ng star

  • Magnus (asking Taako to take care of Steven): He’ll need to be fed. He prefers the pink fish flakes from Fantasy Costco.
  • Taako: I understand.
  • Magnus: And he'll need fresh water. And you gotta give him a comfy pillow--and talk to him. Tell him he is a pretty fish, and a good fish-
  • Taako: ...I'll feed him.
Cece's Pregnancy

I love love loved how Schmidt got to be the one to tell her. The pride on his face when she walked in made me cry! It’s a role reversal we don’t get to see often, with the non-pregnant partner announcing it.
And I loved that her potential infertility was simply but actually acknowledged with her line about not thinking it would happen for them.
Now, please give us a season 7, because grumpy or super horny pregnant Cece would be amazing!