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How to make America Great in 16 easy steps

1. I M P E A C H. T R U M P. self explanatory

2. Stop 👏🏾letting 👏🏾billionaires 👏🏾rig 👏🏾elections

Overturn Citizens United, ban campaign contributions and let one voice equal one vote

3. Stop spending 50% of all our tax money on war.

Stop killing civilians in the Middle East, and use the extra trillion dollars to reinvest in the Arab world, America’s urban and rural schools, and make college free.


Refugees and immigrants are usually skilled, open businesses, create innovation and grow the economy. They are also HUMAN BEINGS fleeing war and death and need us to be there for them.

5. Stop putting (black and Latino) kids in prison for nonviolent drug offenses.

Start weakening gangs by legalizing drugs and offering addiction and job training programs.

*bonus: this also greatly reduces gun violence everywhere, especially in large cities*

6. don't👏🏾let👏🏾cops👏🏾get👏🏾away👏🏾with👏🏾shit👏🏾

Put murderers in jail, whether they have a badge or not. Demilitarize police forces, and train officers deescalation tactics. Make sure officers come from the communities they serve. Rebuild trust through human contact with police.

7. end the mass shooting™ Era.

Castrate the NRA. Create an Australia style gun buyback program. Stop letting 14 year olds buy AKs at guns shows. Mandate “safe gun” tech.

*hidden bonus: kindergarteners, churchgoers and the general public will no longer be murdered en masse on a monthly basis. How wacky is that?!?*

8. stop allowing people to go bankrupt because they got sick or hurt

Create a single payer health care system like those in Norway, New Zealand, Japan, the U.K.,
Kuwait, Sweden, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, The UAE, Finland, Slovenia, Denamark, Luxembourg, France, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

9. pay👏🏾women👏🏾the👏🏾same👏🏾amount👏🏾of👏🏾money👏🏾as👏🏾men👏🏾 yea like wtf? It’s 2017. 10. LET WOMEN HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN BODIES. Again, wtf?!?

11. Don’t let oil and gas companies destroy the Earth for profit.

Implement a carbon tax, and use the money to invest in renewables, and climate change research.

12. Create 25 million jobs, and revive the American Dream.

Spur a National WWII style mobilization to build renewable energy, manufacture electric cars, invest in organic vertical farming, and clean up our polluted oceans, Lakes and rivers.

*secret bonus: this also keeps our kids from having to live in a dystopian hellscape lol*

13. PAY REPARATIONS to African and Native Americans, just like you did to settlers and slaveowners before/after the Civil War.

14. Close Guantanamo bay, and amend the constitution to ban torture

15. Get Involved(cliche but immensely important) protest, call your representatives, and get involved with organizations like moveleft, Indivisible, and Justice Democrats that push for real and radical improvements to our country.

16. Don’t let cynicism and pessimism cloud your judgement.

If you’re reading this right now and thinking; “okay but nahhhhhhh, none of this can happen in America”, your brain is tricking you. Human evolutionary psychology makes it hard for people to envision a future that is radically different from the past or present, but change can happen fast and is often more radical than you expect. Don’t sit on the sidelines and let the future be decided by the likes of Trump, Bannon, and oil companies. speak up. ACT.

and most importantly,


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While watching Game of Thrones are you eating a Cornish Game hen...or?

We are one day away from friday which means that my refrigerator is going to be getting a ton of attention in the very near future.  NFL season is right around the corner in which many of our butt cheeks will be planted on La-z-boys around the country for hours on end every Sunday.  Even if you aren’t a football fan, summer is going to be over before you know it and something on tv will probably get your attention as the leaves turn and the temperatures dip.  

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I sit here and ask myself if there is a match made in heaven when it boils down to the theme of what is on television, and the food pairing that goes with it.  The TV dinner combo but new age.  For example what is the best food to eat when watching your favorite NFL team take the field?  Naturally it is pizza and wings.  The same can’t be said if you are about to binge watch a full season of Game of Thrones, or in my case every season, since I haven’t seen it yet.  I won’t be ordering pizza and wing delivery when I begin that marathon.  I am thinking something more along the lines of a cornish hen that they serve at medieval times.  Wings are meant for football watching, and cornish game hen is meant for watching a television show in which characters die off as quickly as the oily sticker fad crashed and burned.  I am sure Russell Crowe would give a nod of approval if any of us ate a cornish game hen while watching The Gladiator.  

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The longer days are becoming shorter by the day, and you know what that means?  Long nights, lots of eating, and TV binge watching.  Just make sure to eat food that fits with the theme.  Who wants to watch a ballet while getting their hands messy in cheetos?  The two just don’t go hand in hand.  We take our eating very seriously here at LoDel HQ!