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I’m annoyed with a lot of the reactions to yesterday’s news about The L Word getting another season. It seems like whenever there’s a piece of media that’s about/for lesbians, suddenly everyone treats it like it’s actually some ~queer~ free for all, and if the piece of media doesn’t tick all of their boxes and include every possible “queer” identity, then it’s trash and it doesn’t deserve to exist. Basically the list of demands tends to boil down to “more dicks and fluidity” and it’s just so offensive. There are so few lesbian shows at all, and I guess they don’t want us to have even just the scraps that do exist.

With that said I am excited about the news, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I can’t help but fear that there will be a trans “lesbian” character or, at the very least, some awful speech about lesbians needing to consider dick (but in a ~progressive~ way!) or something. I honestly hope that they’ll just focus on the characters and avoid a lot of the “queer” nonsense, but I don’t really know what to expect. I guess it’s still in the very early stages, so I shouldn’t get too worked up, but I feel like it’s going to be kind of exhausting in one way or another! I can already hear people typing up their thinkpieces!

I’d rather
Spend a minute with love in my life
Than go a million years without knowing
What it’s like
You better grab it
You don’t want to lose it
It brings pain
It’s insane
But the bruises
My God can take that all away
You find that right person
And everything that you thought
That wasn’t becomes worth it
—  Thing Called Love by NF

I care. I care so much it tears me apart.
I care about my family, strangers, anyone who needs help - which is every single person. It’s exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it.
All I want to do with my life is be a listening ear, always ready to give a hug, advice, or a helping hand.
I will never, ever understand how some can spend their lives living solely for themselves. That’s totally foreign to me, and void of any true satisfaction.

This is Ridiculous (MBTI PSA)

I was looking at this MBTI board where people were talking about their types (most of the people had just taken the test for the first time, so it was mostly first impressions), and the majority of them were INTP, INFP, INFJ, and ENFP.

There was this one person who said something about being glad that there were so many fellow NT/N types in general, because they could be around “actual smart people”. They also said that they would choose introversion over extroversion any day because “brains > everything else” (as if that means anything at all), and that sensors are “plebs in [their] eyes”.

And then there was this one person who got ESTP, and they apologised for it because “a lot of people don’t like extroverts”.

Honestly, seeing things like this makes me gag. NTs and intuitives are literally nothing special at all, they are just a collection of cognitive processes, and the people that hold these types are just as capable of the same goods and evils that everyone else is. I am so sick and tired of hearing about this absurd and mythical superiority that people seem to think there is.

If you think that someone’s type in some way determines their worth as a person, and choose to insult and look down on those you deem “inferior”:

A.) You’re wrong, and you should get over yourself.

B.) You don’t understand MBTI.

C.) Stop. 


Flames to dust, lovers to friends why do all good things come to an end?●She’s a maneater, make you buy cars, make you cut cards, make you fall real hard in love●You’re beautiful, that’s for sure you’ll never ever fade●I’ll wait for you until the heavens fall, I’ll wait for you until the end of the world●No tengo armas para enfrentarte pongo mis manos, manos al aire●You liked me till you heard my shit on the radio but now I’m just too mainstream for you.

My inner selves inside are tearing apart and shedding like snake skin, I hate what growing up feels like. It feels like body pains and more recognition of your being. It looks like one day you love loud music and as the days pass you realize you hate loud music, loud anything really and now all you like to do is read and sit in quiet places alone.
Growing up is like, you might’ve been aware that drugs damage you but today you’re trying some concoction at a party and you don’t remember why you never did this before.
Depression is like this, you wake up late into the afternoon and don’t eat breakfast because you have no apatite. You would love to go out with your friends sometimes but you can’t because anxiety holds you a hostage in your home.
Suicide is like, you don’t really want to die, you want to live, but there’s a pill bottle on the bedside table, and it’s sitting there, telling you you can’t. So you grab the bottle, tell it to “shut up” but it won’t so you swallow the bottle and incoherently, wake up a few days later wishing you were dead.
This poem is like, trying to tell someone you need help but they become deaf in the wake of your tone. It’s like trying to tell you that things will get better and that’s all there is to say. So write me another prescription and tell me to grow up. As the time passes I’ll pray forever, that things will get better.
—  n.f.

thinkin bout transfem!stiles bc lbr when am I not

thinkin bout bb!stiles not knowing til she’s a little older, after her mom’s already gone. stuck between how she wants to present and not wanting to transition and stop being the boy her mom knew. not wanting her dad to lose a son when he already lost his wife.

crying years later when she tells her dad. both of them crying when he gives her claudia’s old jewelry box, says “your mom would want you to have this”

stiles who doesn’t feel the need to get surgery, but who sometimes spends too long staring at herself in the mirror, wishing she had wider hips, narrower shoulders, smaller hands.

stiles dating derek, loving that he compliments her eyes, uses words like dainty for her nose and pouty for her lips. the werewolf strength coming in handy so derek can pick her up like she weighs nothing, hold her on days when she needs to feel delicate and small.

stiles who nearly breaks her neck the first time she tries on heels.

stiles who’s still on the lacrosse team, who still leads scott into questionably legal adventures, who’s still scott’s best friend in every way that has ever mattered, but who’s calmer now, more comfortable in her skin. who smells more like happiness these days.

