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Photos by Michael Pecosky, Ivy Vainio and Wendi Kent - Madison, Wisconsin.

Fact: Native Americans were key to the origins of football.

Specifically, a game with Pennsylvania’s Carlisle Indian Industrial School at the turn of the 20th century.

In 1905, football was incredibly violent (more than it is today). To correct that, the forward pass was invented. The first team to master it was Carlisle, led by its coach, a man named Pop Warner. 

In 1907, the Carlisle team traveled to to play the University of Chicago. 27,000 people attended, many of whom chanted viciously racist slurs.

Despite the crowd, Carlisle pulled off one of the biggest upsets in history and beat Chicago — thanks to a spiral pass.

 One of football’s signature tactics was popularized because of this team.

So why do we still mock Native Americans in the NFL?


In celebration of Super Bowl 50 and Courtyard, I took the incredible “You like that” Redskins QB Kirk Cousins around San Francisco and we quickly became best friends.