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Imagine #14 You Are Mine

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You know how most celebrities don’t go to the supermarket themselves? I’m not like most celebrities. Perhaps it’s because I’m not that famous, I’m only known in Spain for my singing career and maybe some foreign people know me. Anyways, I love to buy my own groceries, for I love to cook. That leads to me entering the supermarket right now. I came to get some fruit, sweets and vegetables. I looked at the vegetables they had and grabbed a few. I continued walking to the fruit section, sometimes stopping to take a picture with someone. Once there I scanned the kind of fruits they had when I suddenly heard lots of noise coming from something like 6 meters behind me. It was definitely young men laughing and talking loudly. I rolled my eyes hearing the sounds increase before grabbing some strawberries. I had just put them in my shopping cart when someone bumped into me from behind making me bump into the boxes of fruit. I let out a groan followed by a loud sigh. I’m pretty sure it was one of those men I just heard. I turned around and came face to face with someone who I think was Neymar Jr, the famous FC Barcelona player.

“You should watch where you’re going.” I told him with a stern voice.

“Sorry, my friend pushed me and I lost my ba-” He started explaining.

“Save it. You may be Barcelona’s hot shot, but I don’t work that way.” I winked at him.

“Fair enough, thank god you’re butt broke my fall.” He winked back.

My eyes widened, “Are you trying to insult my butt?”

“What? No, on the contrary!”

“Oh wait… Weren’t you the one who tweeted, and I quote, ‘Y/N has one of the best *peach emoji*’? I recalled.

He looked like he was blushing and I could hear his friends laughing in the back.

"Uhh… yeah… I mean… That was like a year ago, I was still a boy back then. And I didn’t even mean it like that, it was just a bet.” He rambled, not making any sense. I doubt he himself knows what he is saying.

“Sure it was a bet.”

“It really was a bet.” He assured me, though I could tell he was lying so I raised one eyebrow and gave him a look.

“It was not a bet.” He admitted at last.

“I knew it. Then what did you mean with that tweet?”

“I… uhh… What did I mean?” He asked himself a rhetorical question.

I shook my head disapprovingly and continued walking, Neymar automatically following me, “If this is your way of flirting, Neymar, you’re doing a terrible job and I’m still waiting on an answer.”

His friends were about dying of laughter, standing just 2 meters away from us. One of them shouted, “Grow some balls and just tell her, dude.”

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Rafinha’s Twin *Rafinha Alcántara imagine*


8 Months Ago

“Aye Y/N I’m going to go out to the store to buy something, one of my friends is gonna come over let him in alright?” Rafinha said 

I nodded giving him a mock slaute, “Just go on your merry way brother dearest” I said

Rafinha chuckled shaking his head before exiting the house, I flipped through the channels on the TV for a while before settling on a rerun of a telanovela. I got really into it before I knew it and was even getting emotional at the fact that the main character cheated on her fine ass man, like what the hell. 

I even got mad when the doorbell rang interrupting the best part. I groaned getting up, and going to the door, “What?”I asked opening it

The person chuckled giving a small smirk, “Hello to you too” He said 

I raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry I don’t want whatever it is you’re selling” I said trying to close the door only for him to place his foot in the spot. “Hold up girl I’m not here to sell something to you” He said chuckling

I opened the door, “Then what are you here for?” I asked getting impatient 

“Rafinha said his little sister would let me” He said

It took me a second to realize what he’d said, and I closed my eyes. Moving out of the way I let him in the house and he chuckled, “Wow I didn’t know those words would get me in so quick” He said chuckling

I chuckled, “Sorry I was watching this show and you came at a bad time” I said 

The guy nodded his head taking a seat on the chair, “So you’re Rafinha’s twin?”He asked

I nodded, “Yeah, and you’re his friend” I said stating the obvious

The guy chuckled, “His friend has a name” He said 

I raised an eyebrow, “So does his sister” 

He nodded, “True, so what is his sister’s name?” 

“Y/N” I said

He smiled, “Cute, Neymar” He said

“New” I said

Neymar chuckled, “So I give you cute and you say new?”

I nodded, “I don’t know anyone else with that name so it’s new to me” I said shrugging and getting up.


