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【君との連弾4新刊サンプル】by Tetsu-Sabi (Preview)

Our dear Tetsu-Sabi is here, and with a pure doujinshi featuring those KawoShin engagement rings we all know and love. Not too sure if this is an age difference or her inserting her love for height differences on this one. Anyways, it has this really nice  Shungiku Nakamura feel to it! Like Kaworu and Shinji were in a type of relationship earlier on but for some reason they break apart and one fateful day in the future they end up reconnecting. Or this weird confusion between Qworu and Karl happens, because the first pages are definitely Karl and then we have Qworu all of a sudden. Maybe Karl matures into Qworu?!  

Looks promising to me and as always very pretty with her delicate Shinji and handsome Qworu. Take a look for yourself~

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