.̶.̶.̀ f̴-f̀o.҉.r…̸ ̷a͝n͞.̛.͜. ͠eye͘.͝..̀.”

And the little creature shot into Dark’s twitching eye. 

“Anti!!” Jack called out in terror, seeing the monster in front of him scream and cover his eye, the room filling with light as it recoiled, shrieking and hissing, clawing desperately at its face.

“D̼͕͙̲̃̇ͩA̦̳͇͖̗̭ͬͧ̑́͗́̿M̦̮͚̩ͨ̈́̿N͖͓͇̬̾̒̿̆̂ͅ ̩̮̝̆̂ͅC̚R͚̦ͤͮ̿Ȇ̗̤͙̃̋A͓͍̤͉̠͐ͨT̮͉̗̼̱͚̀͋U̲͓͔̹̙̰͑̂R̘̫̟̰̖̺ͤͨͦͣ͗̉͑E̥̻̩̤̭̓̋͗̎ͨͨ̈́ͅͅ-̘͐ͬ͂ͩ̀͋ ̹̗͓̆ͨ͊ͥͭD̪ ͇͙͚͉̒͆̏̿ͥ̊̂A̙̭͚̐̔̈́̌ ̻͔̻̋ͨͧ͌ͨ̎̌M͒̾ ̟̱͇̝̘͍͙ͦ̑ͤ̌̈̔͑N̪̤̮̍ ̭͙̦̱̯͎͎ ̹͍̰̮͔͊͌̏̇̅̆̃ͅ ͣͭ̎͐̔̉C̪̻̭̤̳̏́̈ ̲̼̝̼̮̇ͅR̜̭̽ ̤͉̦̞̆ͧ́̔̈ͥEͮͫ̐̓ͮ ̘A̬̖̯͂̔ͦͯ ͕̰̜̏̀ͣ͑̈ͅT͈̭͔̖̣͓̣͆̀̏̚ ̙̘̟̠͉̾́̆U̗̳̭̼̝̇ͧ̋͋ͤ͊ͅ ̪͚̳̥̥̥͉͂̍͑̇̐R̬̘̝̲̙̂̎̉̿̓̀ ̝ͥE͇̫̬̫̖̓͋̂ͤ!̣̜͚̬ͅ!͚͔̫̐̒̉!̰ͫ̒ͩ̑̔̇” The beast roared, curling up and starting to gag.

A large lump shot up its throat as it hurled up some red ooze… too thick to be blood. And out came a familiar wooden friend. Right after came a shot of a red ball, covered in the ooze. Then Dark collapsed, on his side, unconscious. 

Jack stared, trembling like mad as he stared at the mess and the fainted body. He didn’t want to move… what happened?

Soon, the ball of red slime began twitching, and a chirping and sickly looking septiceye came floating out, panting and dripping with red and tears. He took a look around, blinking and humming, then spotted Jack. He zipped over and rammed into his chest, nuzzling him and sobbing in relief.

“A-Anti?” the irishman asked quietly, and the eye nodded, purring. Jack immediately hugged the little creature, sniffling, “T-Thank you… oh god thank you-" 

Now brave and confident, he rose, knees shaking as he approached the body. "M-Mark? D-D-Dark? Hello?” He fell to his knees, tears falling as he scooped up the male and hugged him to his chest, sobbing as there was no response.
Anti fell quiet, bowing his head. The room fell silent besides Jack’s whimpers and sobs. It seemed to be the end…


“Ngf… uhg-” came a quite groan from Jack’s chest. The irishman froze, eyes wide as he stared down at the shifting body in his arms. 

“O-Oh god, M-Mark??” he beamed, gasping as Mark sparked a little, hacking out a little more red slime. 

“F-Fuck- agh… J-Jack?” the man croaked, looking up in confusion, before a rush of relief ran over his features. He shot his arms around him, hugging him close and starting to cry. “Oh my god, Jack! You’re okay! Oh fuck…” he just cried, and the two cried together, hugging so tightly they’d never be apart.
Anti tittered and purred in joy, zipping over and joining the nuzzle, much to Mark’s delight. 

“S-Sam! You made it!” he grinned, holding the eye and kissing it’s “head”.

