nf mine


I’ve got a real story about Kiss, do you want to know? This is true.

Stereotypes and unexpected things about the NFs:

INFJ: sterotype: they will read your mind
unexpected: they can be SO lazy oh my

ENFJ: stereotype: can’t shut the fuck up
unexpected: they can be very stubborn

INFP: stereotype:INSECURE about themself
unexpected: they are very honest and
can hurt you a lot

ENFP: stereotype: laugh a lot, funny af
unexpected: they like to be alone

things they have in common:
Rebellious af.
Literature = life


Favorite books: Never Fade

“The kids in the League knew about the camps-vaguely. There were only a few of us who had actually lived in one and experienced the life firsthand, but there was an unspoken rule we didn’t talk about it. Everyone knew the truth, but the truth didn’t live inside them the same way it did for us. They’d heard about the sorting machines, the cabins, the testing, but most of their stories were gossip, completely wrong. These kids had never stood for hours on end in an assembly lime. They didn’t know fear came in the shape of a small black camera lens, an eye that followed you everywhere at all times.”