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What About Us? (Neymar jr iamgine)


“Pai! Look what we did at school” Kai said 

Neymar stared straight at Polina, “Hold on I haven’t seen your sister all day, show me later” He said

Kai frowned and walked into the kitchen, “Mae, do you want to see what we did at school today?” Kai asked looking up at me 

I chuckled, and nodded. “Sure baby” 

Instantly a smile lit up on Kai and Kenny’s faces, as they sat down on the stools and opened their books. After a while Davi walked into the kitchen with the same face that they’d walked in with moments ago. “Pai didn’t look at your work?” Kai asked

Davi nodded, and hopped up on the other stool next to Kenny. I sighed ,”Do you guys want some ice cream for doing really awesome work today?” I asked

They nodded, and I gave them some. Once I knew they wouldn’t notice me leaving I headed into the living room where Neymar still sat on the chair with Polina in his arms. “Neymar” I said sitting next to him

I sighed, “Neymar” I repeated

Still he didn’t answer me, “Neymar Da Silva Santos jr.” I called out

This got his attention as he looked up at me and then smiled, “Sorry, what’s wrong?” He asked

I rolled my eyes, “There’s nothing wrong with me, did you see what your sons did at school today?” I asked

He nodded, “Of course I did when they walked in they all showed me” He said

I chuckled, “Really, what’d they do?” 

Neymar cleared his throat, “You know, Um-art work” He said

I nodded and stood, taking Polina from his arms I pointed a finger as he went to object, “You go in that kitchen and spend time with the sons you asked for” I said

Neymar groaned, “Come on, to be fair I asked for a little girl too” 

This time I rolled my eyes, “Would you like to see her on a daily basis?”

He sighed, “I’m going” 

I watched as he walked into the kitchen a smile on his face, I headed into the bedroom and placed Polina in her crib seeing as she was sleeping. Afterwards I went into the kitchen, and the boys were glaring at Neymar. I sighed, “What did you do in the span of 20 seconds?” I asked

Neymar pulled his head out from the fridge, “I didn’t do anything” 

I looked over to the boys, “Why don’t you boys go and wash up, so we could start  eating dinner?” 

Without hesitation the boys collected their things and went upstairs to their room. I crossed my arms as I waited for him to look at me, “What?” He finally said

I sighed, “Neymar they are your sons” 

“I know, I never said they weren’t” 

“Then why aren’t you spending time with them?” I asked

He shrugged, “I’m busy, I mean I have practice games, and then I come home and sometimes they’re sleepin-”

“Don’t play stupid with me Neymar” 

He sighed, and walked closer to me wrapping his arms around my waist, “Alright, alright, I’ll spend time with the kids tomorrow” He said

I raised a finger to his face, “You better spend time with the boys tomorrow” 

~The Next Day

“Pai can we get that?” Davi asked 

We both looked over to what he was pointing towards to see he was talking about a new soccer ball. I looked over to Neymar who didn’t really have an expression on his face, “Sure” 

I turned towards him, “Can you be a little bit more enthusiastic?” I asked

He gave me a deadpanned look and said, “How can I when not all of my children are here” 

I rolled my eyes, “Neymar you hold Polina so much she hasn’t spent time at all with her aunt, so hush and spend the well deserved time with our sons” 

And that ladies and gentleman was not the end of our day with the boys, Neymar acted like that the entire day, sulking around like an old rag saying “Sure” to everything. And it pissed me off. but I think it made the boys way more upset and mad than it did to me. 

The only time he changed is when we got to the house, and he saw Polina who was sleeping. An instant smile came onto his face once he saw her, I stepped in front of him and the blanket, “Neymar, leave her alone and go” I said pointing upstairs

He scrunched his eyebrows, “Go where?” 

“Upstairs with your sons” 

Rafaella sighed, “He didn’t spend time with them?” 

“No” I said as the same time Neymar said, “Yes” 

She looked between the two of us, “What?” 

I rolled my eyes, “Neymar’s definition of spending time with the boys is just being present and not engaging in anything, the whole day he had a depressed look on his face.” I said

Rafaella turned towards him, “You know that’s not right, Neymar. The boys deserve just as much love as Polina does” 

He sighed, “I know, and I try but do you know how long I’ve wanted a little girl, and now that I have one I just want to spend all my time with her” 

“But that’s not the way to do it Neymar. You’re going to make the boys not like her” I said

“Okay, okay I admit that’s not the way to do it but I just want to spend time with her.” 

Rafaella smacked him on the head, “Stop being stupid and spend time with the boys, I’m leaving and when I come back tomorrow I want to here you spent time with them” She said as she gave me a hug and walked out of the house. 

Neymar and I stood in the living room, as Polina slept on her blanket in the play pin. When I heard the pitter-patter of feet I knew the boys were coming downstairs. When they finally descended, they looked so dang cute. 

