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Will Smith's new movie "Concussion" terrifies the NFL. Here's the trailer.
It's based on a true story — which the NFL tried to cover up.
By Joseph Stromberg

The NFL’s concussion crisis is about to hit the big screen. Today, the football site MMQB debuted the trailer for a film titled simply Concussion, due out Christmas Day.

It stars Will Smith as Bennet Omalu, the real Pittsburgh forensic pathologist who first discovered a neurodegenerative disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in the brains of football players. CTE is the result of repeated brain trauma over time and causes depression, dementia, and other behavioral changes.


40% of retired NFL players showed signs of traumatic brain injury, according to study

By administering memory tests and brain scans on 40 retired players aged 27 to 56, the researchers found, on average, players got 8.1 concussions in their careers. Twelve other former players said hits they took were just below the threshold of an official concussion, which seems like splitting hairs when we’re talking about getting your head smashed. But is this preventable?

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PACKERS LOSE WR RANDALL COBB FOR 6-8 WEEKS - Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said Monday that wide receiver Randall Cobb will be out “multiple weeks” with an unspecified injury. But now we’ve learned that the injury to Cobb is much worse than the team first reported.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Cobb will be out 6-8 weeks with a fractured fibula.

Cobb, who has 29 catches for 378 yards and two touchdowns this season, took a low hit to the knee from Baltimore Ravens rookie safety Matt Elam in Sunday’s game.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took exception to the shot, confronting Elam on the field and later calling it a “questionable play." 

Fellow wideout James Jones has a left knee injury but he could be ready to play Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, McCarthy said. The Packers visit Minnesota the week after that.

Jones, who has 20 catches for 349 yards and two touchdowns, was injured blocking on a run by Eddie Lacy. Jones, who led the NFL with 14 TD catches in 2012, has scored twice this season.

The Packers have only two other receivers, Jordy Nelson and Jarrett Boykin, on the 53-man roster, plus Myles White on the practice squad. (Photo: Gail Burton/Associated Press)


Early Retirement

Chris Borland, Joining A Group Of Other NFL Rookies And NFL Players Early In Their Careers, Is Hanging Up His Cleats. The Risk Of Concussion And Other Head Injuries To Players Later In Life Is His Reason.

“I just thought to myself, ‘What am I doing? Is this how I’m going to live my adult life, banging my head, especially with what I’ve learned and knew about the dangers?’” Borland told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”

Godspeed, Chris! You Are A True Sports Stud!

Rugby Take Note!

PACKERS LB CLAY MATTHEWS OUT FOR BEARS GAMES - Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews will miss Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears for the NFC North title after aggravating a right thumb injury.

Green Bay didn’t practice Wednesday but issued an injury report as if it did. Matthews was listed as out.

Matthews got hurt during a sack in Sunday’s 38-31 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Matthews missed four games earlier this season after initially breaking the thumb in Week 5 in October.

Matthews looked to be in extreme pain on the sideline Sunday after the sack. Coach Mike McCarthy has described it as a “repeat injury.”

The Packers had Christmas day off. They return to practice Thursday, when the team is also expected to announce if quarterback Aaron Rodgers is ready to return from a left collarbone injury. (Photo: Jeffrey Phelps/Associated Press)

REPORT: AARON RODGERS TO MISS 3-6 WEEKS - Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is expected to miss at least three weeks with a fractured collarbone, according to several reports.

ESPN first reported Rodgers was diagnosed with a hairline fracture near his left shoulder. There are conflicting reports surrounding Rodgers’ expected recovery time, varying from three to six weeks.

Rodgers, who sustained the injury during a first-quarter sack by Chicago Bears defensive end Shea McCellin, will undergo more tests Tuesday to determine the timetable for return.

Packers’ backup quarterback Seneca Wallace relieved Rodgers and went 11-for-19 for 114 yards and an interception against the Bears, who pulled into a three-way tie with the Packers and Lions for first in the NFC North.

The Packers could seek to bring back Matt Flynn, who is on waivers from the Buffalo Bills until 4 p.m. ET Tuesday. Since leaving Green Bay as an unrestricted free agent, Flynn has been traded by the Seattle Seahawks and released by the Oakland Raiders and Bills in the past 18 months.

