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PSA: NFL Season 2017-2018

I’ve decided as a lifelong Sports/NFL fan to only watch New England Patriots games. I’ll boycott all Playoff games and the Super Bowl if the Patriots are not in the game. I may not attend any games in Gillette Stadium this season, still undecided as of now. A future update is coming, once that policy is figured out for myself.

I never thought it would come to this. Some people may not understand, though Sports is a huge part of my life. Have always played Sports and watched all the major sports, including College Football, College Basketball, Boxing, UFC and some Tennis majors.

 I’ve already stopped watching ESPN programming, including Sports Center. Though still get tons of Sports and know what is always going on. The NFL owns the NFL Network/Red Zone and also be included into my personal stance.

I basically watch all sports besides NASCAR and Soccer (Though I’ll watch the World Cup every four years for the United States and Italian National team).

Some people may not like this, though that’s too bad, not going to apologize to nobody. Though I do encourage people to completely boycott the league if you feel like you want to. That’s your choice and stand with you. I actually think that’s the best way, though I need my Pats in my life.

I’ll still follow the NFL, keep up to date of course. Though going to stand with my policy. The free market will speak and everybody should be targeting the Cable providers. That’s where the real money is. 

Lately, I’ve decided to no longer purchase authentic NFL licensed merchandise, hats etc. I thought this over for days and will maintain this policy to there is change.


@babe-allan-coe @freedom-beard As Football fans, any comments? Do you guys have a policy or want to publicly comment? Thank you to the Pat Tillman and every soldier out there.

When I started it was like yeah OK I wanna get a leaner, more muscles body.  I can do that, do some cardio and use some machines, eat a little better, more protein, maybe a shake or two.  It’ll just be somethin to do in addition to all the other shit I do, reading and writing and drinking with friends and watching movies and TV…

Somewhere along the line that changed, I dunno exactly where or when.  Don’t really even remember how many months I been doin it for anymore, I just go, day after day.  I look at my closet and I do a doubletake cuz I dont remember gettin so much gear.  How did that happen?  Seems like every clothes I got has a Nike or a UA on em.  Dont even remember the last time I wore boxers or even boxer briefs.  Its been compression shorts every day for my whole life.  Was there ever a day I went to work I didnt have my gym bag with me too? 

Sometimes I think about the future and what could happen.  I keep pushin myself at the gym and it’s not enough.  Need more.  Ive been searching the internet for more things about muscles and sometimes I read so much about muscles that I kinda blank out and then come to and I’m in the gym again, and I’m counting one and I’m counting two …

Like just now haha I just looked up and saw football on the TV.  When did I put football on the TV?  I was watching some Netflix thing, wasn’t I?  I remember watching the game last night maybe I fell asleep with the NFL Network on.  I do that sometimes.  I got a pretty strong fantasy league this year.  But that’s not enough.  Need more.  Gotta play football too, I think.  Makes sense, with all this gear I got.  And this like, grittin my teeth shit all the time, like I’m gettin ready all the time for someone to just ram into me cuz I got the football.  And I have this weird feeling that the minute I hit “post” on this I’m gonna look up and I’m gonna be at the gym again, counting one and counting two and counting three and just really muscling through my reps and I’m gonna be sorer than fuckin hell but it’s all fuckin worth it, cuz muscles gear football is all that matters now.

Other shit just kinda fadin away.  I come a long way so far.  When I think about where I come from, it’s kinda fuzzy.  I still get alot of “smart” comments from people and sometimes it’s still a reflex but it’s harder to remember some things now.  Harder to remember the smart times.  The gym is so clear, muscles burning is so sharp, wearing gear feels so natural.  It isnt even gear anymore, its just my cloths.

