ngc 4151

heresmydumbblog  asked:

Hello! I don't know very much about these kind of pictures of space. I'm curious to know about what percentage of the ones you've posted are real. For example the eye-nebula one. Is that real? Thank you very much.

All images are real, unless they’re specifically labeled as not real, either with “space art” or “artist’s depiction/rendition/etc” (there are very few exceptions, if you want clarification for any specific posts you can just ask)

And I’m not sure which “eye-nebula” you mean. Are you thinking of 

NGC 4151 in Canes Venatici (which isn’t actually a nebula, it’s an entire galaxy)?

or NGC 7293 the Helix Nebula, in the constellation Aquarius? 

or HR 4792 with its dust ring (which is actually a binary star system)?

 Or perhaps M 1-42 in Sagittarius?

All of which look creepily like cosmic eyes staring at us, and all of which are real.