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A Master List Of Every Recording I’ve Ever Done (Updated 4/25/2016)

A Master List Of Every Recording I’ve Ever Done (Updated 4/25/2016)

Okay! Here is a list of every audio I’ve ever done, in order. Older recordings will be at the top, with newer ones at the bottom. Reblogging this will really help me out!!!


Armin’s Journal:

  • 0    |       1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 1     |      0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 2     |      0, .5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 3     |      0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 4     |      0, 1, 2

Eren’s Journal:

  • 0  |      1

Attack on Titan Asks:


  • Armin’s Unspoken Ballad
  • Armin’s Dating Problems
  • Armin’s Love Letter
  • Armin Practices Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
  • Armin Has Something He’d Like To Ask
  • Armin Attempts To Ask Eren Out
  • Armin’s First Time Seeing The Ocean
  • Eren Proposes to Armin
  • Armin’s Gift for Eren
  • Armin is…very drunk
  • Armin Has a Nightmare and Panic Attack
  • Sassy Armin
  • Armin’s First Kiss
  • Armin Talks to Eren, Who’s in a Coma *Trigger Warning: death*
  • Eren Confronts Armin About His Bruises (Yandere)
  • Eren Reads Armin’s Suicide Note
  • Armin Likes Eren’s Ass
  • Armin Breaks His Ankle
  • Eren Cheats on Armin
  • Armin Practices Asking Out Eren
  • Armin Says Goodbye to Eren Before a Recon Mission
  • Eren Tries to Talk Armin Out of Suicide
  • Armin Leaves a Voicemail
  • Eren and Armin go Christmas Shopping
  • Eren Tucks a Drunk Armin Into Bed
  • Armin’s Date Request
  • Armin’s Last Words
  • Eren’s Voicemail
  • Armin and Eren’s First Fight
  • Armin Calms Down Eren in Titan-Form
  • Armin Confronts Eren After Being Pulled out of the Titan
  • Eren Comes Bck Home (Yandere Part II)
  • Armin Tries to get Eren Under the Mistletoe
  • Armin and Eren’s New Family Member
  • Armin Likes Bunnies and Eren is Kinky
  • Eren & Srmin’s Sloppy Make-out Session
  • Eren Gives Armin his Varsity Jacket
  • Eren & Armin Come Out to the 104th Squad
  • Armin’s Hangover
  • Armin & Eren Get in a Car Accident
  • Armin Gets Bullied at a Frat Party (Eremin Yandere)
  • Armin Teaches Eren About The Birds And The Bees
  • Armin Finally Calls Jean (Eremin Yandere Part 1.5)
  • Armin Gets Hit on at a Bar. Eren Intervenes.
  • Eren’s Varsity Jacket Part II
  • Jean & Eren Get in a Fight Before a Mission
  • Armin & Eren During a Cuddling Session
  • Eren Sings Armin into Eternal Sleep
  • Armin isn’t Ready for Sex
  • Armin Tries to Guess Eren’s Chapstick Flavor
  • Eren’s Arsenal of Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
  • Armin & Eren’s Wedding Ceremony
  • We’re Going to Explore the Outside World, Right?
  • What Armin Really Wants
  • Eren Proposes to Armin
  • Armin & Eren get in a Car Accident Part II
  • Eren & Armin: Until the End of Time
  • Armin has Finals. Eren has Needs.
  • Armin & Eren’s First Dance as a Married Couple
  • Armin gets a Valentine’s Day Boner
  • Armin is Allergic to Cats
  • Armin Tells Eren About Visiting The Ocean
  • Armin Has Ben Too Distracted For Eren Lately
  • Armin & Eren Watch a Horror Movie
  • Armin’s Last Night Working in the E.R.
  • Eren & Armin’s Very Important Day


