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bombadeestrelas Chris Brown started to follow Anitta and Bruna Marquezine on Instagram! Is the singer already wanting a feat with powerful brazilian or he keeps an eye on the girlfriend of Neymar?

neymarjr If he wants to talk to Bruna, just call me in private😉 Don’t worry Chris.. The only brown I know is Carlinhos 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Jealousy//Neymar Jr Imagine
Hope you like it.

It was the Holy Grail of all soccer games, El Classico. Neymar was mentally preparing himself for what’s in store, standing on the soccer field. He watched as the other players of real Madrid came onto the field, giving the Barca players death glares. They were just as hungry as Barca. And was willing to do anything to win this game.
 "Hey did you see that girl when we were coming in?“ One of the Real Madrid players asked Gareth.
 Gareth smirked, "Yeah man she was cute.”
 They laughed, stretching their legs.
 Gareth looked up in the stands were all the wags sat at. Her immediately spot the girl his team mate was drooling over.
 "Hey she’s up there.“
 They look up in the stand, his team mate smiling like a little boy.
 "She’s a girlfriend or something fuck.”
 Gareth laughed hitting his friend in the shoulder.
 "So what maybe she’s willing to leave them for a actual soccer player.“
 Cristiano over heard them walking towards the two to see who they were talking about.
 "Who you guys talking about?”
 They pointed at the girl smirking.
 "You do know whose girlfriend she is right?“ Cristano asked laughing.
 "Nah whose?” Gareth asked .
The grew quiet looking across the field at Neymar.
 Neymar saw the three men staring at him, his anger growing bigger at the minute. Don’t get him wrong he was fine with Cristiano. But he hated the rest of them.
 "Why they looking at me?” He asked Rafihna.
Rafihna shook his head really not wanting to tell his pal what they were saying.
 "What?!“ He asked more angrier.
 "They were talking about y/n.” Rafihna cautiously answered.
 "What?! What were they saying?“
 Rafihna looked at him giving him that look. Neymar knew exactly what he was signaling.
 "I swear to god I’m going to fuck them up.”
 Rafihna quickly went to grab his friend before he did anything rational.
 "Hey! HEY! Remember what happened last time? Your still in trouble for cursing out that referee.“ Rafihna reminded him.
 Neymar sighed glaring back at the three men who were now gloating at his girlfriend.
 "Well I can’t just have thoses bitches talk about how they want to sleep with MY GIRLFRIEND.”
The ref blew the whistle and they took there places.
Neymar glared at Gareth, glancing over at his friend who was shaking his head telling him no. He squinted his eyes getting ready to hurt him and his friends.
Ney took off running getting ahold of the soccer ball. He was dodging player after player scoring Barca’s first point.
 By the time it was 10-9 Neymar was more than angry he was vengeful. He watched as Gareth’s teammate wink at y/n.
 Y/n smiled back returning her attention back to the game.
What the hell!? Why did she even give him any type of attention.
 "You wanna play let’s play.” Neymar whispered.
 Messi kicked the ball juggling it between his feet passing it to Rafihna. Neymar ran down the field along Gareth’s teammate. Gareth kicked the ball from David passing it to his teammate. Neymar took this as his opportunity to get him back. He ran towards him kicking his feet from beneath him. Knocking him down hard to the ground. You could her the crack in his leg. Neymar didn’t one bit of sorry.
 "What happened?“ The ref yelled.
Neymar shrug walking away from the scene. He looked up at his girlfriend, y/n shaking her head at him.


Y/n was waiting for her boyfriend outside the locker room. Neymar walked out glaring at y/n.
"What?” Y/n laughed.
“Really? You know what you did.” Neymar snapped.
Y/n was confused she honestly didn’t know what he was talking about.
“That player! Why did you smile back?”
Y/n laughed, shaking her head was he serious.
“Really? That’s funny are you seriously jealous.”
Neymar got embarrassed looking away.
“I don’t like it when another man talks about how he wants to sleep with my girlfriend. ” ney confessed.
Y/n wrapped her arms around her boyfriend. Kissing him passionately.
“I know why you kicked him the way you did. And I’ll be honest I was mad at you but I love you. And i know you had your heart in the right place.” Y/n whispered.
Neymar smiled, “I love you too y/n”
“Besides I probably would have dome the same thing if some girl flirted with you.”
Neymar chuckled kissing his girlfriend.

