People getting pissed over a two-minute segment of a halftime show while residents of Flint, Michigan are drinking poisonous water. But whatever, I guess it’s easier to lynch one black woman than to help an entire town gain access to clean water.

If Flint got even half of the media coverage that the halftime show has gotten, Americans would probably still only be half as outraged. Same as when Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. Priorities.

Beyonce and the Super Bowl’s ‘Bernie & Hillary Show’

Remember back in 2012 when lifelong radical Harry Belafonte (who has his own contradictions) called out Beyonce and Jay-Z for turning their backs on the Black community’s struggle? And how they responded very defensively (Jay-Z infamously said ’My presence is charity’)?

Of course, people can learn and grow, and certainly the fact that they say they are now donating money to BLM (to which groups? to do what?) and employing Black Power imagery is proof of the movement’s pull on even the most apolitical celebrities.

But boy oh boy, it sets all my alarm bells off when I see politically conscious people going gaga (no pun intended) over Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and accompanying video, like it’s some kind of revolutionary second coming, when it is mostly about selling tickets for her next tour.

We defend celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z when they come under attack from cops and media, as they are now, for daring to raise issues relevant to the Black struggle.

We also recognize that they are not doing these things out of benevolence, much less political commitment, but because it’s a way for them to cash in on the community’s pain and anger.

Moreover, it should at the very least pique our interest that this performance was presented during the Super Bowl halftime show, wholly owned by the racist, exploitative NFL and CBS/Viacom media monopoly. The performance was approved ahead of time by the very same forces that demanded the driving out of homeless people from the area, who shut out and repressed the protesters outside.

To me, this seems like a sure sign that it was less of a “protest statement” by an enlightened celebrity and more of a politically sophisticated twist on the usual “bread and circuses” of capitalist media events like the Super Bowl.

Lots of Black people, lots of workers, lots of poor folks watching the Super Bowl? Great – let’s throw them a few scraps, let’s encourage them to buy concert tickets so they won’t go out and actually, y'know, do something.

It’s a variation on the Bernie/Hillary show.

And yes, I think it’s great that Beyonce’s backup dancers were photographed holding up a sign demanding “Justice 4 Mario Woods,” even though it was gross that they were made to wear “sexy” outfits that were supposed to evoke the revolutionary women of the Black Panther Party.

End of rant.


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How did you start and why do you practice today?

After playing football for over half my life I started practicing to get my body’s

functionality back.  I had herniated discs in my lower back (L4 and L5).  I had torn my right groin muscle off the bone, hyperextended knees, two surgeries on my feet, broken all my fingers, spinal contusion, almost broke my neck, I don’t know how many concussions I’ve had, my left shoulder hangs by muscle alone, all my tendons are torn out – so I was in pain.  I found meditation first, conscious breathing first to heal from my suffering of paralysis for a 6 month period.  I was

introduced to yoga a year and a half later and that was to regenerate my body. I stay with it because the pain, the traumas have been so great.  It is something I will have to do for the rest of my life because of all the trauma I have suffered through with my body.  To keep myself in the regenerative healing process, I have to stay on my practice.

~Yogi Keith Mitchell is a former NFL Linebacker turned Master Yogi/Motivational Speaker

Photographed for my book “Inside the Warrior - the Masculine Side of Yoga.” ©AmyGoalenPhotography
Broncos Beat Panthers To Win Super Bowl 2016
The Denver Broncos won their third National Football League championship with a 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday.

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