neymar junior

anyways i love Neymar and here’s some reasons why.

  • He’s one of the best young players in the world right now, possibly the best.
  • He’s scored his 44 goals for Brazil at a younger age than Pele scored his.
  • He’s part of an unstoppable trident in his club career and helped his team to win their second treble.
  • He scored the most goals for Barcelona in Copa del Rey and due to lower playing time, actually scored the most in all of CL too.
  • He uses his fortune to build a free school in Brazil for children who couldn’t otherwise afford it to learn.
  • He is pretty damn fine, it must be said.
  • He doesn’t let baseless, rude criticism get to him and always plays his own way, the Brazil way.
  • He is genuinely kind and sweet.
  • That hair, though. All of it. Always. From the full head and beard of blond to the undershaves to the mohawks to the fully natural hair.
  • He is passionate about the game.
  • He loves children, not just his own, but all children.

And there’s probably more but that’s it for now.