Neymar x reader No friends anymore (Pt. 1) / Paulo Dybala x reader

By the way I’m taking requests. ———————————————– You and Neymar are best friends, but he didn’t know that you were having feelings for him. But no, you didn’t even think about telling him about how you’re feeling because of two reasons. First you don’t want to ruin your friendship because you don’t know what would happen if he rejected you. And the second reason is that Neymar has a girlfriend. When you first found out that Neymar had a girlfriend, you couldn’t believe it. But when you met her, you lost it. She was the rudest and the most selfish person you had ever met. To say that you don’t like is relatable. Now after 4 months Neymar and his girlfriend who is called Sarah (change it if it’s your name), were still dating. Today was the match between Barcelona and Juventus and you were coming to the match because you wanted to support Ney and his team. Sadly Sarah was going to be there too, but you didn’t know yet that this evening wasn’t going to end really well. You were sitting in the VIP lounge where the families and friends of the players were sitting and noticed that Neymar kept looking over to you. The current score was 0-2 for Juventus Turin. It seemed like Neymar couldn’t concentrate. The match ended pretty fast and Barcelona lost. When you made your way to the lockers to see Neymar, you met Paulo Dybala who’s one of Juventus’ players. He was pretty nice and also pretty good looking and you had a really nice chat. You two exchanged numbers to stay in touch and you continued to make your way over to Ney. You were standing in front of his locker room, when his girlfriend came over to you. “Who do you think you are?!” Sarah screamed at you and slapped you across the face. “Excuse me? What rights do you think you have to hit me?” You asked her and tried to stay as calm as possible. “Because of you they lost. You kept distracting him! Of course he could not concentrate like that!” She screamed at you. “So you’re trying to tell me now that he likes me more than you? Well because I think you’re just a little bitch who is just after his money and…” you started but Neymar interrupted you. “Stop Talking To my girlfriend like that! You have no rights to talk to her like that. I think we can’t be friends anymore if you keep insulting my girlfriend! Come Sarah we’re leaving!” Neymar screamed at you. “But Ney you didn’t even see everything. She slapped me and I was just…” you started but he interrupted you again. “I don’t want to hear you’re lies anymore. And if anyone is a bitch then it’s you!” He told you more calmly this time. And with that he left. Slowly a tear rolled down your face. You had the right to defend yourself and he didn’t even see that she slapped you. “Hey are you okay? We saw what happened. They really both have no right to talk to you like that.” Paulo Dybala and Lionel Messi told you. You didn’t even notice that the two of them were standing there and talking to each other, they’re friends because they both play for the national team of Argentina, and you also didn’t notice that they saw what happened. “You want me to talk to him?” Messi asked you. “No it’s not necessary. Maybe it’s better like that.” You told them. You were supposed to stay with Neymar because you didn’t live in Barcelona but that option was not possible anymore. “You can stay in my hotel if you want” Paulo offered you and you accepted since you had no other place to go. What were you supposed to do now? ———————————————— PART 2 IS GOING TO BE POSTED SOON.

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Rafaella’s Friend Is My Girlfriend (Neymar imagine)


“That looks nice but don’t you think too much under-boob is a bad thing?” I asked

Rafaella looked at herself in the mirror, and then turned towards me, “But this looks cute” She said

I chuckled, “Your brother won’t think it’s cute” I said 

She groaned, “You know at times I forget you two are dating” 

I chuckled, as she went back into the closet to find another outfit. It didn’t take long for Neymar to come into the room as well and take a seat next to me on her bed. “What are you two doing in here?”He asked

“She’s showing me different outfits” I said 

Neymar nodded, “Y/N I really can’t wait it’s going to be so-when did you get in here?”Rafaella said

I chuckled, as Neymar looked her up and down. “I don’t think this one is a good one” He said

She chuckled, “Well brother, I need Y/N’s opinion because this is her specialty” 

Neymar looked hurt, and raised an eyebrow, “So what are you trying to say?I don’t have good fashion sense?” He asks

Rafaella nodded her head, “Great you got what I was saying” She said

I held back a laugh, and she turned towards me. “So what about this?”

I nodded, “This one is nice, I think the top would look better with the jeans from last time though” 

Rafaella looked at herself in the mirror and nodded, “You’re right, God I love you” She said

I smiled, I noticed Neymar staring at me and turned towards him. “What?” I asked

“Where are you two going that she needs your opinion on her outfit?” He asked

Before I could spit it out Rafaella poked her head out from the closet, “We’re going to Jennie’s birthday party” She said

Neymar raised an eyebrow turning towards me, “So you weren’t going to tell me you were going?” He asked

I nodded, “I wasn’t, I was just going to lay out some clothes and tell you to get dressed” I said

Neymar chuckled, when Rafaella came out of the closet with the recommended outfit she smiled giving me a hug, “Neymar I’m so glad you chose Y/N” 

I chuckled returning her hug, only for it to be short lived as Neymar removed Rafaella and held my hand bringing me up, “I know I’m great at picking, but I need to borrow my girlfriend now” He said walking out of her room with me

“What-Wait Neymar  we weren’t finished” She shouted

“You are now” 

I shook my head at the two, and we went into Neymar’s and I’s room. “Okay now it’s my turn” 

~The Party

As the three of us walked into the party, the music was blasting loud. Neymar looked at both Rafaella and I, “You guys like this stuff?” He asked

I chuckled, “This is only the beginning” 

Throughout the crowd we’d lost Rafaella, and I shook my head when I saw her a few feet away dancing with Laurie. Neymar and I headed to the drinks, “I think I saw Rafinha over there I’ll be right back” Neymar said

I nodded, “Go have fun” I said

Neymar nodded placing a kiss on my cheek before going over to his boys, I chuckled and grabbed a Coca-Cola from the cooler. As I stood up someone was standing in front of me with a smile, “Hi” He said

I nodded, “Hey” 

He smiled more, which made him even more creepy, “I was just over there when you walked in and I though I’d come over and say hey” He said

“Thank you” I said

He extended his hand, “I’m Justin” 

I didn’t get to say anything else because Neymar came back a very pissy look on his face. “And I’m her boyfriend” He said

Justin stared at Neymar, “Look I don’t think her brother needs to lie for her” He said

I chuckled, “I’m her boyfriend, not her brother but you have a good 20 seconds before I beat your ass down” Neymar said

Justin turned right around and walked away, Neymar turned towards me. “Didn’t they tell you stranger danger or something?” He asked

I raised an eyebrow, “Did you forget that you were once a stranger in my life?” 

