dirk [freightstuck playlist]

crows 1 - aesop rock // talking to myself - watsky // r.i.p 2 my youth - the neighbourhood // iron (acoustic) - woodkid // we never asked for this - crywolf // can you hold me - nf, britt nicole // heavy games - portugal. the man // space (feat. eden) - ato // drowning. - eden project // like child - grieves // ghost  - i the mighty // nightclothes - radical face // cross countries - cecil otter // the lament of eustace scrubb - the oh hellos // when i was younger - liz lawrence // david - noah gunderson // lost boy - ruth b // cats and kids - chris garneau

playmoss // spotify // album artwork // ao3

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Got tagged by: @sailor-arashi
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Birthday: march 7th
Gender: female
Relationship status: single
Favorite color: red
Pets: cat. he’s my son.
Wake up time: 
6 AM
Love or lust?:
Lemonade or iced tea?:
ice tea
Cats or dogs?:
Coke or pepsi?:
Day or night?:
Text or call?:
text. call with good friends
Light or dark hair?:
Short or tall:
short but tall is good too
Chapstick or lipstick?:
chapstick but sometimes lipstick looks rly nice on ppl
City or country?:
country. or just outside city
Last song you listened: 
thing called love by NF
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I’ve got a real story about Kiss, do you want to know? This is true.