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REPORT: HERNANDEZ TOLD ASSOCIATE HE FIRED FATAL SHOTS - A man linked to the murder case against former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez told police Hernandez admitted firing the fatal shots, and a vehicle wanted in a double killing in Boston a year before had been rented in Hernandez’s name, according to documents filed Tuesday in Florida that provide the most damaging evidence yet against the former NFL tight end.

According to the Associated Press, the documents say Hernandez associate Carlos Ortiz told Massachusetts investigators that another man, Ernest Wallace, said Hernandez admitted shooting semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd in an industrial park near Hernandez’s home in North Attleborough. The documents were filed in court by the Miramar, Fla., police department to justify a search of Wallace’s home in that city.

The documents also say that while investigating Lloyd’s killing, police did searches in Hernandez’s hometown, Bristol, Conn., that turned up a vehicle wanted in connection with a July 2012 double homicide in Boston. Police say the vehicle had been rented in Hernandez’s name.

Prosecutors say Hernandez, Wallace and another man drove with Lloyd to an industrial park where Lloyd was fatally shot.

Ortiz told police that, after picking up Lloyd, the four men headed back to North Attleborough. Along the way, Hernandez told Lloyd that Lloyd had been “chilling” with people Hernandez had problems with, the documents said. But Ortiz told police that the two men shook hands and the problem seemed smoothed over. But soon the car stopped, and everyone but Ortiz got out to urinate, according to Ortiz’s account.

The witness also told police he then heard gunshots before Hernandez and Wallace got back into the car without Lloyd and the vehicle sped away.

Wallace faces an accessory to murder charge in the case and has pleaded not guilty. (Photo: Getty Images)

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FORMER GIANTS OT LUKE PETITGOUT ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT AFTER THROWING WIFE FROM MOVING CAR - Luke Petitgout, a 1999 first-round draft pick who spent most of his nine NFL seasons with the Giants, turned himself into a New York City police precinct today after his wife accused him of smacking her with her pocketbook and shoving her out of a moving car.

The New York Post, citing law enforcement sources, says Petitgout and his wife Jennifer were out celebrating their wedding anniversary when he accused her of cheating.

The retired offensive tackle smacked his wife with her pocketbook and then tossed her out of their car on Little West 12th Street at around 5:30 a.m. on Friday, sources added.

She went to the 1st Precinct station house to report her husband, before being taken to New York Downtown Hospital for minor injuries.

Petitgout was arrested Tuesday on an assault charge. He is in police custody awaiting arraignment. (Photo: New York Daily News)

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- SEAHAWKS BACKUP QB JOSH PORTIS ARRESTED ON SUSPICION OF DUI - Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Josh Portis will be arraigned on May 28 after being arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated on May 5, Seattle Time’s Bob Condotta reports.

According to Condotta’s report, a Washington State trooper pulled Portis over after his Range Rover was clocked going 80 mph in a 60-mph zone. In his report he says there was “a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle,“ the report stated, and Portis had “watery bloodshot eyes.”

The trooper asked Portis, who said he hadn’t been drinking, to get out of the car, to which a passenger “stated Portis was a Seahawk player, and he did not have to get out of the car.” 

Portis then asked the trooper if he knew who he was and the trooper responded, “Yes.” The passenger then exited the vehicle and begin to cry and told the trooper that he was arresting a Seahawks player and that he was going to ruin him. The passenger continued to shout at the trooper and stated that she couldn’t believe the he was from Seattle and was arresting a Seahawk.

Portis was transported to a State Patrol headquarters where he finally admitted to drinking at a Cinco de Mayo event. When the trooper asked the quarterback why he initially lied about consuming alcohol, Portis, according to the report, said he was "nervous.”

Portis later submitted to two breath tests and registered blood alcohol concentration readings of .092 and .078. The legal limit in the state of Washington is .080. He was charged with a gross misdemeanor.

The Seahawks have not released a statement regarding Portis’ arrest. This is not what their front office needed to deal with after LB Bruce Irvin was suspend four games on Friday for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substances policy. (Photo: USA Today Sports)