NGC 3923 by geckzilla on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

The shells NGC 3923 are more difficult to distinguish. They are also interestingly symmetrical while other shell galaxies are seemingly much more random

A curious knot of dust is present in the foreground. I’m unsure if it is associated with the distant galaxy or if it is a local feature.

North is NOT up.

[ Authors ]
Michal Bílek, Jean-Charles Cuillandre, Stephen Gwyn, Ivana Ebrová, Kateřina Bartošková, Bruno Jungwiert, Lucie Jílková
[ Abstract ]
Context. The elliptical galaxy NGC 3923 is known to be surrounded by a number of stellar shells, a probable remnant of an accreted galaxy. Despite its uniqueness, the deepest images of its outskirts come from the 80s. B'{i}lek et al. (2014) predicted a new shell to lie in this region on the basis of the MOND theory of modified dynamics.