He smiled, “I love you” 

I chuckled, I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw it was Ben. I smiled and went to give him a hug but was pulled back to Neymar. I raised an eyebrow, “It’s Ben” I said

“Who’s that?” 

I chuckled, “He’s a friend swear, Ben this is Neymar” I said

Neymar reluctantly let me go but kept an eye on Ben, who just smiled. “It’s nice to meet you Neymar” Ben said 

Neymar just nodded, and stood close by as I spoke with Ben. Afterwards Neymar was so close I could literally feel his breath on my neck, I turned around, “Ney I’m gonna go to the bathroom” I said

Neymar nodded, and as I went to walk I felt him behind me again. “Ney, I’m going to the bathroom” I repeated

He nodded, “I heard you, so I’m going with you” He said

I chuckled, “It’s the bathroom one person allowed only” I said

Neymar raised an eyebrow, “Why? I’ve seen everything already and on multiple occasions too” He said 

I looked at him, “Yeah but I can go to the bathroom by myself” I said

He sighed, “Alright go but I’m waiting right here”He said

I nodded, and went into the bathroom. As I was washing my hands the door opened and in walked a guy. And he just continued giong towards the toilet, unzipping his pants my eyes were covered and I hit the person.

Once their hands were removed I turned around to see Neymar holding his stomach, “Really? Is that what I get for trying to help you?” He asks

I chuckled, “You could’ve stated who you were before placing your hands on my eyes” I said

“I should’ve”

I smiled, “But thank you”

Neymar smiled down at me, “Anytime, can we go home now?”

I chuckled, “Let’s go Jr.”



Me and you, Naughty. / Neymar Jr. / Requested - Anonymous

Anonymous said: Hiii, love your imagines btw!!😍😱 could you maybe write one where neymar and his girlfriend see each other after like a month from being apart and are both really excited and you know.. End up having sex, like really hot sex😏😈

“What are you doing at this moment? ❤:*”
“Watching, just a lazy day, I miss you, you know. :’(”
“I miss you too, so so much.” 
“It’s been a month since we didn’t see each other, and a month of no naughtyyy mmm. ;) wink”

I replied, Me and Neymar hasn’t seen each other for a while due to conflicts in our schedule, he trains, and plays overseas, whilst me, I’m at work. I miss this guy so much, that it hurts tme thinking when can we see each other. I waited for his reply, when somebody knocked on to my flat’s door. I ran out to my room, while I was tying my hair into a messy bun.

“Who is it?” I asked, while approaching the door, it didn’t reply, I peeked into my peek hole, and I saw Neymar on my front door, I immediately opened my door, and I hugged him so tight, just by seeing him, my eyes teared a little, because of the happiness.

“Hi, I’m, Neymar. Pleased to meet you, beautiful.” He said, and winked at me, I just stared at him, and smiled.
“Pleased to meet you, Neymar.” I said. He then kissed me, on my lips, and we entered my flat, and banged close the door. We didn’t stop kissing until we’ve reached my room, he started caressing my healthy bossoms, and pulled up my shirt, up to my bra.

“I missed you, naughty.” He whispered, and smirked at me. I can see the lust, the desire, and the love in his eyes, I bit my lips, and sexily winked at him. I decided to turn his boner off, “Oi, I need to take a shower first, not prepared, you’ve surprised me.” I said, and left Neymar on my bed.
“Oops, not now.” He pulled me by my waist, and and went on top of me, he kissed me all over my body, and he stopped on my neck, and sucked my neck, leaving a painful, and a hot feeling of a hickey. I bit my lip, as he was arousing me, and rubbing what’s inside my undershorts. I let out a small moan, and he continued, until I pulled him to his hair, and kissed him sloppily.

“Put that damn thing in.” I said, while I was panting. I saw him grab a protection on his back pocket, he was prepared for this, I guess, he has a pack of protection in his pocket. After a few seconds, he removed his shirt, and I unbuckled his belt, and opened his zipper, revealing Junior’s, junior. Little did we know, we were syncing our body, like snakes crawling the ground.

“Mmm Ney, shit. I’m near.” I said, as he was thrusting in, hard and loud, I love it when he moans, when we make love, it’s the hottest thing next to his morning voice.

