neymar junior



Marc: “Ney, mate.. I have to tell you something”

Neymar: “What ?”

Marc: “I … I slept with Y/N.. last night”

Neymar: “Wait… MY Y/N…?!”

Marc: “Yeah..”

Neymar: “Haha, no way..?!”

Marc: “Mouhahaha ! I’m kidding !”

Neymar “Fuck you man !” *push him*


This tells a story about how Juanfran couldn’t keep up with Neymar. So he plows into him because that’s the only way to stop him, which then leads to a chain reaction, knocking down his own teammate. But he feels the need to blame Neymar by kicking him. Because kicking him while he’s down is the only logical solution, right? And then of course, Messi comes and saves the day.

I like competition. It’s good for Barça because it keeps them from getting too comfortable and too cocky. But this?? This is not competition. This is not football. This is a death match. If you are purposely trying to hurt people, you are in the wrong profession. Get it together Atlético. Barça deserved this win. #teambarca