Hacker Implants NFC Chip In His Hand To Bypass Security Scans And Exploit Android Phones

Hackers who want real stealth might want to hack their own body first. An ex-military security specialist tells FORBES an NFC chip in his hand would be a useful tool in any digital criminal’s arsenal, showing off an exploit attacking an Android phone. Is evil biohacking about to go mainstream?

Biomplanted malware. Yeah. Future. But why the fuss? It’s just an implanted NFC chip with a hyperlink which points to a malicious file on the internet. As my mother always said: Don’t open incoming bluetooth or NFC links from people you don’t know. Could be a dick pic.

Play Asia Says The Nintendo 3DS NFC Amiibo Reader Is Region Locked

Play Asia Says The Nintendo 3DS NFC Amiibo Reader Is Region Locked

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NEWS: 3DS NFC READER/WRITERS ARE REGION-LOCKED (according Play Asia)! Those, who made preorders with us will get a full refund within 1 business day (we need to be 100% sure about region lock), we are terribly sorry for inconvenience and misinformation. BEWARE: Animal Crossing Cards may be region-locked as well! #ohmygodnintendowhy #getamiibo #3ds #amiibo #amiibohunt #Nintendo #nintendo3ds


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