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1. how many fan clubs you are a member?

Currently… none ^^ But if there was a way to become an official E.L.F. I’d definitely become one.

2. favorite MV? (any group or the performer ^^)

Hmm…difficult question…But if I should choose, it’ll be Super Junior M - Perfection. I love the dance, the outfits (Min & Wookie *___*) and the whole song^^

3. album or goods are you really wanted and finally managed to get it?

Sungmin’s version of Mr. Simple album! *___* We finally have it!!

4. what’s your favourite icecream flavour?

Strawberry or vanilla^^

5. tea, coffee or any other drink?

Coffee. Every morning. I can’t start the day without coffee.

6. your favorite variety show?

I have two of them^^ First, it’s Explorers of Human Body with SuJu (EHB). It’s soooo funny and really interesting^^ And second, Super Junior M’s Strange Journey. It’s full of MinWook and KyuWook moments^^

7. favorite body part of your bias? (and show!>3)

Since I have two bias (I really can’t choose between them==)…it’s Sungmin’s legs *__*

And Ryeowook’s hands

8. most memorable story told by idol in any show? and why?

I’ve heard a lot of stories from idols, but the most memorable… I think it’s Donghae’s story about his father on Documentary. It’s really touching. I almost cried…

9. your current ringtone on phone?

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ^___^

10. color that you most often choose to wear?

Lately I mostly wear black and grey clothes…Maybe I should switch to my favorite colors - red and purple?

11. favorite dork moment in the gif? ^^

I’ve lost all of my picture archives recently…== So… Now it’s this))


And questions ^^

1. The funniest picture of your bias.

2. The song that got you into K-pop.

3. Do you believe in love from the first sight?

4. If you had a lot of money, which city would you visit first?

5. A favorite gif of your bias.

6. Your OTP. (I just had to ask this question!^^)

7. Do you watch K-dramas? What is your favorite?

8. What music do you like to listen (it’s not only K-pop, right?)?

9. Do you have a person whom you can to share all of your secrets with?

10. The most beautiful picture of your bias.

11. Say hello to all your followers^^

Let’s play a tagging game!

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Rule 1- Post the rules. 
Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
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1.Favorite k-pop album?

this is hard I can’t choose one ;A; so according to my lastfm WonderWorld and Sorry Sorry are my most played albums so yeah I think Wonder World by Wonder Girls is pure perfection ♥ and the same goes for Sorry Sorry ^^

2.A place that you visited and will never forget ^^ 

I haven’t visted so many places but .. Los Angeles ! I went to the nokia theater for the CN Blue and F.T Island concert this past march 9 and it was amazing ;A; my first kpop concert :D and the Hollywood Boulevard I went and then 1 hour after I leave, jonghun posted a picture in his twitter in the same place saying that they were there! but I was already way back to Mexico T-T if I had waited one hour perhaps I would see them .. it’s frustrating T-T

3.Do you have nice handwriting?(this is so random omg)

Some people tell me that :) but I don’t think so just average I think :P

4.Best movie you’ve ever seen?

I could be be biased and tell “Attack on the Pin-up boys” xD but in fact I love the movie “Koizora” I cried to no end that movie it’s beautiful ♥ 

5.A type of food that you’ve always wanted to try,but still haven’t?

Korean food! there was no one place of korean food in my city, but  friend told me a week ago that a place of korean food just opened so I may go soon :)

6.Is your first bias STILL your bias?(lol)

well my first bias in kpop was Micky yoochun ♥ and yes in DBSK he’s still my bias but he’s not my ultimate bias anymore, kyuhyun is :D♥

7.A korean/k-pop phrase or word that you often use?