“Not now, wait for me.” He said, as he was thrusting me harder, stronger, and hotter. He was kissing me everywhere, and planted a deep kiss on my lips, after a few seconds, we both exploded. He hugged me after we made a naughty thing, and kissed my ear. I can feel him catching his breath, I kissed his soft lips, which I’ve missed, causing him to breath deeper. I traced his rock hard packs. And giggled, imagining what just happened a few seconds ago.

“What?” He said, and smirked.

“I just realize, that we were so hungry, and thirsty of, you know..”

“Of, Se-“ I cut him off, us I feel so embarrassed, that we can do a sexy, naughty, and lustful act, as we were away for each other for a month, no kisses, no hugs, no cuddles, just purely skyping.

“Stop!” I said, and joyful tears started to blur my eyes, I wiped them off, and Neymar faced me, and hugged me by my waist.

I reached for his back pocket, and saw 2 packets of protection, he looked at me, and smirked. “That calls for round two..” He said, and smiled at me.

“You really are prepared.” I laughed.

“I love you, Y/N.” He mouthed. “I love you more, my Neymar.” I replied.


Imagine: You and Ney have been dating for about a year and you two are inseperables.Before every game you come and give him a big kiss for luck.But this time you couldn’t come on time and he was very upset so when he scores a goal he goes to the pillar and kisses it just to show you that he loves you and that you own him a kiss after the game.


You Bring Me Down, & He Cheers Me Up *Neymar Imagine*


“So Bruna, since you and Neymar have broken up. What do you think about his new girlfirend?Y/N, people say she’s a lot hotter than you” Kenny asked

Bruna, had a small smile on her face, “Well, I think his new girlfriend isn’t really his girlfriend. I mean what does she do? I’m a model, and she’s a student? Her being Hotter than me is nothing I’m afraid of, who would want that curly hair?” She said

Kenny nodded, “Do you think Davi likes her?”

“No, I don’t Davi is a cute and wonderful little boy who is very playful. For him to like you , you must be someone that the family trusts and I’m sure no one really trusts her I mean what do they really know about her anyways?”


I watched the whole interview about how Bruna, Neymar’s ex-girlfriend bashed me. I didn’t really care to be talked about like that but what really hurt was when she made fun of my hair, and me being lighter than her.

Calling me a non-Brazilian. That was the line, and as much as I didn’t want my tears to come down they did. ‘Always smile filha, Always no matter what’ Those were the last words my father spoke to me, and I’ve already stopped smiling at least 2 times this month.

This wasn’t the first time she did this, the first time was back in January after my birthday they asked her some questions and she did the same thing. Neymar didn’t know, everytime it came up I would change the channel.

“Hey, Y/N which shirt do you think looks better this one or-Why are you crying?” Neymar’s voice said

I wiped away the tears, and placed a small smile. “Nothing just thinking about my Dad” I lied

He looked at me, “Are you sure that’s what you were crying about?”

I nodded, and he dropped it. I helped him pick out his clothes for his trip to Sevilla, “You can always come with us Y/N” He said as I was putting his clothes away

“I can’t Ney, I have school. If I get out early then I’ll go to the game” I said

He nodded, and pecked me on the lips. “Oh Rafaella’s bringing Davi over later” He said

I smiled, at the thought of the little blonde boy. He was so sweet, “Alright, we’ll be sure to watch”

He smiled, “I’ll be back tomorrow alright, and be sure to watch both the pre and post “ He said

I chuckled, “Alright go before you miss the plane”

He smiled once more before giving me a long kiss. As soon as he left I cleaned up a little bit, because I knew as soon as Davi came he’d want to play so I’m giving him some room.

At around 8, Rafaella came a sad expression on her face. I let her and Davi in. Davi ran to his toys playing with them, while we sat on the couch. “Rafa what’s wrong?” I asked

“I saw, what Bruna said and it’s not true. We love you and trust you 100%” She said

I gave her a smile, “I know you do, I’m not letting her get to me”

She looked at me once more, “Did Neymar see?”

I shook my head, “Did you tell him?”

“No I don’t want him to get involved and I’m fine really”

“Y/N, she said you were a non-Brazilian and asked why anyone would want to have your hair?”

I felt a little sting hearing once again, “I’m fine, smiling through it is killing her” I said

She chuckled, “Well you’re way stronger than Neymar and I”

Rafaella and I talked a little more and then she left, kissing Davi on the head. After she left I went over and played with Davi, and his toys.

The next day I woke up, and made Davi and I some breakfast, when I got a notification on my phone from my friend. “Davi stay right there okay I’ll be back” I said as I walked a little ways from him

Looking at the message it was a video clip, of Bruna doing another interview. I clicked on it and aloud it to play.

“So Bruna, I hear you and Neymar’s new girlfriend Y/N don’t get along?”

“Honestly, She was the one who had started everything when she went on to say that I had no talent and all I’m doing is being truthful”

The man nodded, “ And what about Neymar? Do you think he’s happy with her?”

“No, I don’t he doesn’t look happy”

“What else could you say about her or for us to get to know her better?”

