More Wreckers nonsense. Shivani this time.

Like Cooper and Ken-Rex, she’s evolved since I last mentioned her. Before, she was a hyper-competent hire of the twins, with a perfect knowledge of interplanetary financial law and a gen-mod that cancelled her need for sleep (with her emotional affect as collateral damage). Now, she’s in charge; the head of a planetary salvage outfit with a questionable company policy towards pre-spaceflight civs. (Ken and Cooper are, after all, basically cavemen. And she HIRED them.) She has fun with it, in a SHIVANI YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT TO PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T EVEN FIGURED OUT BASIC CHEMISTRY YET kind of way.

i think everyone’s had that daydream about going back in time to the medieval (or primeval!) world with a flashlight or a Prius or whatever and messing with the ancestors. Shivani calls that ‘Tuesday.” 

9% body fat with cyclist’s legs despite 200 years in space, because when your figure is nano-technologically maintained (like your hair), you can look however you want.