Is this what I wanted?  Does it matter?  Cuz its happenin and I’m counting one and I’m counting two and I’m counting three and I’m counting four and I’m counting five…


Chopping it up today in the kitchen! 🔪🍳👨‍🍳 Always repping that 500! Mixing a few of my favorite hiphop tracks! Wax on Wednesdays! Let’s get it! #mix #dj #kitchen #dabs #producer #food #network #entrepreneur #business #media #halloween #noshavenovember #cover #art #culture #music #pioneer #yankees @500ent #trap #edm #hiphop #fall #ufc #nfl #fashion #radio #pop (at New York, New York)

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What’s that? Haven’t had a chance to check out the ultimate piece of prime #PatsPorn that is The Top 10 Tom Brady Games from NFL Films? Well here you go, Pats Pal…and might I say, the guy who pops up a ton wearing the SB 51 scoreboard shirt looks awfully familiar…

Curious as to your rankings on the games…so many to choose from, so hard to rank them! Well, there’s no disputing #1…


please watch julian sing and danny play the guitar

Watch the boys explore mexico tonight on nfl network @ 10pm


(31 January 2014) FOX Super Bowl Sunday - Bruno Mars Feature with Michael Strahan


9:00PM ET | BRONCOS at 49ERS

7:30PM ET | PATRIOTS at EAGLES [NFL Network]
10:00PM ET | COWBOYS at RAIDERS [NFL Network]

7:30PM ET | GIANTS at STEELERS [NFL Network]

1:30PM ET | BILLS at COLTS [NFL Network]


(31 January 2014) Bruno Mars NFL interview (HD)


Motivational words from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson!

This September, Outlander season 3 will be premiering in the fall on Starz, and this marks the first time that the series premieres there. Previously, this was a show suited for the spring and the summer, which carried with it a unique set of challenges all its own. The good thing was that by the end of the season, there often was less in the way of network competition. On the flip side, at the start of the season there was a ton of competition via other networks / shows that it was a challenge for the show to have to deal with it all. (Sure, we know that season 2 aired on Saturdays, but there was a lot of DVR programming many casual viewers spent the weekend trying to catch up on.)

So what are the advantages to the fall? The biggest one is potentially a larger pool of viewers, and not just because of the Sunday move. If you look at the ratings trajectory for the vast majority of network shows, you will see traditionally that they perform far better in the fall than they do in the spring. The reasons for that are twofold:

Climate – As the weather gets progressively colder outside, there is effectively less of an interest in going out and doing other things. It’s also coming off of the summer, and after many months doing things outdoors many viewers are primed for a change.

No burnout – By the time April or May rolls around, there is a natural tendency for casual viewers to take programming for granted when they’ve had a flurry of options for much of the season. After the summer, there is that eagerness from a programming standpoint to go along with that culture change due to the climate.

Aren’t diehard fans going to watch at any point regardless?

This is one of the biggest questions we often get anytime there’s a post touching on such issues as ratings, and with that it’s often fair to point out that the vast majority of any viewership — even for a show like Outlander that has arguably the most passionate following of any on television — does not regularly engage about it on social media. These are fans who often need a little more encouragement to remember to watch live, as opposed to just binge-watching after the fact.

You can argue that with Starz, watching live doesn’t quite matter so much as the network just gaining more subscribers when the show comes on. Nonetheless, the optics are such that every network wants to boost of being the most popular in live+same day viewing. It’s a beacon for more publicity, and it can even help with such things as awards-show campaigns.

So is fall the best time for Outlander to premiere?

For this year, and possibly in the years to come, the answer to this seems to be “yes.” While there may be competition from NFL football and some network shows on Sunday night, it’s all mostly counter-programming to a show of this variety. There’s also no Game of Thrones and, for the start of the season at least, no The Walking Dead. The Diana Gabaldon adaption can exist on its own island for a stretch of time without having to deal with the nonsense from other competitors, and it can be on at a time when casual viewers are eager.

In a vacuum where new seasons of the show are ready annually, the fall could be the way to go — despite some initial hesitation from us and others on the subject. The biggest issue standing in the way of this happening is that with the show’s production cycle being so lengthy, it’s hard to predict that a new season of the show will be ready every year in time for September. If that isn’t the case for season 4, for example, it’s hard to tell Outlander viewers to wait for two years until fall 2019 just because it’s a good time to launch the show. There is only so much Droughtlander that anyone can bear!

Nothing new to talk about, so is left to comment on the September airing of Outlander. Stateside, a strong PBS lineup will pull more OL fans from Sunday evening viewing (starting in October) than those watching than the NFL game.