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New, safer helmets may be on the horizon for NFL teams. To date, 25 teams have purchased the new ZERO1 helmet from Vicis to try out in practices this offseason.

The ZERO1 has some key features to improve safety and functionality like:

  • a pliable outer layer
  • an impact-absorbing core layer
  • the multiple layers work together to slow impact forces
  • mitigate collisions from multiple directions
  • elevates performance by featuring the widest field of peripheral view and low aerodynamic drag.

A few players may test the helmet in actual games this season. It’s also worth noting that Jerry Rice, Tony Dorsett, Roger Staubach, and others are members of the Vicis advisory team.

Gridiron Avengers

A Thor x Reader, Avengers fan fiction

The Avengers get together for a day off to play touch football.  You join your boyfriend Thor for the fun which which takes a turn when the Hulk gets involved.  What could happen when a Hulk and a God play touch football?

Thor x reader, The Avengers
Touch football, humor, angry hulk, protective Thor, reader insert

A/N:  More of my Avenger stories can be found on AO3.

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You drove along the sunny back roads of West Chester, New York with the top of your little blue convertible down, your hair loose and flowing behind you in the warm spring breeze. A large warm hand rested on your thigh and Thor looked over at you as you glanced at him and grinned.  He smiled back warmly, squeezing your leg as you sped up letting the warm sun wash over you.

With your busy schedule and Thor’s duties on Asgard, you both hadn’t seen each other in weeks and were planning to make the most of the long weekend you had together.  Part of the weekend included joining Tony and the other Avengers in a cook-out and friendly game of touch football.

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Will Smith's new movie "Concussion" terrifies the NFL. Here's the trailer.
It's based on a true story — which the NFL tried to cover up.
By Joseph Stromberg

The NFL’s concussion crisis is about to hit the big screen. Today, the football site MMQB debuted the trailer for a film titled simply Concussion, due out Christmas Day.

It stars Will Smith as Bennet Omalu, the real Pittsburgh forensic pathologist who first discovered a neurodegenerative disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in the brains of football players. CTE is the result of repeated brain trauma over time and causes depression, dementia, and other behavioral changes.



The Bears Social Media Team hired me to take a Bears helmet to various haunted spots around Chicago. First off - THAT’S AWESOME! A major sports team asked me to make content for their social feeds, which basically means I’m a member of their team now. Like… right? I think that’s what that means. 

Second, it was a PERFECT way to celebrate Halloween (aka my second favorite holiday). I went to 10 spots all over the Chicagoland area from cemeteries to sites of major tragedies (like the Eastland Disaster and the Iroquois Theater Fire), to places that are just supposed to have ghosts wandering around scaring the crap out of people. 

You can see everywhere we went over on the Bear’s Instagram Page

Thanks to the Bears for bringing me off the bench for this one, and if you guys need anything else - like… some fresh photos of players, or someone to report what it’s like to be a season ticket holder or whatever - consider this an open letter to tell you that I’m down. BEAR DOWN!