“She doesn’t embrace her Brazilian in her, like everyone in Brazil. And, when I met her she talked about going to Spain and Germany all the time. Her family they’re gone, her Dad died and her Mother left them. That’s all I can say” She said smiling

I felt the tears streaming as she mentioned my family. “Y/N why are you crying?” Davi asked

I wiped my tears and looked at him placing the smile on my face. “I’m not it was some water I had on my face” I said

“Really I wanna try” He said his eyes lighting up

I chuckled, and we went into the kitchen. I put some water on my hands and placed my fingers so that the water would drip onto his cheeks. The smile on his face made him so cute.

I looked at the clock and smiled to him. “Davi, guess what time it is” I said


“Time to watch Pai!” I said picking him up

He clapped his hands, and began telling me stories of things that him and Neymar had did together, I turned on the Tv and it was the pre-talk. Neymar, Messi. Gerard, Rafinha, Dani Alves, & Luis Suarez were on the panel.

“Messi are you guys ready and prepared for this game?”

That was the first question to start them off, everyone had questions some personal some not, but I knew Bruna was going to be mentioned in this so I was just waiting for it.

“Neymar, you and Bruna broke up about how long ago?” Someone asked

“2 years”

“And Y/N how would you describe her?”

“She’s beautiful, the Best Brazilian girl in Barcelona. She’s smart, kind, she loves Davi & He adores her, and futbol is something that’s big for her” He said

I smiled, “Pai’s talking about you” Davi said

I smiled and nodded, “So you haven’t seen what Bruna has been saying about her in these interviews?” They asked

Neymar looked utterly confused, and so did the rest of the guys. “What interviews?” He asked

The interviewer handed Neymar and the rest of the guys a phone, and they watched the interviews. Neymar looked up“My girlfriend is nothing like this, she’s proud to be Brazilian, and she’s wonderful. I think it’s cheap to go at someone’s family just because I broke up with you. It’s not right, and so what if my girlfriend isn’t famous? She’s going to school , she wants to be a medical doctor and she only has this year left. I’m proud of her, and I don’t care what Bruna says about my girlfriend. I mean if we’re all being honest Davi never liked her so, she shouldn’t be the one talking” Neymar said chuckling at the end

The room was silent, the guys on the pannel trying not to laugh out loud. “What no more questions?” Dani asked


•Boring Daddy• Neymar

A/n: Shoutout to Riley Curry and her daddy Steph Curry this is modeled after her press conference crashes during last seasons NBA championships lol this is coming extra late but I hope this is close to what was asked for–oh we’re gonna pretend Davi is 5(he actually turned 4 in August) just so this flows correctly, cool? Cool. moving right along…






The celebratory screams and cheers that filled Berlin’s Olympiastadion were deafening. Every Culé was currently losing their minds–and with good reason.

Barça just defeated Juventus 3-1,  winning the 2014-15 Champions League title. It was the first time since 2011 the Blaugrana would be lifting the trophy. it was all so surreal; for the fans, the players, the entire organization—but especially for a certain 23 year old Brazilian.

Neymar was overwhelmed but in the best way. How could he not be? He went from a trophy-less, lukewarm at best first season–and a horrific World Cup experience shortly after–to spectacular second, where he was a vital part of his club winning not one but three trophies. This was probably the biggest achievement in his career so far He was ecstatic. Nothing could bring him down.

Once the champions were officially crowned and the official photos were taken, personal ones with one another and love ones began. The pure happiness and joy  In the midst of all the excitement and slight chaos–Neymar spotted his beautiful girlfriend, Y/n as she made her way towards him.

He smiled as they locked eyes, watching the smile that was already on her face grow beautifully. She had their three year old daughter, Roseli, securely on her hip and  Davi held her hand. If it was possible, Neymar’s smile grew. He always was in awe of the relationship Davi and Y/n shared.

From the moment they were introduced,Y/n treated the young boy like her own. In her eyes, he was an extension of the man she loved so how could she do anything but fall in love with him too? Even when Roseli came along Y/n made it a point that Davi knew he still had and would always have a special place in her heart. Her love for him was unconditional. Neymar felt the  most indescribable type of joy as his little family joined him in this amazing moment.

Parabens, Juninho. congratulations, I’m so proud of you.” Y/n  said with a kiss when she was finally standing in front him. Neymar grinned, enveloping her in his arms as he returned the kiss. Their moment quickly came and went as the kids almost immediately stole away his attention. “Parabens, Daddy!”they shouted happily. Davi clung on to his legs while Roseli all but leaped from her mother’s arms into his.

Neymar laughed; celebrating this with them was gift and knowing his parents, sister, friends, and Davi’s mom were in the stands was the icing on an already flawless cake. Even when he was told he was expected at the post match press conference–something he was usually less than ecstatic about– Neymar complied with the biggest smile on his face. How could he be anything but happy?

When Neymar finally made it into the conference room a little while later, long after the celebrations had come to close.  He had changed into a 2014-15 championship shirt, some jeans and some nikes. Neymar walked into the conference  room. with a table with a mic on it upfront facing a whole bunch of reporters sitting who had their mics, and recorders ready as photographers took pictures. He sat down at his place and adjusted the mic on the table. Before he knew it the press conference started questions official began. There were congratulations, praise, inquiries of the future and of course mentions of the past.