Jack couldn’t help but grin, too relieved and overjoyed. “T-That’s actually Anti-”

Mark instantly recoiled, eyes wide, shoving the eye away. “W-Wait, what? That beast that-”

“I̝̰-̮̪̪̘͌̎̋̀̉͗I̟͔̦͙̙ͮ̽ͯT͙̟͉̊ͬͯͯ ͚͍̮̖̠̬͊͆̎̏͐ͪ̚ͅC̲̪̥̖͂̈̓͒ͤ̾Ä̖̹̙͍͈͕͇̀̆ͨͯ͋̆N̤͖̉ͪ̈ͅ'͔̫̞̰͍̝͌̃͑̈́̒̚T̺͖͕͉͎ͅ ̙̙̜͓͓̣̅ͬ͋̓ͤB̪̝̞͇͓̻̠̅Ë̗̙́̒͛ͅ” suddenly interrupted the accusation, and a slimy Tiny Box Tim was wiping himself clean. His voice, while awkward, was too shrill for them to be scared.

Until it turned and shrieked at the two males. “Y̤̫̖̗͔̰̲O͊̆ͩ͂ͯͫŮ͉̪͈̩̏ͫ̏̇̽̚ ̞̜B̙͔̣̻͈Ḁ͚̓͒̓̉͊̎ͫS̞̗̖̣̫̼ͫ͌͑̀͗T̳̤ͣȂ̮͇͔͈͍ͨ̆ͮ̇ͨR͔̙̝͉͙̜ͩ͒͂̉̓͗D͚͉͈̩͈́S̠̱̥̫̤̈̒ͅ ͖̦T̗̘̹͎̣̱͂̽͊̈́͒ͭͅO̮͓̪͖̲̭ͤ̄͛͊̇̅O̮͇̜͙̞̮̤͊̊ͩ̊̾̚K̹̬̹̖̼͍̀̉̄ͧ͒ ͔ͣ͛̈́̉̃̃M͕̬̝͕̰̯̉̎ͮͥY̤͓̹̟̔ͣ́̔ ̹̞ͬ̽ͮ̓Ḇ̺̂O͚̠̼̟͗̔͗ͮ͊͒̽D̙̯̥̖͍ͭ̎̐̓Y̼͎̠̺͔̬̏͋ͭ!!” And bounced towards them, pissed and fuming.

Anti instantly flew in front of the two to protect them, chirping in anger, eye glowing green. Mark gaped at him, then shifted behind Jack a little. “D-Dark?”

The box hissed, “O̟̪͛̃͋U͔͙̯ͮ̐̾̀̈́̚T̘͍̖̳ͤͧ̒̈́ ͕̞͎͓̺̔ͣ̊͆O̟̱̙̫ͩF̣̱͖ͥ͂̄̃ͣ͊͌ ͍͈͎͕͈̘Ḿ̹͙̺̳̳̅͒ͧͤͣͩY͕ͫ ̲̞ͣ̂̀ͫ̂ͮWͮ̉̚A̰̜͉̖͔̽́ͣ͋ͧY̋ ̗͖̼͐ͫͪͪ̂͊̂B̩̟̲ͪ̔Aͯ͋̌̌̑̄C͈̺̘̘̫͐̎̓ͮK̥͂ͫ͛͊͋̾S̙̻̤ͦ̋̆͐̄͋̀T̤̣̩̟͒̾̐̃A̺̬̱̽ͣ̅̾̈͗͂B̫̩̱͙̼̻ͫ̂͑B̟͈͔͍̪͇̲ͮI̜͖̙̙̣ͬ̇ͦ̊ͅͅN̠̲͈̞ͩͫͤ̀ͅG̬͓ ̯̏͑̉ͭẼ̫Y̪̘̝̥͚̪E̬̜̤ͪB̲̹̰ͣ̄̑̓̇̏̍A̳͂̋̿ͩ̉̾ͅL͙̿̂ͨ͂̃̓͆L̟̟̣̳͉̭͖̈́̓ͫ̋!!”

But the alter shook, standing its ground. Dark was having none of it, and charged towards them-

Only to have Jack grab him.