not really well not so many words but I use often: andwae, wae, I say hwaiting instead of good luck and I call my mom “omma" xD

and for phrase: sorry sorry sorry sorry ! for me that’s korean LOL 

8.Something that you’ve never told to anyone in real life,but you’re willing to share with us? ^.^

well I never told this to anyone in real life >.< I’m ashamed of this but …

When I was 20 I was about to get married with my boyfriend of 2 years and a half,  but I was psychologically abused by him, according to him I was not good at doing nothing because (I don’t know how to cook), he forbidden me to go out with my friends, to wear skirts, he wanted me to leave the school but fortunately we broke up after I got beaten by he. I fall in depression, I was scared of boys and I couldn’t get over the hard and hurt feelings of it, until I meet Super Junior and somehow for me they safe my life, they change my mood of how I see the life, the love, the friendship, I don’t know what would be my life without them♥ 

Until now, sometimes I have feelings of regret because I let that happened and I wasted my time with him. 

But thanks to Super Junior I forgive myself for not loving myself enough before, and now I know that I am worthy of love and respect.

9.Talk a bit about your hobbies. 

Well, when I’m not working I like to spend my time watching korean variety show and dramas :D .. and I love to sing I’m singing all day my coworkers are already used to hear me singing in "korean” xD, I like to play guitar but I’m not very good at it :P and I totally love read kyumin fanfictions I need them to breathe! :P  and dream awake about my bias falling in love with me xD

10.Where do you see yourself in,idk,10 years?

OMG, in 10 years I will be 35 O___O I can see myself in my own house, with a good job (not that my actual job is not good but you always have to improve kkk), and I will not say married because is not my dream to get married but I don’t know living with someone, I will have a cat as pet xD and if I have children I can totally image myself showing them super junior music and videos xD

11.Do you want to change something about yourself?

nope, I learnt to love myself as I am ^^


I don’t have imagination and I’m too lazy to make new questions so … I just going to tag the people and you guys can answer the same questions xD

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neyvampire replied to your post: aldi y sebas D:

Jajaja te adorooo

o3o jeje yo te adoro mas :D te amo tanto como al kyumin ♥

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Yo tambien tengo ask limit -.-!!! Y se le fue el enojo con el Kyumin, ahora esta alabando un poster que tengo de ellos, este chico cambia de humor como el clima juaz! tambien se la quiere!:P

entonces lo perdono :D ~ pero yo apruebo que le quites el poster cofcofymelomandesporcorreoaereocofcof hahaha *se nota que sigo leyendo su platica* jajaj 

entonces pues aqui estare de stalker leyendolos XD se les quiere ♥

aldi y sebas D:

ya no puedo mandar mensajes ~ tengo ask limit TT__TT

tumblr no quiere que me meta en su platica(?) LOL

sebas si soy del 2% que entiende y mi dash esta muerto y solo esta su platica asi que era inevitable (?) ~ pero si que no me separe a kyumin por que lloro ;A;

aldi ~ jajaj talvez aparte mi url es tan simple .__. jajaj tambien te quiero hermosisima :D

waaa los kiero a los 2 *tambien a mir aunque me quiera separar el kyumin ¬¬* XD

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Oh, si yo también tarde miles de años en responder jaja Por supuesto, ya somos amigas jaja y me encanta tu tumblr por eso vivo reblogueandote x3 Por supuesto, puedes decirme Aldana si quieres : D! Yo te dire moni entonces, saludos!!

aww gracias a mi tambien me encanta tu tumblr *-*

eres un amor ~ let me love you <333

treehun asked:

7 & 9~

aldana hi ♥

7. Kpop female bias

  1. Sunye ♥ (wonder girls)

  2. Ye eun (wonder girls)

  3. Luna

  4. Taeyeon 

  5. Yoona/Sunny (snsd) , sohee (wonder girls) 

La 9 ya la conteste :P … pero todas cualquier de super junior XD

gracias por preguntar ♥♥♥ kyusses !!!

treehun asked:

工 ❤ ㄚ◯∪ ! send this to 10 blogs that you love and you will never unfollow :)

aww aldana ♥ muchas gracias hermosa <333

te quiero muchisimo ^^ eres un amor <3