ATTENTION Klaroline shippers!

Listen carefully, because here is the trending plan for next Tuesday!

(April 29th) Instead of trending something Klaroline related during TO, we will trend to support Nate Buzolic, because the pilot of the Supernatural spin off will air that night!

DURING TO we’ll trend:
Waiting for Bloodlines #supernatural

Welcome back Nate #supernatural

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #supernatural to every trending tweet you make, to help boost the SPN ratings! This way we can put our time and energy into supporting Nate/Supernatural, instead of contributing to the TO ratings.

Please reblog and spread the word on twitter and tumblr, we can do this! Nate deserves our support! 

So, we planning to trend “Klaroliners love Enzo” on Tuesday, May 6th at 8pm London/3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.

To be clear, this trend is NOT for Carenzo. This trend is only intended to show support for a new, great character played by a talented actor who is making TVD a little bit better. A trend for Enzo from this fandom may also serve to illustrate that Klaroliners are not vicious hate mongers who will violently reject any character who may interfere with our OTP. Rather, we are a discerning group who will support well-written characters played by strong actors and we will reject other characters for equally legitimate reasons.

This amazing graphic was created by the one and only nfinneman.

The Madness Underneath by hybridlovelies

Summary: Caroline is a psych student working as a sober companion in Chicago, hired by Elijah Mikaelson to assist his brother, Klaus, who is fresh out of rehab. For the next six weeks she’ll be with him 24/7 helping him to maintain a sober life. Caroline will soon discover Klaus is no ordinary client. AH/AU, based off of Elementry/Sherlock Holmes. Do not have to be a fan of Holmes to read!

Requested by nfinneman and me, and most likely so many others!!! I love this story! Because of this, I started watching Elementary. It’s amazing, Katie is amazing! Her stories are so captivating and brilliant! I’m so excited to get to read this one over and over. If you want to download it, just message me and I’ll re-upload it for you!

***This ebook is available in epubmobi or PDF. Just message me with your format preference and I’ll upload the link for you.***

**If you want a different cover, just ask me and I’ll upload it for you**

*Cover art credit: swinty81*

Spreading Love: Klaroline Style

I wanted to spread some love in the fandom so I went ahead and saved this draft for a rainy day. :) After all the crazy crap that’s been going on, I think its the right time to display all of this. :) Follow these Klaroliners, DAMMIT!!!! I COMMAND YOU!!! 

If I forget anyone’s names, please don’t kill me. xD 

In the tags, those are urls of the names I have listed here in this order. Just so you won’t get confused. 

I love Dani. She’s crazy. XD Just like me! :D

Nicole is so hilarious with her drinking! xD

Then Jade is so lovable like a mom. :) 

Emily is my lovable adorkable sister. :D 

Lia is the best baby sister. :D And Caroline Queen. :) 

Jackie is the unstoppable leader in the Klaroline ship! 

Shirley is just plain funny. xD

Julie is the best Klaroline insighter in everything. :D 

Miranda is already a cool tumblr mom. :) 

Bex is so excitable about everything that it’s not even funny. 


Chelsea: Magnificent is enough. That’s all I’m gonna say. 

Cindy is downright creative and amazing wrapped up in a bow. 

Alyssa is…uh…well, she’s badass. Her and Miranda are from what I’ve been told. 

Cassie is the sunshine - exuberant, needed, and a delight.

Inge in three words: Talented. Creative. Goddess. 

Andelie is one of the nicest people you would ever meet. :) And honest. 

Becky is the best older sister you could have when it comes to tumblr or Klaroline or basically anything. Super friendly. :D

Katie is a cool person and writer. Enough said. 

Alex is such a lovable dork, but she’s the Klaroline fandom’s dork. We’ll keep her either way. :)

Hope is really a lovely person. She loves Klaroline with an iron fist. xD

Ashley has a sense of humor that cannot be copied no matter how hard you try. 

Danielle never fails to make you smile no matter on what kind of day you’re having. 

Deanna is very spontaneous and is a hardcore Klaroline shipper. 

Caryn is like royalty because of all of the stuff she does for Klaroline fandom. She’s a queen. 

Tanya also works tooth and nail for the fandom and she’s Caryn’s partner in crime. 

Isi is one of the creative bunch too. Enough said. :) 

Gail is pure joy, but she can be a little spitfire. 

Yana is such a sweetheart. You just wanna cuddle up with her and squeeze her to death. 

Both Jesses (willowaus and dragonqueenofall) are very kind and compassionate. Very intellectual and wise, they are able to answer any questions you have. ( I decided to combine both.) :)

Giorgia is one of the most delightful and creative Italians I have ever met. I wonder if Giulia and Giorgia are sisters. 

