nezumibodypillow answered your question: Songs defining Crenny?

oh man it depends on how you portray crenny! i have a whole playlist if you want it hahah

Oh God, I don’t even have enough feels yet to figure out how I’m going to portray them…I guess Craig as uncaring as possible and Kenny uncaring too but pervy still? I don’t even know. XD  Any songs I’m sure would work-I just need a kick-start in the feel department! Thank you for replying!

nezumibodypillow replied to your post: bless you chrome

okay this happens to other people too

yeah im just like surprised bc chrome used to be so good i mean it still is but when it comes to tumblr it just kind of falls apart

also when im listening to music on youtube and i’m not on the page but i think that one’s just me and my shitty computer