First in our new series, “Rookies We Lurve…And once you get to know them, you will too!” Yeah, long title, but it’s being workshopped right now, so relax.

Anyway, first up is new Chargers RB: Kenneth Farrow II. I know, you’re like, “who?”, but trust, when you watch this kid play, you’ll get why I think he is a player to watch in 2016 & beyond. He runs with bad intentions & just looks like a Charger, right? 

Okay, okay, everyone looks smooth getting off the bus, but if Farrow doesn’t look like a Los Angeles San Diego Super Charger, I don’t know who does. Now, let’s be honest. When you’re an undrafted RB, you’re going to have to make your bones on special teams, too. With that in mind, check out KFII, a 3x Cougars captain, before Houston games…

Dude is wearing a giant chain! You don’t do this unless you’re ready to get all Jules Winnfield on your opponents & unleash some serious, “strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger” action, be it on offense or as a special teamer. He did it in college, he’ll do it in the NFL. He produced on the field, with over 3,500 yards from the line of scrimmage & 37 TDs’s during his career & was a determined & hard working leader, despite a lot of change during his time on campus. Doubt his chances on sticking in the NFL, but I won’t. From all I’ve read & seen, he feeds off that. Yes, the Chargers are stocked with RB’s. Gordon. Woodhead. Oliver. Drafted a FB named Watt, who I think has a brother in the league? All I’m sayin’ is keep an eye on Farrow. 

His Twitter: @F_A_R_R_O_W_  & his FB page:¬if_t=fbpage_fan_invite¬if_id=1462236464289370