“Neymar I swear to god you’re going to get us caught” I said hitting his shoulder

Neymar chuckled placing his arm around my shoulders and leaning in, “And how am I going to do that?” He asked 

I placed my hand in the center of his face and pushed his head back, “By doing that” I said

He gave me a smile, “You know I personally don’t think Rafinha would have a problem with me dating you, so we should tell him” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “Oh yeah?And what makes you think this?” I asked.

Neymar shrugged, “We’ve been friends forever, and you’re his twin why would he dislike it?Plus lying to family isn’t good”

I chuckled, “Exactly because I’m his twin sister dating his bestfriend, which is more the reason why we shouldn’t say anything” 

Neymar rolled his eyes and turned around in the chair as I got up going to the kitchen. “WHOA!” Neymar shouted

I stopped walking and turned towards him, “What?” I asked

“You’re just so beautiful I had to make you stop walking” He said smiling

I rolled my eyes, “Shut up you weirdo” 

Neymar laughed, and moments later Rafinha walked into the living room. “When’d you get here?” He asked scratching his head

“Um a little bit ago” Neymar answered

Rafinha nodded and placed a kiss on my forehead, “So what do you guys want to do today?” He asked taking a seat on the stool

Neymar smirked, “I’m thinking we go to the beach” He said

Rafinha nodded, “Sounds cool, hey Y/N you remember my friend Gustavo right?” He asked turning towards me

I stopped and thought for a moment before nodding my head, “Yeah what about him?” I asked

Rafinha chuckled, “Well he asked about you the other day, you know if you were seeing someone” He said

I turned to look at him, “And what’d you say?” I asked

By now Neymar was interested and looked at Rafinha intensely, “I told him you weren’t, so I gave him your number” He said

“You What!?” Neymar and I said together

Rafinha looked between the two of us, “And I thought that we were supposed to be twins” Rafinha said chuckling

I looked at him, “Why would you give him my number?” I asked

Rafinha sighed, “Because you called him cute” 

“I did?” I questioned the same time Neymar asked:”She did?”

“How come you guys are acting weird? Isn’t this the normal course of things? You comment on someones appearance and then eventually end up dating?” Rafinha asked

“Yeah but-”

“But what?”

I sighed, “Okay I have something to tell you”


Plane Rides *Neymar Imagine*


“Y/N c’mon wake up” Neymar said as he hit me with the pillow

I looked up at him and groaned turning around, “Leave me alone” I said

He chuckled, “C’mon if you don’t get up now we’re going to be late” 

“Then go without me they don’t need me” 

I didn’t hear Neymar for a little while, and thought he’d finally left me alone to remain sleeping. But you know after being with him for a while you’d think I’d learned never to trust a quiet Neymar, however I didn’t. 

And because I still haven’t learned that, I wasn’t ready for the water that had suddenly engulfed me. 

Sitting up I looked around my eyes landing on Neymar who was shrugging. “I told you to get up” He said chuckling

I glared at him, as I got out of the bed water following me and causing me to leave a trail to the bathroom as I took off all of the wet clothes. When I finished my shower, I got dressed and then grabbed my things heading for the door. Neymar chuckle behind me, “Are you mad at me?” He asked

I just looked over at him before continuing to the car, “C’mon Y/N it was the only way you’d wake up, you just kept sleeping” He said

I rolled my eyes, opening the door to the car.  He just smiled getting in the drivers seat, it didn’t take long for us to reach the airport or go through check-in and stuff. 

We ended up meeting up with the rest of the team at the terminal and they were just as I expected them to be. Loud. “NEYMAR! Y/N!” They shouted

I looked around seeing everyone’s looks and sighed, “You guys will forever be the loudest people I know” I said chuckling

Messi chuckled, “Trying to calm them down isn’t going to work, I’ve already tried it “He said as I’d given him hug

I sighed, “I didn’t think it would” I said

Neymar looked at me, “Wait so you talk to him but not your own boyfriend?” He asks

I nodded, “Yeah”

The guys chuckled, “What’d you do?” Jordi asked

“He decided because I didn’t want to wake up that pouring water on me would be the best bet and idea” I said 

Neymar chuckled, “I said I was sorry”

I rolled my eyes, “I don’t think sorry’s going to cut it man, now just think about that poor bed who did nothing” Rafinha said 

I chuckled, “Thank you Rafinha”

Neymar waved it off and soon after we were allowed to board the flight. As we all got on looking for our seats, I noticed Neymar and I weren’t seated next to each other but across from each other. “C’mon Sergi switch with me” Neymar said as we sat down

