Czech group offers million-crown reward for delivering corrupt figures to justice

The Endowment Fund Against Corruption (NFPK), a Czech anti-corruption group, has unveiled a new attention-grabbing initiative to counter graft in this country. A reward of Kč 1.0 million is being offered to those who bring significant cases of corruption to the attention of the police with proceedings resulting in conviction.

The “WANTED” initiative rewards “those who bring to the attention economically significant cases of corruption or particularly flagrant cases” leader of the anti-corruption initiative announced. The cases in question must relate to new (i.e., not ongoing) investigations with the reward paid the day after a court sentence becomes valid.

The NFPK describes the reward as an incentive for courageous and decent Czechs to come forward. TV personality Jan Kraus, a member of the NFPK administrative board, says it is a simple answer to those with worries about becoming a whistleblower.

“At a certain level of corruption, democracy ceases to exist. On the other hand, many people say to you ‘What will happen if I report a corrupt act?’ Our answer is ‘You could get a million,’” Kraus explained in the drawl of a sheriff from the old Wild West.

Administrative board chairman Karel Janeček says the fund is able to hand out the reward three or more times in answer to questions at the news conference to mark the launch of the initiative about how it would work. “And we can offer a bonus if the prime minister ends up behind bars,” joked Kraus. (via Czech Position)


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