Neymar had to consciously stop himself from grimacing when some of the reporters continuously found ways to bring up his disastrous World Cup experience experience. He objectively he understood why it was tied in—especially with Copa America just around the corner–but it didn’t make them any less annoying. He not so subliminally shut down all talks of it with mentioning lessons were to be learned from the past but it’s hard to if you continue to relive it. After that the focus of the questions were about this moment, and hopefully a successful Copa America. And he was grateful.

He was in the middle of answering a question about rebuilding Brazil’s national squad when Roseli suddenly ran into the room, disrupting not only his train of thought but the reporters focus as well.  

Flashes from cameras taking pictures came more  frequently at the sight of the little girl in her new 2015/16 Barça kit and a 100% Jesus headband not unlike her father’s. Neymar raised an eyebrow in surprise; he didn’t bring his kids along to press conferences for a reason. the atmosphere was anything but exciting, and would most certainly spell out for disaster for his restless offspring. the young girl wasn’t deterred by him or the commotion she stared. she only cared about one thing.

“Daddy! Up!” she demanded arms raised for emphasis, earning chuckles all around the room. Neymar gladly complying with her order as he placed her in his lap. He than turned his attention back to the media in front of him, starting to answer the question only to be interrupted by Roseli  tugging at his shirt.

“Yes princesa?”he smiled down at her. If there was one thing he knew it was when his daughter was competing for his attention. He knew it was best to give in a little so she wouldn’t hijack the entire presser. It was cute in some instances but he was trying to do his job and not waste the time of reporters trying to theirs.

Beijo"Roseli puckered her lips expectantly.

Neymar chuckled giving her a kiss before saying,“você tem que ficar quieto agora.” Roseli nodded her head with her index finger to her lips in a motion to be quiet. Neymar  smiled, putting his finger to his lips as well, hoping she would behave.

“She’s so cute,” a reporter spoke up earning a murmur of agreement throughout the room. There was no doubt the little girl was absolutely adorable so much so nobody seemed to mind the distraction she caused.

“Thank you,” Neymar smiled appreciatively before lightly adding,”she gets it from her mother.”

“Thank you!"Roseli chimed in, craning her neck so she could speak into the mic. The whole room got a chuckle out of the young girl’s antics as Neymar casually moving the mic out of her reach.”Não faça isso. don’t do that,”He gently reprimanded her.

“Daddy I’m cute!” the little girl said cheerfully, ignoring her father’s words. “Roseli,“he cut her a disapproving look, not taking light to being ignored,”Fique quieto, be quiet.”

Okayyy.” she said with an exaggerated sigh as she slouched in his lap. Neymar shook his head with in slight amusement than signaled for the questions to continue. Roseli remained quiet a whole two minutes before letting out another sigh and placing a small hand over Neymar’s mouth,“quieto Daddy.”

You would’ve thought Neymar was droning on and on about nothing the way she said it.–then again that was probably exactly what she thought he was doing. Either way he couldn’t help but smile as the whole room burst into laughter.

“you want me to be quiet?” He couldnt help but smile; Roseli nodded vigorously causing her curls flying all over her face which only amused Neymar even more.

“Daddy has to talk a little to more then I’ll be quiet okay?”he tried to compromise with her that way he could finish up and then they could leave. “boringgg.” Roseli sighed dramatically as she plopped her head onto the table. “Roseli Natália.” Neymar warned.

Okay Daddy.” she  pouted.

And for the rest of the conference Roseli was quiet but no less distracting. She fidgeted, patted his hands, pinched his cheeks and ran her small hands in his hair. Neymar couldnt even be upset with her, one because she was just a little girl, staying still wasnt a skill she mastered just yet and two he loved having his baby girl with him despite her craziness.

“And that’s all for Neymar,”One of the team representatives finally announced the end of the presser.  He sighed in relief as he pushed his chair back and stood with his daughter in his arms. Once he got out of the conference room, he was met with a frantic Y/n.

“Oh my God, Ney, I’m so sorry!“ She immediately apologized, "One minute she was playing with Rafa and the next she she bolting for the conference room. She slipped in before I could catch her.” Y/n explained before turning a scolding gaze towards her daughter,”Roseli Natalia I can’t believe you—”

“Baby,”Neymar cut in as he pulled her into him with his free arm, “it’s fine.”

“Are you sure, Ney because–?” Y/n started again, not completely  convinced. Neymar cut her off again, but this time with a kiss, “It’s fine babe, everything was okay. even though this one tried to make it all about her,”He paused briefly to blow a raspberry on Roseli’s neck making her to giggle, “nothing was ruined. if anything she made the whole thing more enjoyable— for everyone in there.”

“Okay…”Y/n nodded reluctantly before turning her gaze to their daughter, “this is the last time you do something like that, understood?”Y/n asked her daughter. “Yes, Mommy.”Roseli nodded.

“Good…well,”Y/n said as her sternness gave way to playful smile, “ did you have fun?”

Roseli scrunched up her face, “No! Daddy’s soo boring!”

Her parents and everyone within earshot laughed at the young girls revelation which in turn  caused her to frown. She didn’t understand what was so funny–she was serious.