Sergi shook his head, “I’ve already switched with Rafinha” He said 

Neymar looked and saw Rafinha making his way over, “Step aside Junior” Rafinha said

I chuckled looking between the two, “You guys are a mess” I said

“Rafinha how are you going to sit next to my girlfriend?How would you like it if I sat next to yours?” He asked

Rafinha chuckled, “Well number one, I don’t have a girlfriend for you to sit next to because I’m living the single life and number two, she’s technically the doctor so I’m sitting next to the doctor not your girlfriend” He retorted

Neymar looked at me, and I just chuckled shrugging my shoulders. “It’s his seat now”I said

He groaned, “Okay how about this when we land, I’ll buy whatever you want if you let me have that seat”Neymar said

Luis chuckled from next to Neymar, “Aye doc can you help me out for a second?” Marc asked

I nodded getting up, “Coming” I said

Heading a little ways up I helped Marc with his wrist, and making sure it was comfortable before going back to my seat. I watched as Neymar was still in his but Luis was now in mine. I chuckled, “I see you found another solution” I said

Neymar smiled, “C’mon plane ride buddy” He said patting the seat next to him

I shook my head at him chuckling, and taking the seat. “You’re truly amazing Neymar “

He chuckled, “I know I am” 

~ 20 minutes later

“Guys I just want to sleep is that really too much to ask?” I said turning around

Gerard chuckled, “Just answer the last question Y/N, if you had to chose to be either Arda or Denis who would it be?” He asked

All the guys were now staring at me, including Neymar who waited for me to say something. I groaned, “Denis I’d rather be Denis than Arda” I said 

They chuckled high-fiving Denis, “Wait what’s wrong with being me?” Arda asked

I chuckled, “I wouldn’t want a beard, and I would like to be 23 again” I said

The guys laughed, “What’s wrong with being older?”Arda asked

I looked at him, “Do you know how much fun Denis has at age 23? Do you know how much fun I have being 24? “I asked

Arda chuckled, “Alright next question-”

“But you said that one was the last one” I said

Rafinha shook his head, “Nah c’mon it’s fun” 

I sighed, “Alright go on” 

He smiled, “What do you love about Neymar?” He asked

I raised an eyebrow, “Is this for you to know?Or just for questions-sake?” I asked

The guys shrugged, “A little bit of both” They said

“I genuinely want to know this Peanut ” Neymar said staring at me

 I looked at him, “Did you just call Y/N Peanut?” Javier asked

Neymar nodded his head, “Yeah it’s her nickname” 

The guys laughed, “Is it cause she likes-”

“Peanuts” Neymar said

“No,no,no the other type of nut”

I stared at them, “You’re rude” I said pointing at Javier

He chuckled, “It’s all love”

Neymar pulled me closer to him, “Don’t make fun of my peanut, it’s not her fault she couldn’t love walnuts or almonds” He said

We all laughed, “What would you call me if I did?” I asked looking at him

Neymar chuckled, “Walnut head”


Barca Love pt.1 

*Neymar X Messi imagine*


“Lionel it’s 5 in the morning” I said rubbing my eyes

He chuckled turning my lights brighter practically blinding me, I stared at him through the blur and saw he was accompanied by Antonella, Thiago and Mateo. Rubbing my eyes once more everything got slightly clearer and in front of me was I cute little cake along with signs of congratulations. 

“What’s this for?” I asked

They smiled, “Congratulations on getting into FC Barcelona’s medical staff!” They shouted

I chuckled and smiled getting out of bed and hugging each of them. “Thank you guys really” I said 

They smiled, “Anytime, little sister and don’t forget we have to get up earlier so I could show you around” He said placing a kiss on my forehead. 

I smiled, and nodded. As each of them filed out of my room I chuckled, and got back into bed with a smile on my face. 

~Later On

When I woke up, I was feeling a little bit nervous as we’d gotten in the car. Not because I was going to the Camp Nou but mainly because I was now an FC Barcelona doctor, just even saying it makes me more nervous and anxious. 

Messi chuckled looking over to me, “Don’t worry Y/N you’re going to be fine” he said

I groaned, “That’s easy for you to say, people love you” I said

He shook his head, “You’re just as loveable as I am, plus you’re my little sister"

I smiled over to him, “Thanks Leo” I said

Before I knew it we were in front of Camp Nou’s training facility and I stared at the stadium. “This is it ” I said

Leo chuckled, opening my door. “Cmon nobody’s going to bite you” He said

I sighed getting out, as we walked through the entrance I was able to get everything I needed like my ID, and some FC Barcelona medical things before Leo took me and showed me around a little bit more.