“Ẇ͈ͧ̉̏-̻̱̦̯͈͇̙ͦ̂ͧ̒ͦW̝͉͓̯̲̜̬͗͗̔̒͆̈̒H͓̓A̯͐̏́̈͒T̂ͤ͐ͤͨ̂ͣ?̣̗̇̾̅̉̑̈́?̯̟̫̫̅̅̄ ͕̪͚ͥ͋ͭ̄ͅP͉̟͙̝͊̒̿ͨA̟͓͖͖̼͇̰T̗̯̓ͫͪ͗͒ͭͅH̖͓̝̥̻̬̊͌͂̋̓É̼̑͗͊ͪ͗̚T̹̜͙̝̪̽ͭͬͥ̍ͪ̊Î͎̮̥̟̂ͩ̆̍͗͊C̞ͨ̑ͨͦ̈ ̝̼̩̳̞͓̊M͕̖̲͚̳͌̽O͉ͦ̔̎̂͌̅́R̯̗̮͉̩͖͈̽ͧT͔̘̣̘̙̗̲ͪ͊͆ͣ̇͋ͩA̝̹̪͆̐̆L̮̤̺̎̂̓ͮ͂ͫ̉-̩͕̝̼͎͍̺̍̿̑̋ ̲͖̻̦̅̋ͮ̎ͩͪ̓P̩Ụ͕̣̦͉͉͆T̹̤̬̱͍ͪ̔ ͈͚̗̱̟͓ͫͬ̽̿͗M̦̗͈͙̳͓̣Ë̩̳̼͈̖̠ ̱̬D͔̗̰̅͆ͥ̐͛̓Ȏ̞̮̃ͪ͛W̃ͨ̍̏ͧN̯͎̖̟͓̮̞̏̿̊!̠̥͓̤̮̼̙̇ͣ!̻̼̻̰̎ͫ̑ͤ̿ͣ He shrieked, swinging his tiny arms wildly as he was lifted.

"Little shit-” the irishman sighed, looking around for something to put him in. He spotted a larger box in the corner from his old gift unwrappings, and walked over, dropping the smaller box inside. Tiny and angry shouts came from inside, but otherwise, he couldn’t jump or climb out.

Jack smiled and went back to his boyfriend, helping him stand. The other male bit his lip, glancing at Anti. “… T-Thank you…”

The eye chirped, going and pecking him on the cheek, beaming proudly. Jack grinned, kissing the eye in thanks. “He can be part of the family… he saved me AND you…”

Anti looked at him in shock. Him? Part of the family? After all he did-

“Yeah, you took me over… but from what I heard and felt, you only did it because Dark made you… you never once really hurt one of us… And… you saved us… of course you’re one of us now!” The irishman smirked at his new buddy, scooping him into a nuzzle. 

Anti was already leaking tears… he never had anyone besides Sam and Dark… and now… he had a family…?

Mark added to the cuddle, smiling proudly. “And, if Dark wants to get the stick out of his ass, he can be… something-” he glanced awkwardly at the box, which had gone silent.

“C'mon, we have to clean up… and find a way to keep Dark somewhere safe… plus- I bet we could find some nice stuff for you at a pet store, Anti,” Jack grinned, looking at the eye, then at Mark.

The septiceye beamed for a moment, and shuttered as he stared at them. They both gaped as they gazed into his large pupil. They could’ve sworn they saw a little Anti inside, smiling up at them with tears in his eyes… and a little voice murmured out:

“C҉-Ça̶l̶l ̢m̷e S̕a͝m̨..̨”

Thank you all so much for supporting the story!! I can promise you Anti-eye and Tiny Dark Tim will be making returns! If you’d like to see more with them, please let me know!!

How A Star Trek Convention Ended The World
  • Nervous Giggling Fan: So I have a question about Janeway and Chakotay?
  • Kate: *dully* You want to know why they didn't hook up
  • NGF: Well....yes
  • Kate: Janeway couldn't be taken seriously if she was having an affair. She was the first female captain in her child bearing years so....*sigh* Im so sorry dear but I can't do this anymore. I know what you really want to ask. You all want to know if Robert and I had an affair. Right? Thats what you all have wanted to know! RIGHT!?!
  • Crowd: Adjsjasdhhffasdfgh YES!
  • Moderator: Maybe we should just move on to the next...
  • Kate: We Fucked! We copulated! We did it! We had sex! We had sex and you know what it was amazing!
  • Crowd: *stunned silence*
  • Moderator: Oh no.
  • Kate: We had sex multiple times! He really is in one of my top five to be frank! But then guess what? Señor Sexy didn't want to settle down so we parted ways and that was that! We got over it! So should you!...........I need wine! *slumps back in her seat*
  • Robert: Top five? You've always been in my top three
  • Moderator: ....
  • Panel: ...
  • NGF: ...
  • Crowd: *girls burst into tears* *boys faint* *the earths floor opens up* *the sky falls* *the universe implodes*
  • Kate: *whips out her flask and starts chugging*

toobadhesfictional  asked:

Hey NGF! I have a prompt based off last nights ep: Sheldon surprising Amy on date night by driving her somewhere... And him being really cautious about it Thank you :D <3

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt!  This one was fun.  It really would be nice to show Sheldon driving since they dropped that line.  That would have been gold to see.  I hope you enjoy!

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