Imagine #46 Protective Neymar

You went out to have some fun with your friends, just a girl’s night like always. You decided not to drink and just enjoy the night in the club. It was all good and fun and you kept texting with your boyfriend Neymar who was at Rafinha’s house.

“How is at the club? Are u drinking?”

“It’s fun, no I’m not. What are u guys doing?”

“Why not? Well we might have drink a little bit :p  Rafa and Marc want to go out.”

“Didn’t really feel like it. There are some guy here that my friends met and I don’t really feel like having fun.”

“Okay we are so coming over…. who are they?”

“Ney nothing is happening, stop getting all mad.”

After that lest message you sent he didn’t replay which made you a little bit worried he might got mad or thought you were with someone else.

“Hey why don’t you drink?” a guy said as you were looking around a little bit annoyed.

“Oh, I’m not drinking tonight.” You said forcing a smile.

“Why not, c’mon I’ll buy you a drink.” He said as he winked at you. He was cute, but you already had the boy you fell in love with.

“No really, I’m fine like this, thanks anyway.”

“Sure?” He asked once again making you almost mad for insisting.

“Yeah she is sure.” You heard someone felling an arm around your shoulder. You looked around and noticed it was Neymar. He was looking at him with a serious face but still calm, it made you happy and you couldn’t help but smile for doing things like this for you.

“And you are?” The guy asked confused almost as he tried to get in a fight.

“Her boyfriend” He said as he pulled you closer.

The guy moved away and you turned around standing right in front of Neymar smiling, “Someone is being possessive?”

“Well what is mine is mine.” He said as he kissed you passionately and you could feel the alcohol from the kiss. Then he said he will go back o his friends and you did the same.

Since you saw him, you were much happier and in the mood to have fun so you walked to your friends and started dancing in the middle of the dancefloor jumping and laughing having fun. You didn’t need alcohol to enjoy the music and dance.

Suddenly everyone came to dance and it was much more crowded. You were dancing until someone bumped in to you and started to dance all over you, making you uncomfortable. You tried to move away but he was pulling you closer almost hurting you, as much as you told him to leave you alone he was still insisting.

“Let go of me!” You screamed the second the music stopped because the DJ wanted to make an announcement. Everyone looked in your direction staring at what was going on. You moved away from him and almost cried, because he scared you.

You looked at your friends as the music was still silently playing in the background. Then you noticed Neymar and so did everyone else, they all took their phones out to take a picture of him, but he was walking really angry and mad.

“No, Neymar stop.” You said as he came closer and you put your hands on his chest stopping him from making things even worse.

“What did he do to you?” He said staring straight in to him with his anger in the eyes.

“Hey man, I’m sorry… I didn’t know she was taken.” The guy said as he walked slowly moving away from him.

“Taken or not, no means no you idiot!” Neymar yelled at him as he walked away. The music started to play again but people were staring at the two of you. Mostly, because no one knew Neymar had a girlfriend and because some people knew you from school.

“Did he hurt you?” Finally, Neymar moved looking at you concerned.

“I’m fine now.” You said as you wrapped your hands around his neck and he pulled you closer.

“I heard you scream and my heart stopped, you scared me.” He said as he kissed your cheek.

“I’m sorry,” you said resting your head on his chest.

“Please be careful, one day I might not be next to you to help you and if something will happen to you… I will not be able to forgive myself for leaving you alone. Never.”

His words were making you calm down and much better, you looked at him and kissed him, “Don’t worry, I can take care of me.”

“I know but just do it for me, okay (y/n)?”

“Te adoro” You said as you caressed his cheek with both hands.

“Eu amo você” he said and leaned closer to kiss you.

He did get jealous a lot and he was sometimes too protective, but you loved him. He was everything you ever asked for, he loved you and he took care of you.


Catalan - Neymar Jr

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The familiar chant ran out across the stadium 


The ground Bella stood on was shaking as she also joined in with the jumping. Barcelona had just completed their treble and the final match of the season had been completed and the tears of happiness had been shed; now it was time for the celebrations to go wild.

Bella wasn’t with the rest of the WAGs, she was in the stands with the Barcelona fans. Luckily enough no one had bothered her that much and she was able to join in with the ecstatic celebrations like the pure blooded Catalonian she was. She preferred being with the fans rather than the WAGs. Bella was raised as a loyal Barcelona fan and nothing had changed as she grew up. The problem was that she was far more engrossed in the game than the other WAGs and had no interest in chatting shoes and children. With the exception of Lionel’s partner Antonella Bella didn’t really know the others and she was fine with that.

As Bella joined the other WAGs in the tunnel, waiting for their partners to leave the dressing room, she looked around at all of them. She looked out of place. Most were wearing posh designer outfits with labels that Bella couldn’t pronounce correctly, while Bella wore her worn black skinny jeans with a huge Barcelona home shirt with her boyfriends name and number adorned on the back. 

“So Bella, where were you all game?” Antonella asked, breaking the silence among the WAGs.

“I was in the stands.” 

“How was it? Did anyone bother you?”