  • Sometimes, I just Like to Hear You Say it
  • Eren Gets Mud on Levi’s Uniform
  • How Fast can Levi Tie a Cherry Stem With His Tongue?
  • Eren is Ready for Heichou
  • Levi is High as Balls
  • Eren’s got Jokes: Levi has French
  • Eren is Sick & Levi Won’t Touch Him
  • Levi Admits to Eren that He’s Bisexual
  • Eren in a Crowd, and can’t Find Levi
  • Eren has a Question for Levi
  • Levi After Eren’s Death
  • Levi Tries on Eren’s Clothes
  • Eren & Levi in the Snow
  • Hange has a Question for Levi
  • Eren Tries to Seduce Levi with a Joke
  • Levi Proposes to Eren
  • Eren Admits He Likes Levi
  • You’ve got to be the Bigger Man, Levi
  • Eren Finds Levi’s Weakness: Puppies
  • Levi & Eren Having A Cuddling Sesh
  • Eren’s Haiku For Levi
  • 4th Grade Levi Helps a Second Grade Eren Cope With the Fact that He’s Gay
  • Eren Asks Levi to Kill a Spider
  • Eren is in a Maid Outfit and Levi has…Plans
  • Levi is Smol. Eren is Tol.
  • Levi Finds Out Eren Has Been Feeding A Stray
  • Eren & Levi Wake Up With Their Bodies Switched
  • Eren Admits He Likes Levi
  • Eren Finally Tells Levi He Loves Him
  • AI!Eren & Space Cadet!Levi
  • Eren is Concerned with His Weight
  • Eren Finds a Broken Levi
  • Hey, I’m With You, Okay? Always.
  • Eren Tells Levi He’s Going To Be Blind
  • Time Goes By…So Slowly


  • Levi & Erwin’s Anniversary Dinner
  • Levi Feels to Blame for Erwin Losing His Arm


  • Jean’s Last Moments
  • Armin Gives Marco Advice on how to Ask Out Jean
  • Jean & Marco Argue About Dinner
  • Jean Interrupts Marco While He’s Cooking…For The Sexy Times
  • Jean is Cheesy. Marco is Horny.
  • Jean Discusses His Long Lost Friend, Marco
  • Marco Saves a Horse & Jean Rides a Cowboy
  • Jean Asks Armin & Eren for Help on Asking Out Marco

Armin Arlert:

  • Armin Rants About Thanksgiving
  • Armin Says Adele’s ‘Hello’
  • Armin’s Poem
  • Armin’s Son
  • If Armin Were Irish
  • I Want to Understand the Outside World
  • Time Flies When You’re Having a Gay
  • Armin Confronts a Dying Comrade Who Saved His Life
  • Armin’s First Time
  • A Message From Armin To You
  • TFS’s ‘Attack on Titan: Abridged’: Armin’s ‘Tink Tink’ Speech Cover
  • Levi Informs Armin Of Eren’s Death.
  • Armin’s Take on the Trojan Horse
  • Armin Finds Jean Crying About Marco’s Death
  • Armin’s Secret

Levi Ackerman:

  • Introducing: Levi.
  • Levi Babysits Eren & Armin’s Kid
  • Levi Can’t Decide Which Paper Towels To Buy
  • What’s Going on in Levi’s Mind During Missions
  • Levi Informs Armin Of Eren’s Death.

Seraph of the End Asks:


  • Mikaela’s Lament
  • Mika’s Vows
  • Mika’s Goodbye
  • Mika’s Crazy About Yuu-Chan’s Ass
  • Mika’s Goodbye
  • Mika Takes Yuu’s Blood for the First Time
  • Mika has a Mental Breakdown
  • Mikaela Yandere
  • Young Mika Getting Blood Taken for the First Time by Ferid
  • Yuu has a Panic Attack
  • MikaYuu Episode 22 Rewrite *Warning: Spoilers & Screaming*
  • Yuu Confeses His Love to Mika for the First Time
  • Yuu Confronts a Lonely Mika
  • Yuu Tries out for American Idol
  • Mikaela’s First Kiss
  • Mika & Yuu at Breakfast, After a Night of Kinky Sex
  • Mika Finds out Yuu is Dead
  • Mika Tells Yuu He Loves Him Over and Over
  • Mika Tries to give Yuu his Jacket
  • Mikaela Be Starin’ Too Much
  • Mikaela Tries to Kill Himself
  • Mika Drinks too Much of Yuu’s Blood
  • Yuu Finds Mika After He Attempts Suicide
  • Mikaela Tickles Yuu
  • Yuu Flirts With Mika at a Bar
  • Mika is Overprotective
  • Yuu-Chan’s Got Jokes
  • Mika & Yuu “Where is my Supersuit?”
  • Mika & Yuu Visit Their Childhood Home
  • Yuu-Chan, You’re My Everything.
  • Mika & Yuu Titanic AU Final Scene
  • Mika Reads Yuu A Poem
  • Yuu-Chan, am I Your Friend or Boyfriend?
  • Mika Seeing Yuu Again for the First Time
  • Yuu is…very Competitive
  • Mika Likes Cooking. Yuu is a Pervert.
  • Yuu Gives Mika a Massage
  • Cheesy Mika Goes 0 to 100 REAL QUICK
  • Mika Wants a Baby
  • Yuu Brings a Sick Mika Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed
  • Mika’s Last Moments
  • Mika & Yuu’s First Date
  • Mika Wakes Up…Not Alone
  • Barista Mika Can’t Get Yuu’s Name Right
  • Yuu Better Shape Up
  • Kimizuki Walks in on Mika & Yuu
  • It’s 5 am, And Mika Won’t Shut Up
  • If Mika Had Stabbed Yuu, Not The Other Way Around
  • Mika & Yuu Talk About The Future
  • A Little Something Called Fate
  • Yuu Has An…Unfortunate Accident