They tried to have a really mad face on but they just ended up looking cute as hell, “Pai we need to talk to you” Kai said

Neymar raised an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?” He asked them

“You don’t love us anymore right?” Kenny asked

Both Neymar and I’s heads whipped towards Kenny. First it was in shock because Kenny spoke, he hardly speaks and it’s not a developmental thing he just doesn’t like talking. And secondly, because of what he said. 

“Kenny baby of course Pai loves you” I said

He shook his head, “No he doesn’t, he doesn’t like us anymore” 

I turned towards Neymar, “Say something” I whispered

Neymar cleared his throat, “I do love you boys” He said

“Then how come you don’t get happy with us?Only sad?”Kenny asked

“I’m not sad with you guys, I’m happy” 

The three of them shook their heads, “No, you not”Davi said

“You only love Poli” Kai said

I sighed, and turned towards Neymar. “See what you dug yourself into” I said as they started to walk up the stairs.

“Okay wait, wait boys I do love you don’t ever think I don’t alright. I only give Polina a lot of time because she’s little and she needs it right now” He said

They all scrunched their eyebrows, “No, Mae doesn’t do that. She plays with us and Poli at the same time” Davi says

“That’s because Mae has the time, when Pai comes home you boys are sleeping and only Poli’s awake” 

“We were awake today” Kai said

“And I spent time with you today” 

“No you spend sad time today” Kenny said

Neymar sighed, “Boys, I do love you I promise you I do love you. I love you guys and I love Mae and Poli. I love all of you, okay don’t ever think Pai doesn’t love you” 

The three didn’t say anything else and just walked upstairs, when I looked at Neymar he was slouched on the couch with his eyes closed, “I really am the worst Father in history” He said

I shook my head sitting down, “No, you haven’t reached that yet” I said

He chuckled, “Thanks for making me feel better”

I smiled, “You’re welcome, now go upstairs and talk to them a little bit before bed” 

“They’re not going to want me in the room” 

I rolled my eyes, “Well you have to do it tonight, it really wasn’t an option. Mae’s taking the night off early so it’s Pai duty minus Polina” I said standing up and picking her up from the play pin and walking into the bedroom. “You better talk to your son’s Neymar”

Meanwhile in Fc Barcelona’s locker rooms


On Top of The World *Neymar dos Silva Santos jr imagine *


I bit my lip watching as they went through the defense splitting them like it was as easy as pie. Even thought we were way deep into their half it was still a nerve wracking when it came down to the scoring. “Y/N if you squeeze my hand any harder I won’t have one” Aine said

I chuckled giving her a small smile, “Sorry” I said resting my hands in my lap. 

“You know I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you this nervous” Aine said chuckling

I turned towards her, “The other games weren’t the Olympics” I said

She chuckled, “You’re right” 

We continued to watch the game, and jumped with excitement when the boys finally scored. Aine, and I cheered we were probably one of the loudest people in our section along with the other families. They soon reset, and within moments came back again scoring another one to their previous 1-1 making it 2-1.

The excitement within the crowd was something that I’ve ever experienced before. The pride and joy that we all felt for them, and as soon as that final whistle blew it became louder. 

The families all went down to the pitch to congratulate the guys on the win. I didn’t move because as families went down Neymar ran up the stands and when he made it in front of me the smile on his face brought joy to me. He didn’t give me a second to congratulate him as he smashed his lips onto mine. 

When we pulled apart I chuckled, “Congratulations” I said 

He smiled, “We did it!” He yelled jumping up

I laughed, we talked for a little while before they went on the platform and got their medals along with the playing of the Brazilian National Anthem. When the ceremony ended we headed to the locker rooms and then the car. 

~At The House

“Babe did you see that though, we actually did it” Neymar said as we walked into the house

I chuckled, “I saw you guys were amazing, the only thing though please don’t ever make me worry ever again” I said

He raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean” 

I sighed, “You guys kept letting them get closer and closer to the net, poor Aine almost went home with one arm” I said

He chuckled, and turned towards me; “How about we go out and celebrate “ He said

This time I raised an eyebrow at him, “Right now?” I asked

He nodded, “Yeah, there’s something I want to do” He said

I thought about it for a second, “Alright let’s go, but you’re driving” 

Neymar chuckled getting dressed into different clothes before meeting me at the car. Once he got in, he started the car and we made our way to wherever Neymar wanted to go. 

“This is where you wanted to go?” I asked looking at the building we’d pulled up too. 

