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1. Who was your first otome guy and are they still one of your biases? - Yamato Kougami and he is now my second favourite otome guy. 
2. Who’s your #1 bias? - Definetly Kippei Ebihara!!!
3. What game would you recommend to someone who has never played an otome game before? - My Forged Wedding as it was my first game and story line is interesting and unique.
4. Ever cried/gotten super emotional while playing a route? - In Kippei’s routes and Issei’s main story. 
5. How often do you play otome games? - I used to play them a lot but I don’t have much time anymore plus anime has taken over me. 
6. Any otome games you really want to see translated? - the one where the mc is being chased by police cars, in your arms tonight season 2 and the horror one (even though it’s not an otome game)
7. Favorite otome game soundtrack? - Definetly in your arms tonight. 
8. Favorite route? - I love Russell, Kippei and Issei’s route. 
9. Is there a character you think deserves more love in the fandom? - Mostly the guys from the old games. 
10. Do you prefer the older or newer Voltage games? - Old games. I haven’t even played some of the new ones yet. 
11. Favorite art style/character design? - I like the Kiss of Revenge Graphics 

1. Who is your favourite female anime character?
2. Are you watching the FIFA World Cup?
3. What would you name your children?
4. Favourite song right now?
5. Favourite anime opening song?
6. Do you have any siblings?
7. Have you ever played otome games? If so for how long?
8. Favourite anime genres?
9. Have you watched Death note? If so what did you think of it?
10. Which character would cosplay as if you could cosplay as anyone?
11. What anime series would you recommend to me?


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Hello everyone, so I have reached almost 2.2k followers so I thought I’d make a follow forever (yay). So I’d firstly like to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog and a thank you to the people I follow for making my dash extra awesome~ yeah I’m not so great with words. So here are just some amazing people with amazing blogs~


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So thank you one again so much for following me and a special shout out to those who have talked to me and tagged me in stuff. Sorry if I haven’t added you to the list, a lot have people have changed their URL’s and I don’t know who’s still completely active, I still love all of your blogs.
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