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imo anyone who thinks that head trauma isnt a big deal needs to go read about chris benoit

Watch the movie Concussion as well.

Also google search: Pittsburgh (yes that’s right! Right in the Steel City itself) Steelers CTE.

Another google search: NFL players diagnosed with CTE and go to the Wikipedia page (it has lists with sources which is why I’m recommending it) and look at the list of players who have sued the NFL for concussion related injuries. And you know why? Because the NFL didn’t follow concussion protocol. Now imagine NHL players who get hit 17% harder than an NFL hit and how that affects their bodies.


Big hit turns Ben Roethlisberger into Popeye

Sunday night’s Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers game was the typical AFC North battle between the two teams.

There was plenty of trash talking, fights after the whistle and big hits.

One of those big hits was delivered by Ravens defensive linemen Courtney Upshaw, who laid a brutal lick to the head of Steelers quarter Ben Roethlisberger.

The hit seemed to affect Big Ben’s jaw an turn him into Popeye.

First, Roethlisberger started some interesting jaw calisthenics, and the wonderful world of Twitter didn’t stop having fun with the incredible faces he provided.

But my personal favorite is the Penguin.

Upshaw was flagged for the hit and will most likely receive a fine from the NFL, but that hit also seemed to wake up Big Ben who went on to torch the Ravens defense during his record breaking night. 

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Feminism is wanting equal rights for everyone with little to no gender barriers in between. Men's rights are also necessary but if I am correct Men fall under the category of EVERYONE.

Do you believe men should have the same right as women to opt out of parenthood or have complete control over their reproduction as women do (ie. financial abortion leaving all women’s reproductive rights intact)?

Do you believe men should have the same right as women to genital integrity at birth (circumcision)?

Do you believe women should be forced into Selective Service to possibly fight and die for their country?

Do you believe that male exotic dancers and porn stars should earn the same amount as their female coworkers - equal pay for equal work?

Do you believe N.O.W. is wrong for opposing shared parenting and equal access to kids after a divorce?

Do you believe drunken women who grab, pinch or otherwise engage in any sexualized touching or flirtation with men without their consent are women who feel ‘entitled to mens bodies’ and should be charged with sexual assault and/or harassment?

Do you believe that men should be allowed (and supported by women) to lobby/protest/boycott movies like Magic Mike, products like Old Spice, and magazines like Mens Health or Cosmo for portraying unrealistic body images of ripped men and 8 pack abs?

Do you believe sexist/stereotyped portrayals of men as bumbling idiots/incompetent/always needing a woman to guide/fix their decisions should be outlawed and replaced in TV sitcoms and advertising?

Do you believe that the standard depiction in film, where a single father may only live with his children if his wife had an untimely death and never through divorce, is wrong?

Do you believe that a depiction in film, where a single non-custodial father must be shown flawed in some way, slanting the viewer to believe he is less a loving, equal parent than a pain in the mother’s side, is outdated and should end?

Do you believe NFL stars who hit women deserve jail time, and that Hope Solo shouldn’t have been allowed to continue playing for the US women’s soccer team but rather she should have faced similar consequences?

Do you believe that a woman throwing slaps and punches at a man in a bar is deserving of a few nights in jail for assault?

Do you believe that men should be able to stop paying child support when they discover that the child they thought was theirs biologically is discovered to be another man’s through paternity fraud?

Do you believe in 100% DNA paternity testing for each child born in this country?

Do you believe that when a legally “cannot drive” drunk man and sober women have sex with each other, the woman is a rapist?

Do you believe that women who are proven to have lied about being raped should serve the same prison sentence as rapists?

Do you believe that resources for Domestic Violence advocacy, shelters, etc., should be allocated on a realistic basis, that when all victims are considered including men, women, children, and elders, women are every bit as violent to those who live with them as men?

Would you support an “affirmative action” plan that would force state and federal courts to give equal prison sentences to men and to women, as classes, for the same crime?

Do you believe that schools should recognize their shortcomings in teaching boys, with the aim of giving them a good education and ending the epidemic of ADHD medication abuse? Such self reflection should seek to make equal the number of young men vs. women in our colleges. Do you support this?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions - you are a feminist. But you certainly do not support equality in any sense of the word.