nfl tips

stuff to pack list!!!

okay this is just me reassuring myself I have everything packed for tomorrow:

  1. A large bag filled with everything that follows:
  2. refillable water bottle (one that preferably has a filter in it to get out the gross water fountain gunk so it doesnt taste nasty)
  3. flats
  4. heels
  5. pantyhose. new. fresh. w/o holes.
  6. phone (fully charged, some games on it)
  7. phone charger
  8. headphones
  9. deodorant
  10. makeup remover wipes
  11. breath mints (i like lifesavers)
  12. hand sanitizer (the lil cute ones are good)
  13. wallet w/ cash ($$$$)
  14. lint roller
  15. small notebook w/ pen
  16. nail clippers or small scissors
  17. grocery plastic bag (in case anything leaks)
  18. snacks (granola bars, fruit, bagels are good)
  19. candy (bribery? dont do it)
  20. cough drops!!!
  21. some bandaids (safety first)
  22. maybe a book??