Monika is a treasure. She’s always there to lend a helping hand and always gives warm virtual hugs. :D

Tyler likes to cause mischief, but we love her for it. 

Hana is your come-to idea guru if you need help with storylines. She can come up with plots at a drop of a hat. 

Elle is lovable and can write like a boss. She loves too many things. 

Lea is phenomenal. I don’t think I can say that enough. 

Michelle is so hilarious that she makes me want to crack up laughing like there’s no tomorrow. 

Leah is the best cheerleader you can have for anything. Klaroline or you, it wouldn’t matter. Also talented in creating stuff too. 

Katie (khaleesibitch) is one of the most sassiest people you would ever meet. The sass never stops coming. 

Jen keeps the shade on TO and the sassiness coming in, and I love how she never stops. 

Tonya is one of the older bunch I met recently, and I gotta say this. She’s awesome and more old school. 

Lindsay is very smart and logical in what does whether its fanfictions or her explanations when it comes to the craziness we deal with. 

Felia is flawless. 

Clara is honestly one of the brightest people you could ever meet. She also holds a very good conversations on more than just Klaroline. :)

Stephy is purely a Klaroline Shipper all the way through! Then again, she always has something to say too. 

I know that was a really long post, but I wanted to show love to these wonderful people. They work so hard to make this fandom a happy place, and I am honored in knowing them. Please follow these amazing human beings. :) I love them too much to death. xD

Happy Klarolining, people!

The Contract: Chapter 18 excerpt

Cover art by the incomparable nfinneman.
Fabulous beta - queenblairstiara (Tumblr)/mytraitorousheart (  Check out her new story - The Protector!


“Is it my fault that you’re past lends itself to such juicy anecdotes?” Kol asked his brother off handedly.  “And I hardly think I’ve besmirched your character here.  Stefan knows you well enough and Caroline,” he said, gesturing towards the girl, “well I’m sure she hardly cares about any scandalous sex you’ve engaged in.  Am I right?” he asked.

Caroline offered a slight shrug, seemingly lost in thought and took a long sip from her glass.  “Scandalous sex,” she murmured, worrying her lower lip while ruminating.  She suddenly looked up and, to no one in particular, announced, “I want scandalous sex!”

Stefan quickly spat the sip he had just taken back into his glass and placed it on the table before him.  “Excuse me?” he exclaimed.

The blonde narrowed her eyes and began shaking her head more and more vigorously, becoming confident in her statement.  “I want a crazy, doomed before it ever started, hot sex on a platter kind of a fling.  You know…two consenting adults just going nuts on each other in, like, the most dirty, lewd and disgusting ways.  Just once, I want the nastiest sex imaginable and then I’ll go back to being good little cardigan wearing Caroline Forbes, again.”

nfinneman said: for me, I’m horrible w/leaving reviews. I think it’s because I just have a hard time w/getting my thoughts on to “paper”. I can only typically come up with “love it! can’t wait for more!” & I just feel like I’m not coming across as sincere or helpful

I think this is actually true for a lot of people. I know my sister says that even if she really liked something, she can never think of anything more creative than “I really liked this!” and she feels lame just offering that, so often she won’t review at all. It’s hard to organize your thoughts sometimes, and sometimes when you’re really blown away by something, it can be a little nerve-wracking contacting an author.

I’ll play my own game too…

Klaroliners that are fantastic imo…

Nicole (nfinneman) - You can always count on her to make beautiful graphics, get drunk, make us laugh, and never shy away from her opinions. She’s super sweet and I’m so glad we became friends.

Giorgia (seriouslymilady) - Hands down and consistently, you say the url seriouslymilady to another klaroliner and they go, “Oh I love her! She’s so sweet!” And I agree. She’s a great encourager and a lot of fun!

Emily (klauscarolines) - I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves this girl. No matter how ridiculous my post is, this sweet thing always likes or reblogs it. She’s always sunny and a great girl!!

Yana (queenofklaroline) - She gets a bad wrap sometimes because she’s a sassy thing, but we all love Yana! She’s deserves love and kindness and everything nice in this world.

Jennifer (cbk1000) - She’s opinionated, a great author, and just really real. I appreciate her candidness, and will always take the time to stop my scrolling and read what she’s written.

parallel-outlines - I don’t know her real name, but I am over the moon for her graphics. Every time she posts something in the kcedits tag I freaking love it. She’s very talented.

I know there are way more of you out there, I just wanted to contribute. I hope all of you girls never stop loving Klaroline, or at least the idea of them. The internet can be a scary place, but it can also be wonderful when there are people like this in the world.

Keep it coming, guys! What other Klaroliners do you love?