“No no, no one bothered me. That’s been the area where my family sit for years so I was virtually unnoticeable.” Antonella nodded and silence fell again. The silence was quickly broken as the loud cries of joy from inside the dressing room soon were heard outside.

Xavi and Iniesta were the first out, greeting their wives. As they walked down the corridor Xavi stopped and let his wife walk further forward. Bella hugged Xavi, they’d gotten along well ever since they had been introduced.

Felicitats Xavi!” Bella said as they pulled away from the hug.

“Gràcies Bella. Did you watch the game?”

“Sí! I watched from my families usual spot.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Very much so! I was practically bursting with pride while trying not to cry.” Bella admitted. Xavi threw his head back and laughed.

“I must be going, your estrella will be out soon. Adéu!” Xavi said, throwing Bella a wave and running to catch up with his wife. Bella stood there smiling. For as long as she could remember she had idolized Xavi and now to think they were somewhat friends was mind-blowing to her.

“Bella meu amor!” Bella turned around and saw her grinning boyfriend walking towards her with his arms open. A grin painted itself on Bella’s face as she walked towards her boyfriend and his strong arms embraced her.

“Ney.” She mumbled into his chest. He stunk of sweat but Bella was past scaring. Her boyfriend had won the freaking treble! “I’m so proud of you la meva estrella.” Neymar kissed her head gently.

“I didn’t see you with the other girls, where were you?” Bella pulled away from his chest, still embracing him while looking up adoringly.

“I was in the crowd, where me and my family have always sat. I needed to be with my fellow Catalonians, that way I could go crazy and not be given weird looks.” Neymar raised an eyebrow.

“I hope you were only going crazy over me amor.” Neymar laughed.

“You are aware that my favourite player is clearly Bartra?” Bella smirked.

“That’s not what your shirt says mi pequeño catalana.” Neymar said, leaning in to kiss his giggling girlfriend.


A day with neymar || neymar imagine ft. Marc | (requested)

“Raf -” you got cut off by a attractive man opening the door.
You hanged up quickly .
“Hi um is rafy here ? ” you asked .
“No she left to Madrid to get papers for her work , she should be here in like 30 min . But come in I’m his brother.” He said smiling .
“Oo so your the famous (hot) brother Rafalea had always been talking about . My names y/n ."you said as you sat down in the white couch .
"Ooo she talks about me ? All the time she be talking about you ! But she never said you this beautiful .” He said
“Um thanks … i..m..a call rafy and ask her where she’s at .” She said ad you blushed . You called Rafaela and put it on speaker .
“Aaaa I see you met my brother since you hanged up . I knew you guys were going to get along .” She said.
“Shutup "you blushed as neymar looked down smiling .
"Where you at.?"you asked .
"Stuck in traffic maybe get there in like 5 hrs?” She asked .
“Then I guess were going to have to plan my birthday party later .” You said as neymar looked confused .
“Noooo ! Don’t go spent the day with my brother ! You guys guna be a couple soon ! Just wait !” She yelled as she hanged up.
“Well I don’t want to be a bother so I might get going .” You said .
“No stay! I wana get to know you . Wana go to practice with me ? "He asked with a cheesy smile . You already knew he was the most famous young player in the world know .how could I say no .
"Um if you want” I said .
“Of course I want !” He said.


You arrived at practice and every one just stared at you . Mostly the tall one with greenish eyes . He was attractive , but not like mr .da silva santos jr .
“Ooooo neymars got a girlfriend !” Dani yelled .
“She’s not my girl . She’s my sisters best friend .” He said as he blushed .
“Okey guys let’s get training !” Messi yelled .
“You go sit over there beautiful ” neymar said as he pointed to the chair next to the tall guy with the green eyes .
“We heard that !” Pique yelled as he was running to the camp . Neymar just blushed .
You jogged straight next to the guy . He wasn’t training . Maybe he wasn’t playing but just came to watch .
“Hey ” you said as you sat down .
“Hey beautiful ” he said .
“My names y/n and yours ?” You asked .
“Marc and what a gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl .” He said .
“Well thanks "you said.
Marc got a little cozy after that . You guys talked and talked . When you turn around to bet you phone from you bag he kissed your cheak . You look at neymar and it looked like he was on fire .
"Looks like Marc’s getting a little to cozy with her .” Dani giggled as he passed the ball to mesi .
You ignore the kiss .
“Hey can you take a selfie with me ?” He asked .
“Shure .” You spoke trying not to be rude to him .
He took out his phone and kissed your cheek again. Then posted it in all his medias says ’ met this wicked girl today 💖’ . Practice was over and you and neymar left to the car . Marc had your number he started texting you but you didn’t answer .
“Why aren’t you answering your boyfriend ?” Neymar asked.
“He’s not my boyfriend .” You said .
“Well it looks like it . ” he mumbled .
“Look I was just doing that to not be rude .” You said .
“You sure ? ” he asked .
“Yes . I … I like you not him .” You said .
“I…I like you two . Since you entered that door . ” he blushed .
You and him entered the door and waited for rafy . She was right . You guys were going to get along ;) .

Part 2 💕 ?