Ballers and the NFL

HBO has a new NFL-based series called “Ballers” starring The Rock. It’s sort of like Entourage with football, which makes sense since its features many of the same production executives.

Thus far its probably not as good as Entourage because the cast doesn’t have the same chemistry and it really isn’t doing much to show how the NFL works, but I doubt most people watching care about that.

It’s smoothly shot and features all forms of eye candy – women [and men], cars, jewelry, mansions, yachts, beaches, the Miami skyline, designer fashion, and more women. I’ve found it mindlessly entertaining. Others haven’t. Whatever.

It isn’t supposed to be smart. It isn’t supposed to have some greater meaning like “the Wire” or even “the Sopranos.”

It isn’t even designed for smart people. In a particularly entertaining twist, HBO on Demand features a “inside the edition” segment that in a few minutes explains the crude plot points, like this is Tolstoy and a viewer could have failed to comprehend. For example, we’re reminded this week that sleeping with your teammate’s mother might cause dysfunction in the locker room. Glad we got that straightened out.

Plenty of people hate the show. Detest it even. And that’s fine. The truth is, those people have better taste than those of us who don’t detest it. I would never argue those people are wrong. I’m probably wrong. It’s a TV show. I don’t care.

The only criticism of Ballers that doesn’t wash with me is the complaint that it isn’t “realistic.” This seems to stem from some of the stereotypically based characters and situations and the fact that women are rarely wearing more than the bare minimum, if that. It’s all a decadent party.

But really, what constitutes “realistic” in the NFL? How could something be unrealistic in the NFL? When it comes to the NFL, there is almost nothing that could surprise me.

Would it be unrealistic if Ballers ran an episode where a star quarterback lost a $100 million contract and got sent to Leavenworth for running a brutal dog fighting operation out in the woods of Virginia?

Would it be unrealistic if Ballers ran an episode where a star tight end (allegedly) murdered two guys because one spilled a drink on him in a nightclub? Then, since the cops can’t figure out he did it, he plays an entire season only to finally get caught because he later murders his fiancee’s sister’s boyfriend in a field by his home?

How about if a wide receiver gets caught on camera phone shouting racial slurs at a concert security guard, nearly ripping apart a locker room and setting off a national debate about language. And, as a bonus, the person who delivers the appropriate wisdom to calm things, is that same QB from the dog-fighting ring?

How about a never-ending controversy over racially-charged symbols coming courtesy of a team nickname and logo? How about a team having a bullying crisis in their locker room? Or one where bounties were supposedly handed out for crippling hits? How about a team owner getting indicted?

How about if the league’s gold-standard franchise gets busted secretly videotaping signals from an opponent, then sanctioned for having a guy named “The Deflator” deflating footballs in a bathroom just before the AFC Title Game?

How about the best running back in the league getting suspended for the season for beating his son with a switch, leading to a national discussion on how to discipline a child? How about a Super Bowl champion running back knocking his then fiancee, now wife, out cold in an Atlantic City elevator, and getting essentially banished from the league, but only after TMZ bought the footage and humiliated the asleep-at-the-wheel commissioner?

How about a team renting a “Love Boat” for wild parties? How about another dubbing a nice suburban home the “White House” for the same? How about a retired Hall of Famer turned comedic Hollywood star beating the rap on double murder but later winding up with essentially a life sentence for stealing his own pants from a suite inside a Vegas casino?

How about the league’s iron man quarterback getting caught texting pictures of his, well, you know, to a team Jumbotron hostess who got her big break in the entertainment business after she went to a college game wearing cowgirl inspired cleavage?

Look, Ballers is only three episodes old. It may last. It may not. It may be fun. It may be junk.

Critics should feel free to praise or rip it as much as they want. What they can’t do is call it unrealistic because in the NFL, everything, and we mean everything, is realistic. That much is undeniable. The NFL doesn’t deserve the benefit of a doubt that something could be unrealistic.

Other than that, happy viewing. Or not.

Who has a better defense this season? The Bills or the Jets

Every team claims to have the best defense

When you see any Buffalo Bills’ coach or player live on TV, you will get to hear that they are expecting to come up with the best defense in the NFL this season. You will get to hear the same thing from any other team in the NFL. However, the Bills this time have a reason to be very optimistic.

Why the Bills under Ryan have a better defense

Last season they finished as the No. 4 side in defense in the NFL. Only one defensive starter left the team while Rex Ryan was added in as the Head Coach. This move could prove to be fruitful when you speak of the defense. Ryan is a renowned personality who is famous for his dominant defenses despite his failure to stand up to his tall claims. Though unsuccessful with the New York Jets, yet he did wonders for the team in the defense. The Jets came as far to be ranked as third in one season. Things are even better for the former head coach of New York Jets as he has inherited a roster with some of the best front men in the NFL. He also has a strong group of defensive backs in the side.

The main reason why the Bills have an edge over the Jets

So the question is which side will have the better defense this season, the Buffalo Bills or the team that Rex Ryan coached earlier? If you view the overall situation, the Jets seem to have a better stand. The Bills have a dominant front four is of an advantage but that is not the reason why they are ahead of the Jets. The Jets are not too far off when it comes to the dominant front four. The main reason why the Bills have an edge over the Jets is that they possess a secondary that is way better than the Jets.

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To find out which team has the better defense, stay tuned to watch all NFL games this season. This season is expected to stay pretty excited with many developments having occurred. We have the Patriots facing fine and other punishment for the deflate gate scandal. Also, the Patriots will probably be without their key quarterback Tom Brady.

Meanwhile, Rex Ryan has come up with another tall claim that his side will make it to the playoffs. This is something that the Bills have failed to accomplish in the past 16 years. We will know which team makes it to the playoffs once the season commences. To watch uninterrupted NFL games this season, opt for NFL Game Pass Coupon 2015. These coupons will allow you to buy the Game pass at a lower price. Now you can enjoy all NFL games at a low price. Do not miss out all the excitement this season. Don’t forget to opt for NFL Game Pass Coupon 2015 this season.


If you signed up for the Green Bay Packers season tickets waiting list, you’d have to wait nearly 1,000 years to get your ticket!

How’s that possible?

There are approximately 86,000 (give or take) fans currently on the waiting list. On average, less than 100 fans per year give up their tickets. So, if you do the math, that adds up to about 955 years!

But don’t worry, Cheeseheads, you should still be able to catch the next Brett Favre comeback attempt at that rate.