  • Yoichi & Yuu

Haikyuu!! Asks:


  • Kageyama has Something to Say
  • Tanaka Confirms KageHina
  • Kageyama Asks about Hinata’s Hair
  • Kageyama Can’t Express His Feelings
  • Is Hinata Sleeping With Kageyama?
  • Hinata is too Drunk
  • Kageyama & Hinata’s First Kiss
  • Kageyama is Possessive. Hinata is Oblivious.
  • Kageyama Loses Hinata in the Mall
  • Kageyama’s True Feelings For Hinata
  • Cooking With Kageyama & Hinata
  • Kageyama Wakes Up With No Memory Of Hinata
  • Kageyama Tells Hinata About His Crush (It’s Him)
  • Kageyama, Are You A Setter?
  • Kageyama Attempts to Confess His Feelings
  • Why Does Everyone Think Kageyama Is Gay?
  • Hinata Has Jokes. Kageyama Has…Other Ideas


  • Tsukki has a Confession for Yamaguchi

Yū Nishinoya:

  • Nishinoya Rolling Thunder

Shōyō Hinata

  • Hinata Chews out Someone

Hunter x Hunter Asks:


  • Gon Comforts a Grieving Killua

No. 6 Asks:


  • Nezumi…What Are We?
  • Nezumi Jokes With a Flustered Shion

Black Butler Asks:


  • Alois has a Heart to Heart with Ciel
  • Ciel’s Response to Alois
  • Ciel Can’t Dance
  • Ciel Reads Alois’s Love Letter
  • Ciel Rants About Alois
  • Alois Really Likes Ciel…but…
  • Ciel Confronts Alois About His Love


  • One Hell of a Butler

Tokyo Ghoul Asks:


  • Hide Finds out Kaneki is a Ghoul
  • Kaneki’s First Kiss
  • Kaneki & Hide’s Final Moments

K Project

  • Introducing: K Project Characters!

Audio Book Fics:

  • The Intern, Chapter One Part One
  • Almost Normal: Introduction
  • Almost Normal, Chapter One - Part One
  • Almost Normal, Chapter Two - Part Two
  • Help Me Stand, Chapter One Part One
  • Help Me Stand, Chapter One Part Two
  • Of Love & Wheels Chapter One
  • KageHina Blind AU Part I
  • KageHina Blind AU Part II

NSFW (18+):

  • Armin Tops Eren
  • Eren Tops Armin
  • Eren Gives Armin Head
  • Yuu-Chan tops Mika
  • Armin and Eren’s First Time
  • Mika Tops Yuu
  • Eren Gives Armin a Handjob Under the Table
  • Eren Walks in on Armin Masturbating
  • Mika Has a Dominance Kink
  • What Levi Really Wants
  • Yuu-Chan is the King of Salt
  • Mika Masterbates While Thinking of Yuu
  • Levi Tops Eren


  • My First Blooper Reel
  • 1000 Follower Special
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • Armin & Levi Fight About Eremin & Ereri
  • Voice Clips of All my Characters
  • Mika & Armin Talk About Their Boyfriends
  • Armin & Levi Fight About Bringing Eren Breakfast in Bed
  • Eren & Jean Have a Staring Contest While Armin & Marco Watch
  • You and I…Baking a Cake.
  • The Real 3000 Follower Special
  • Now I Just Sit By The Lake
  • The Survey Corps: Star Trek Edition