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January 15, 1967

Tom Brown becomes the first major leaguer to play in the Super Bowl. The Green Bay defensive back, an outfielder and first baseman for the Senators in 1963, is best remembered for his last-minute interception of Cowboy quarterback Don Meredith’s Hail Mary pass in the NFL Championship game, making Green Bay a participant in the first-ever Super Bowl.
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ICYFMI - Last night, from “America’s Game” on the NFL Network (an awesome remix of every Super Bowl 49 DVD you already own and have watched 100 times, but with lots of Edelman and McCOurty and a cool VO from Captain America)…

In a sea of s**tstorms, Edelmania w/the only words the Pats and fans need repeat (H/T @OnlyInBos)

Sorry, folks. You can come for as many pounds of flesh as you want, and try to get us to say what you want or need to hear. But it ain’t happening. Win or lose we’re on to 2015. And that’s that.

We’re Pats fans. We apologize for nothing.