When we finished up Leo went to practice while I went to the office to get everything set up. As I was walking with a box in my hands it was suddenly taken out of my hands, I looked at the person who’d taken the box to see one of the players.

He smiled, “You’re the new Medic right?” He asked setting the box on the table

I nodded, “Yeah and you are?” I asked

He chuckled and motioned towards himself, “You don’t know who I am?” He asked

I shook my head, “I mean besides you being a player for the team that’s it” i said

He nodded and chuckled, “Neymar” he said

I smiled shaking his hand, “Y/N”

Neymar and I didn’t say anything else to each other and kind of just stood there still holding onto each other’s hand. We were interrupted by Messi knocking on the door, I turned and smiled. “Mess” I said

He smiled looking over to Neymar, “You’re injured again?” He asked chuckling

Neymar chuckled, “No actually I heard there was new staff and decided to say hello” Neymar answered

Leo nodded his head, and looked over to me, “Well Y/N, I’m going to get back to practice I’ll be back when it’s time to go” He said

I nodded, “Have fun” I said as he walked out

When I looked over to Neymar he had his eyebrow raised, “Are you and Leo close?” He asked

I chuckled, “Leo’s my older brother” I said

Neymar looked at me for a moment and then at where Leo had been standing and shook his head, “You’re kidding?” 

I shook my head, “I’m serious” I said chuckling

Neymar leaned back on the desk and stared at me, after a little while he shrugged. “I guess having Leo as a brother in law won’t be that bad”


What About Us? (Neymar jr iamgine)


“Pai! Look what we did at school” Kai said 

Neymar stared straight at Polina, “Hold on I haven’t seen your sister all day, show me later” He said

Kai frowned and walked into the kitchen, “Mae, do you want to see what we did at school today?” Kai asked looking up at me 

I chuckled, and nodded. “Sure baby” 

Instantly a smile lit up on Kai and Kenny’s faces, as they sat down on the stools and opened their books. After a while Davi walked into the kitchen with the same face that they’d walked in with moments ago. “Pai didn’t look at your work?” Kai asked

Davi nodded, and hopped up on the other stool next to Kenny. I sighed ,”Do you guys want some ice cream for doing really awesome work today?” I asked

They nodded, and I gave them some. Once I knew they wouldn’t notice me leaving I headed into the living room where Neymar still sat on the chair with Polina in his arms. “Neymar” I said sitting next to him

I sighed, “Neymar” I repeated

Still he didn’t answer me, “Neymar Da Silva Santos jr.” I called out

This got his attention as he looked up at me and then smiled, “Sorry, what’s wrong?” He asked

I rolled my eyes, “There’s nothing wrong with me, did you see what your sons did at school today?” I asked

He nodded, “Of course I did when they walked in they all showed me” He said

I chuckled, “Really, what’d they do?” 

Neymar cleared his throat, “You know, Um-art work” He said

I nodded and stood, taking Polina from his arms I pointed a finger as he went to object, “You go in that kitchen and spend time with the sons you asked for” I said

Neymar groaned, “Come on, to be fair I asked for a little girl too” 

This time I rolled my eyes, “Would you like to see her on a daily basis?”

He sighed, “I’m going” 

I watched as he walked into the kitchen a smile on his face, I headed into the bedroom and placed Polina in her crib seeing as she was sleeping. Afterwards I went into the kitchen, and the boys were glaring at Neymar. I sighed, “What did you do in the span of 20 seconds?” I asked

Neymar pulled his head out from the fridge, “I didn’t do anything” 

I looked over to the boys, “Why don’t you boys go and wash up, so we could start  eating dinner?” 

