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Because those statistics from 1970s America that are still used to today on the frequency of types does not, from personal experience and experimentation, seem the slightest bit accurate or relevant (especially when I seem to run into an NT or NF type every time I turn a corner despite their ‘rarity’ ) 

So please reblog this with your MBTI type, gender and country. It’s for science. 

Lots of other lesbians have already talked about this before, so I won’t get terribly detailed or analytical or anything, but it really is so much harder to say “lesbian” than it is to say “gay.” I hate that. I want to get over that. I think of myself as a lesbian and I say it proudly online, but offline I’ve pretty much only been able to refer to myself as “gay.” I’ve come out to five people so far this month and I’ve only managed to call myself “gay” (and that was hard enough already tbh). That is fine, but I really want to be able to say “lesbian” proudly!