Neymar nodded his head, “Yeah this is one of the places I wanted to go to” He said as we got out of the car. “A tattoo parlor why didn’t that come to mind?” I asked myself

Neymar chuckled, “Because I could’ve gone shopping first” 

I nodded, “True “ 

We entered the shop and immediately they came over to us, giving Neymar hugs and thanks. “It’s nothing, we love our country and wanted to do this for all Brazilians. “ Neymar said

“Neymar?” Someone said

As we looked around to see Rafinha a smile on his face, “Rafinha what are you doing here?” I asked giving him a hug

He smiled, and moved his arm so we could see. He’d gotten the Olympic rings along with Rio 2016 above them. “It’s nice” I said

“Are you getting yours done Neymar?” He asked

Neymar nodded, “Yeah that and something else” Neymar responded looking up from the book. 

Rafinha nodded, “Well I’m going to head back to the chair, maybe we could all do something when we’re done” 

I nodded, “Definitely “

Rafinha headed back to his chair, and Neymar was placed in his. I sat on the opposite side of him and we talked as he was getting the tattoo done. “What else are you getting?” I asked

He just smiled, “You’ll see” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “Alright”

After 20 minutes, he was done with his rings and smiled. “You like it?” The tattoo artist asked

Neymar nodded, “Love it” 

The guy nodded, “Now we’re going to move onto the next one” He said

Neymar nodded once more before sitting up and placing his hand on the table. I peeked over to see what he was doing, “You’e tattooing your finger?” I asked

He nodded, “Yeah why not?”

I looked up at  him, meeting his chuckling gaze, “Why not isn’t it going to hurt” 

He shook his head, “Nah” 

I sighed, “If you say so” 

I sat back down, and took a look around. When he was really done he smiled turning around to face me, “I’m going to pay” He said

I chuckled, “Go on then” I said

We moved to the counter,and he paid then we headed out of the shop. “So what’d you get done? I don’t see anything” I said looking at him

He smiled, “You’ll see it soon” 

I raised an eyebrow, and stared at his hand. “Yeah I’m not seeing anything” I said

Neymar chuckled, and showed me the inner side of his ring finger. “Why are you showing me that?” I asked

He chuckled, “Look” 

I looked and smiled, on the inner part of his ring finger was my first name with a heart. “Neymar, that’s so beautiful” I said

He smiled, “I know I’m a romantic man, it’s in my DNA” 


Baby’s First Steps (Neymar imagine)


“Yaya walk to me” Neymar said standing by the kitchen

Yaya, looked over to him and smiled before she crawled over to him. “I don’t think that worked” I said chuckling

Neymar have me a look, “Thanks I had no idea”

We both laughed, Neymar held her fingers making her stand up. She giggled looking up at him, “Okay now let’s walk to Mama” He said leading her over

The whole time she had a big smile on her face, “Whoa look at my big girl” I said smiling at her

Once she got closer she went back to the ground. Crawling into my lap, “I’m determined to make her walk today” Neymar said

I looked up at him, “Ney she’ll walk when she’s ready” I said. Neymar gave me a look, “I did the same thing with Davi made him walk right after he crawled for two months” He said

I laughed, “Alright then let’s see it” I said sitting back against the wall

Neymar smirked before taking up Yaya’s hands again, “Watch this, Davi!” He yelled

It didn’t take long for the 4 year old to come into the living room. And when he was standing in the sight of Yaya she instantly smiled bigger at her big brother. “Yes?” He asked

“Come help me teach Yaya how to walk”

Davi give a cute little mock salute before coming over to Neymar. “What do I have to do?” He asked

Neymar bent down to his height, “Stay here and hold Yaya’s hand and slowly bring her towards me” Neymar explained

Well this will be interesting; Davi only nodded, before replacing Neymar and holding onto Yaya’s hand. “Okay Yaya, we’re going to go to Pai” He said to her

She replied in her own little language, and when Neymar was ready along with Davi he did as Neymar had told him before.

At first Yaya was walking with the help of her older brother, however after a little bit she wanted to let go of her brothers hand.

However she fell and laughed, “Attempt one fail” I said

“She’ll get it just watch” Neymar said

“That’s right Mae”

I chuckled as the two of them high-fived before continuing on with Yaya’s “training ” as they called it.

~2 Hours Later

“I’m giving up, I don’t understand Davi was so easy.” Neymar said sitting down

I laughed, “Babe every baby and child is different, plus we all know Yaya is very stubborn like you” I said

“Stubborn like me?” He asked

I nodded my head, “Like Father like daughter” I said

Neymar laughed, “I thought it was mother like daughter?”

“Well today it’s father like daughter” I said

“Mae ! Pai!” Davi yelled out

We both looked over to where he was, and saw he was pointing into the kitchen. Moving over, a little we saw Yaya walking over to the rice that we had put in a jar in the kitchen.

Once she made it over she even went as far as standing on her tippy toes to reach inside of the jar, “Yañias Da Silva Santos "Neymar called out

She immediately turned around and flashed us her cute award winning smile. "See I told you I’d be able to get her to walk today” Neymar said turning towards me

I chuckled, “I guess you were right”