Hey listen up this is important

Okay, so there’s this thing called Neurofibromatosis, and it’s a huge bitch. My friend silver-the-dragon has it, and she’s trying to raise awareness. Hell, I had never even heard of it before she told me what it was. 

Now, let’s talk about why NF is such a bitch. NF is defined by tumors that grow places such as the brain, spinal cord, nerves, skin, and other body systems. These tumors are usually non-cancerous, but if you try to cut them off, they can grow back bigger and might become cancerous. And let’s not forget they’re painful as hell. My friend mentioned before has NF on her leg, and she told me it can hurt to the point where she wants to cut her leg off. 

NF can lead to blindness, paralysis, loss of hearing, and learning defects. The tumors can also be seen from the surface of the skin, so you could have a large tumor on your face that’d be visible to everyone. NF can also be passed on by pregnancy. That’s right, if you have NF there’s a chance your newborn can also have it. 

When you have NF, one of the things that could go along with is scoliosis, the curving of your spine. It can be either an “S” or a “C” shape. Scoliosis also sucks ass, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.  Another symptom of NF? Overgrowth or undergrowth of bones. Other symptoms of NF include continuous ringing in the ears, headache, facial pain or weakness, and feeling unsteady or off balance.

I mentioned Scoliosis as going along with NF earlier. That not the only thing that goes with it, though. Other include:

  • seizures (up to 40% of children with NF have them)
  • high blood pressure
  • scoliosis
  • speech impairment
  • optic nerve tumors (which can cause vision problems leading to blindness)
  • early or delayed onset of puberty

All these things are terrible, but it’s not even the worst thing. 

You want to know what is?

NF has no cure. 

People with NF can’t have their tumors removed without the chance of them growing back cancerous, as I mentioned before. And it doesn’t get financial support because most people probably have no idea this disease even exists. 

tl;dr:  Neurofibromatosis is a terrible disease that needs more awareness than it has. 

Thank you for taking time to read this. 

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anonymous asked:

Not sure if this an infp thing or just a me thing, but I find that I can always see both sides of an argument. Even when I have a definite opinion I can always understand, not necessarily agree or condone with, the other side. I've also noticed that this could explain how when I speak sometimes it doesn't come out coherent at all. I tend to contradict myself a lot. So much so that what I say doesn't make much sense at all! It's like I'm trying to say both sides at once.

Hello Fellow INFP!

Oh MAN do I know this feeling like crazy!! Seeing both sides of the coin and seeing the valid and invalid parts of both sides of the arguments. That is why it is so hard being in the Diplomat group sometimes. We are very just types and we can see two sides to pretty much everything. It is HARD!!
YES and when you said that you don’t necessarily “agree or condone” the other side, it still doesn’t matter because you can still see both sides no matter what. it’s crazy.
And of course there is our magic word “contradict” that is just normal in the INFP dictionary.  At least for this INFP can totally relate, this is so crazy like me.

Can anyone else relate?

Vocabulaire français

manier (v) - to handle, operate, deal with

acculturation (nf) - cultural integration, acculturation

nourrisson (nm) - infant

abonder (v) - to abound

sonnerie (nf) - bell, trumpet-call

chercher noise à qqn (exp) - to pick a fight with [sb]

prêter attention à (exp) - to pay attention to, heed

attraper froid (exp) - to catch cold

avoir la berlue (nf) - to be seeing things

bourdon (nm) - bumblebee

bonnement (adv) simply, really, honestly

seing (nm) - signature

  • blanc-seing (nm) - blank check, free rein

sceau (nm) - seal, stamp

selle (nf) - saddle

désuet (adj) - obsolete, passé, disused

Words taken from: Le grand livre de la langue française 

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here, and ask about your opinions on INFP weaknesses and strengths, and your general view of the type. I personally-as an INFP-love INTPs, and thought of myself as one for a long time because we're generally like-minded people. So I'd like some insight on your views. (:

:D I like INFPs too!

Disclaimer: these are my anecdotal personal experiences. None of this is theory but the people I got this information from may be mistyped.

Best and worst traits are from the perspective of me, an INTP. 


  1. You get HUGE crushes on people you don’t know well.
  2. You’re angsty. I’m pretty sure you’re the angstiest type there is.
  3. Reality isn’t good enough for you. This isn’t always a bad thing but it usually is


  1. Super chill.
  2. Huge nerds.
  3. Really creative and you come up with cool ideas but like, in a different way than I do which is AWESOME.
  4. You do that NF thing where you have to constantly be becoming a better person at all times.
  5. Really accepting.