neymar nt

Geri: Hector.. I have to ask you a serious question man.. seriously listen to me..

Belle: If it’s about coming back.. I..

Geri: Boy listen to me first then answer..!

Belle: Fine.. Fine Geri.. Go ahead.. what is it you want to ask.. I’m listening

Geri: What the bloody hell is that hairstyle?? And what even is that moustache?! Who hit you on the head and told you it was a good idea to have your hair look like that and grow that 90’ stache.. And I thought Ney’s hairstyles were bad… Mare meva nanu.. fix whatever is going on with your head.. too much

Belle: umm… I… I was just.. Can we talk about Barça now.. please

Geri: I’ve said what I wanted to say..

Belle: But I..