Without hesitation the boys collected their things and went upstairs to their room. I crossed my arms as I waited for him to look at me, “What?” He finally said

I sighed, “Neymar they are your sons” 

“I know, I never said they weren’t” 

“Then why aren’t you spending time with them?” I asked

He shrugged, “I’m busy, I mean I have practice games, and then I come home and sometimes they’re sleepin-”

“Don’t play stupid with me Neymar” 

He sighed, and walked closer to me wrapping his arms around my waist, “Alright, alright, I’ll spend time with the kids tomorrow” He said

I raised a finger to his face, “You better spend time with the boys tomorrow” 

~The Next Day

“Pai can we get that?” Davi asked 

We both looked over to what he was pointing towards to see he was talking about a new soccer ball. I looked over to Neymar who didn’t really have an expression on his face, “Sure” 

I turned towards him, “Can you be a little bit more enthusiastic?” I asked

He gave me a deadpanned look and said, “How can I when not all of my children are here” 

I rolled my eyes, “Neymar you hold Polina so much she hasn’t spent time at all with her aunt, so hush and spend the well deserved time with our sons” 

And that ladies and gentleman was not the end of our day with the boys, Neymar acted like that the entire day, sulking around like an old rag saying “Sure” to everything. And it pissed me off. but I think it made the boys way more upset and mad than it did to me. 

The only time he changed is when we got to the house, and he saw Polina who was sleeping. An instant smile came onto his face once he saw her, I stepped in front of him and the blanket, “Neymar, leave her alone and go” I said pointing upstairs

He scrunched his eyebrows, “Go where?” 

“Upstairs with your sons” 

Rafaella sighed, “He didn’t spend time with them?” 

“No” I said as the same time Neymar said, “Yes” 

She looked between the two of us, “What?” 

I rolled my eyes, “Neymar’s definition of spending time with the boys is just being present and not engaging in anything, the whole day he had a depressed look on his face.” I said

Rafaella turned towards him, “You know that’s not right, Neymar. The boys deserve just as much love as Polina does” 

He sighed, “I know, and I try but do you know how long I’ve wanted a little girl, and now that I have one I just want to spend all my time with her” 

“But that’s not the way to do it Neymar. You’re going to make the boys not like her” I said

“Okay, okay I admit that’s not the way to do it but I just want to spend time with her.” 

Rafaella smacked him on the head, “Stop being stupid and spend time with the boys, I’m leaving and when I come back tomorrow I want to here you spent time with them” She said as she gave me a hug and walked out of the house. 

Neymar and I stood in the living room, as Polina slept on her blanket in the play pin. When I heard the pitter-patter of feet I knew the boys were coming downstairs. When they finally descended, they looked so dang cute. 

They tried to have a really mad face on but they just ended up looking cute as hell, “Pai we need to talk to you” Kai said

Neymar raised an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?” He asked them

“You don’t love us anymore right?” Kenny asked

Both Neymar and I’s heads whipped towards Kenny. First it was in shock because Kenny spoke, he hardly speaks and it’s not a developmental thing he just doesn’t like talking. And secondly, because of what he said. 

“Kenny baby of course Pai loves you” I said

He shook his head, “No he doesn’t, he doesn’t like us anymore” 

I turned towards Neymar, “Say something” I whispered

Neymar cleared his throat, “I do love you boys” He said

“Then how come you don’t get happy with us?Only sad?”Kenny asked

“I’m not sad with you guys, I’m happy” 

The three of them shook their heads, “No, you not”Davi said

“You only love Poli” Kai said

I sighed, and turned towards Neymar. “See what you dug yourself into” I said as they started to walk up the stairs.

“Okay wait, wait boys I do love you don’t ever think I don’t alright. I only give Polina a lot of time because she’s little and she needs it right now” He said

They all scrunched their eyebrows, “No, Mae doesn’t do that. She plays with us and Poli at the same time” Davi says

“That’s because Mae has the time, when Pai comes home you boys are sleeping and only Poli’s awake” 

“We were awake today” Kai said

“And I spent time with you today” 

“No you spend sad time today” Kenny said

Neymar sighed, “Boys, I do love you I promise you I do love you. I love you guys and I love Mae and Poli. I love all of you, okay don’t ever think Pai doesn’t love you” 

The three didn’t say anything else and just walked upstairs, when I looked at Neymar he was slouched on the couch with his eyes closed, “I really am the worst Father in history” He said

I shook my head sitting down, “No, you haven’t reached that yet” I said

He chuckled, “Thanks for making me feel better”

I smiled, “You’re welcome, now go upstairs and talk to them a little bit before bed” 

“They’re not going to want me in the room” 

I rolled my eyes, “Well you have to do it tonight, it really wasn’t an option. Mae’s taking the night off early so it’s Pai duty minus Polina” I said standing up and picking her up from the play pin and walking into the bedroom. “You better talk to your son’s Neymar”