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How do you feel about Mari Makinami as a character? I'm curios to know if you like or dislike her and why. She SEEMS to be unpopular with the majority of the fandom. I'd also like to get your thoughts on what role you think she has to play. I have a hard time believing Anno added her to the ast out of pure tokenism. Personally, I think she's going to be just as relevant as Kaji in NGE. I'd love to hear your thoughts on her in general.

I’m really interested in Mari’s character in the Rebuilds and I think my interest comes in where we don’t know a lot about her character. We see her piloting two Evangelions in 2.0 (Unit-05 and later Unit-02′s temporary replacement). We also see her in 3.0, but she’s with WILLE now, piloting Mark-08 (Also, I want to see more Mari-Asuka interaction).

I think she’d be just as relevant (if not, more than Kaji) not only based on her knowledge but she’s shown time after time again that she’s very powerful. I’m wondering why Mari’s with WILLE however? With what knowledge it’s she has, I’m sort of hoping Mari is/will be a powerful ally(That’s me being optimistic - I’m crossing my fingers for that). 

Anno states that he put in Mari not based on a whim, but because he wanted to try making Rebuild significantly different than the original series. The pilot being added in according to Anno, was meant to be a novel element to the Rebuild films. He also states that at the beginning of adding her in, he feels as if he forced her in.


Part 3

— I heard that you had a very hard time with the creation of Mari’s character.

Anno: Right. It was extremely difficult. Ever since I started the new films I had decided on this “one trick” where I would increase the count of female pilots by one with a new character. I felt that there was a danger where, if I didn’t do this, I would end up repeating the same story, and be unable to significantly change things. I felt that, even if I had to force it, if I didn’t throw a new Eva pilot as an extreme, foreign element into the films, then Eva would not significantly change. At the start, I feel like I forcibly thrust her into the story.