Another option is Vince Young, who was with the Packers in training camp and recently turned down a two-year CFL contract. (Photo: Benny Sieu/USA TODAY Sports

For the last few days, the Dallas Cowboys staff has been keeping wide receiver Dez Bryant from the practice field due to what many thought was a potential nagging injury.

The team went on to say yesterday that this was just a precautionary measure, but people weren’t ready to believe them, until today.

This is a shot from Cowboys practice earlier today. Injury? Sure doesn’t seem like it!

Submitted by Manuel Avila Jr.

TEXANS FANS CHEERED AS QB MATT SCHAUB LEFT GAME WITH INJURY - Houston Texans fans are impatient and they’re angry and the focus of their rage is on quarterback Matt Schaub.

But that’s no excuse for what happened Sunday at Reliant Stadium, …during the Texans’ 38-13 loss to the St. Louis Rams. In a classless moment, fans cheered when Schaub injured his ankle and had to leave the field.

“It’s wrong. It’s wrong. At the same time, I really don’t want to talk about it, but I completely do not agree with it,” linebacker Brian Cushing said via ESPN. “This is a guy who gives everything he has to the game of football, to the city and does way more outside this stadium that people seem to forget about. He’s a great teammate, a great person.

“When people react like that, it’s barbaric.”

Schaub has struggled this season. He threw a pick-six in four straight games and the Texans have fallen to 2-4 and a Houston restaurant said it was only joking when it offered a “Matt Schaub Pick Six Special.” Last week, he contacted NFL security when fans were taking photos outside his home.

“That is just tasteless and tactless,” running back Arian Foster said to the media after the game. “I was extremely heated at that. The fans can get emotional. That is just not how I was brought up. That is just tasteless and tactless. I was extremely heated at that. The fans can get emotional. That is just not how I was brought up. That is not the kind of man I am. I don’t care how you feel about a man. You don’t kick him when he is down.”

So when Schaub went down, Texans fans got what they’ve been calling for. But sometimes fans have to be careful what they ask for.

Soon the cheers for Schaub’s exit were silenced when his replacement, T. J. Yates, contributed to the loss by throwing two interceptions, including one that was returned by Alec Ogeltree 98 yards for a touchdown, meaning the Texans as a team continued their embarrassing streak, now five consecutive games, with a pick six. Schaub authored the previous four.

Even Rams players noticed how bad Texans fan were being.

“It’s bad when members of the other team are saying that’s messed up that [fans] would do something like that,” Andre Johnson said. “It just shows no class. It wasn’t all the fans. But those are the same people that you’re out somewhere with your family and you tell them they can’t have an autograph right now, those are the same people that tell you you’re rude.

“It shows what they’re all about. You don’t cheer about nobody being injured – I don’t care who it is.”

Rams defensive end Chris Long put things into perspective for those fans who cheered his injury.

“That’s classless,” Long said.“I’ve got a lot of respect for this organization, this city and the fans, so that was disappointing. No player should ever be cheered when he’s going down by the opposing fans or especially your own. That’s disappointing.” (Photo: Patric Schneider/Associated Press)

COLTS REGGIE WAYNE OUT FOR SEASON WITH TORN ACL-After giving the Denver Broncos their first loss of the season, Colts was dealt with a loss of their own. According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Reggie Wayne will be out the remainder of the season with a torn ACL.

Wayne suffered a non-contact injury to his right knee during the fourth quarter of Colts 39-33 win over the Broncos. Wayne injured the knee when he was trying to catch a underthrown ball from Andrew Luck during the play he stumbled and landed awkwardly on his knee.

“It was my fault,” Luck said. “Terrible throw. We know he’s a fighter. We’re hoping for the best.”

Colts Chuck Pagano did say the loss of Wayne does sting but the coach is staying positive about how long Wayne will be out.

“We hate to lose anybody, but this one stings,” Pagano said. “You just don’t replace guys like 87. But he’ll be back, I know how he’s wired. I know how his DNA is.

"After the conversation I just had with him, wait and see. We’ll all put on the clothes for Reggie and we’ll help him get it back,” Pagano said.

Wayne has played in 189 straight games, the most among active players. Wayne was Luck’s most reliable target and he led the team with 38 receptions and 503 receiving yards. (Photo: Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports)