HELLO this is my official commissions post!! >: )) I am almost 18 and i need money. tyvm for looking at this post!! reblogging is SUPER appreciated.


Chibi’s (colored and full bodied) are 7$ and Couples are 12$ (I do not do more than 2 characters on a drawing)

Headshots are 9$-25$
9$ getting you a sketch and 25$(Or more if ur generous ;-) ) will get you the full lineart+color.

Thigh-up’s are 12$-35$ and couples are 17$-45$.
Thigh up’s are a bit diff than the other ones because depending on how much detail your character has i might lower or rise the price.

Again I only do Single characters or Couples no more than that.

I’ll do basically anything, nsfw, gorey drawings, furries, andriods, mosnter!girls/boys.

Please do not be pushy with your commission as I’m probably doing others besides yours or I need breaks from drawing. Unless you specify a date when the drawing is needed by (Please give me atleast a week!!)

Do not pay me up front, I will finish your commission and show you a watermarked version (like a preview) of your drawing and then expect pay. Then I’ll send you the finished drawing. nice nice ook.

Do not give me poses, Sorry, but i work better if you let me do the pose myself? I always end up messing these up and procrastinate the longest on these.

Giving me a mood helps with the drawing!! tyyy

I only do paypal and US $$dollars, I think paypal has a converter for other types of money tho. 

message me on tumblr (no fanmail.) or email me at: (this is also my paypal email!!)

give me info,refs of ur charas, and ur paypal if ur interested. ty!!!


“I’ve been living with my family in a besieged area for more than two years now; it’s the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside.

Before the Syrian revolution I worked in many domains, from mobile phone retail to interior design and finishing work for apartments. That’s related to a hobby that I enjoy, painting. After that, I moved to oriental painting on glass, and as time went by, the Arab Spring had just started in our country.. At the beginning we held olive branches in our hands to demonstrate the peacefulness of the revolution, until revolutionaries were coerced into carrying weapons under the weight of violence.

Three years after the beginning of the revolution, and after leaving my hobbies, my painting brush and my colors, I felt that it is time to go back.

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