nez is a time lord

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Oh my gosh Rev. You know those glasses Amy wears in Angels Take Manhattan, don't they look like the ones Micky wore? So what if Micky accidentally left them in the tardis and then one day Amy finds them when she's wandering around in the tardis? They're actually a bit strong but she keeps them because she likes how they look, and then when she notices she needs to squint to read she remembers them and starts to wear them. Or it could work the other way around too!

Omg. What an adorable theory! Naturally, I had to turn it into a somewhat depressing ficlet, haha (from the alt viewpoint). I hope you like it :)

With so much travelling and exploring it’s hard to believe The Doctor and his companions ever have time to relax. But tonight was one of those nights. Somewhere in the constellation of Orion, in the quiet library of the TARDIS, Doctor Nez and his companion Micky were winding down.

The Doctor muttered angrily at a crossword puzzle for not including a brand of automobile that had not yet been invented by its edition, while Micky was browsing the hundreds of books stacked neatly on one of the many bookshelves. He finally found one that caught his eye, The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Story. Beside it a pair of round glasses.

“Hey, Mike, look at these groovy looking frames I found…”

Mike turned to face Micky. His hearts instantly started to race. Before he could say anything, the glasses were propped on his companion’s nose and he was already leafing through the book.

“They’re my prescription too! Imagine that.”

The Doctor struggled to find words. His face grew hot as wave after wave of anger, guilt, and sadness took him over. 

“Ah, nevermind. It’s missing the last page." 

Doctor Nez exhaled a sigh of relief and touched the pocket of his denim jacket. ’Maybe it was better he didn’t know, perhaps he’d never understand,’ he thought. 

At the same time Micky grabbed another book from the same shelf. Instantly he let out a gasp.

Mike stood and rushed towards him. "What’s wrong?” he asked nervously. He touched the boy’s shoulders gently and peered with him at the cover.

“The Angels of Orion,” Micky read aloud, “by George Michael Dolenz." 

Sherlock's new friend

Oh god, a new friend… how exciting

(Shut up and enjoy having a friend)

But the only friends I want is John, Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson!

(Sherlock come back, he’s arrived!)

No! You greet him, I’m not coming back

*Another man walks in, putting down a guitar case* Man: Nice place you have here, where do I stay?

(upstairs, your new flatmate is up there)

*the man goes upstairs to find Sherlock* Man: Oh, hello. Are you Sherlock?

Sherlock: Who else would I be, who are you

Man: Your new flatmate, Michael Nesmith. But you can call me Mike

Sherlock: I know you’re another Timelord, don’t bother telling me. And I know you’re a musician as well, and you’re Texan that’s new

Mike: Uh, thank you. I had a friend from England, he lived in Manchester.

Sherlock: Go on, I'm sooo interested

Mike: I’ll just uh, go put my things somewhere…