Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. offered minor league baseball contract 

New York Giants stud wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was offered a contract to be a pitcher Tuesday by the Can-Am League’s Rockland Boulders. The offered came after a video of him pitching a softball (80 miles per hour or so?) at a charity event went viral over the weekend.

The Boulders are an independent league team based out of Pomona, New York.

“It’s apparent that Odell is a very gifted athlete regardless of his sport,” Boulders general manager Shawn Reilly said. “We think that getting experience pitching to professional hitters will give him the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson. As we are the New York area’s only defending professional championship team, he will have the opportunity to learn in a first-class environment while still in close proximity to MetLife Stadium.”

Beckham would receive professional coaching.

“We were very impressed with Odell’s mechanics in the video,” said Boulders pitching coach Bobby Jones, a former Mets starter. “He’s shown his ability to catch a ball on the gridiron and after seeing his prowess on the mound, I am optimistic that he has the tools to develop into a quality pitcher.”

Beckham is most likely going to pass on the Boulders’ offer, which asks for him to report to spring training next May, in the middle of the Giants’ offseason workout program.

But if Beckham really were interested in trying his hand at baseball in the offseason, the Giants wouldn’t be able to stop him. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson attended spring training the past two years with the Texas Rangers prior to the start of the Seahawks’ offseason workout program.

What you need to know about being a fan of sports:
  • you do not need to know everything about your team or the sport
  • your favorite players may be traded or leave
  • your team will not win the championship every year
  • others will say they are bigger fans than you
  • they actually might be
  • you do not have to wear merchandise or own jerseys
  • you do not need to watch every game, or any game for that matter
  • you need to commit though because once you’re a fan of sports, there is no going back.

Dolphins DC Kevin Coyle: Ndamukong Suh’s been everything as advertised 

So far Ndamukong Suh has made his presence felt early on with the Miami Dolphins.

According to defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, Suh so hyped up during offseason workouts the team had to have him dial it down, which Coyle saw as a positive for a player who has lived up to his expectations thus far.

“Quite honestly yeah we had to tone him down there a little bit,” Coyle said on the Joe Rose Show on WQAM. “That was a good thing. We had to back him off because he’s really something. First of all he’s an extremely intelligent player. I’ve been totally impressed with his football knowledge and he comes out to the practice field.

“He’s extremely hardworking. He’s the first guy in line showing the younger guys how to do it. And I’ve never been around a more explosive, powerful man of his size and his athleticism. He’s been everything as advertised.”

Coyle is excited to see what Suh can do once he puts the pads on at training camp.

“Quite frankly, you can only do so many things in OTAs when you just have shorts and helmets on,” he said. “I can’t wait to get going here at the end of July when we start training camp and get the pads on and get ready to go because he’s a rare talent and great addition for us.”

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Undrafted 49ers WR DeAndrew White: I feel like I belong here 

DeAndrew White was an undrafted free agent. So he’s out to make every team that passed on him regret it.

Even the San Francisco 49ers, who finally signed the wideout.

White is well on the way to doing that. He has been impressive ever since he stepped on the field for offseason workouts and has earned the praise from coaches and teammates.

“The type of person he is; he motivates himself,” said wide receivers coach Adam Henry. “He has a little chip on his shoulder, and he bring it to the building each and every day.”

White arrived at Alabama as one of the premier wide receiver prospects in the nation. He started over Amari Cooper until a season-ending ACL injury impeded his progress. Cooper then starred while White faded into the background. The latter served as a starter last season, but managed just 40 catches for 504 yards.

He is now out to prove that the potential with which he arrived at Alabama will not go unfulfilled.

“I’m a hard-worker and ultra-competitive,” he said. “I just can’t wait for the opportunity to showcase my talent. I know what I want to achieve, and I know that I need to get better than what I’ve been doing.

“The NFL is not for everybody, but I feel like I’m at home; I feel like I belong here. I know I’m going to succeed. This is just the beginning.”

White had multiple teams pursuing him after the draft, but chose the 49ers because he felt like it was his best shot to not only make a team, but be around for multiple years.

“I decided I didn’t want to do the money grab,” White said. “I made the best choice for my career. I don’t regret it at all. I love the facility, I love the program, I love the staff and I love the team.”

White knows he can help the team in multiple ways and can’t wait to get back to training camp to continue to showcase his skills.

“The more versatile you are, the better chance you have to be on the field,” White said. “I like to try to take advantage of that because I’m an athlete. I can do a lot of things.”


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